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Photos of Smartphone Beta Test advertising on New York subway

Nokia has been a relatively busy bee when it comes to promotion, especially when you consider the scale of their global campaign. We've now got some photos of the advertising madness in action at New York subway stations and the promotion material appears to be everywhere. The Smartphone Beta Test is being slapped on walls, pillars and even staircases with the recently launched AT&T Lumia 900 by its side.

As well as this advertising push, we've also had a live performance by Nicki Minaj take over Times Square and the Lumia 710 launch by T-Mobile - you can safely say it has been a blast thus far. We've seen Nokia also take the "Amazing Everyday" to Madrid's Estación de Ópera, a fairly popular train hub in Spain, as well as handing out cupcakes in Belgium.

Taking a look at the photos below (as well as the remaining shots in the SkyDrive album) we can see that the advertising material is certainly eye-catchy and is perfect for those tired travellers who would give anything for their eyes to feast on some colours.

Check out the rest of the photos on Kamal's SkyDrive. Thanks Travis for the heads up!

Nokia Lumia 900 Smarter Apps Sweepstakes launches on Facebook

Microsoft and Nokia's Lumia 900 Windows Phone marketing juggernaut doesn't look like it's slowly down.  The latest chapter of Rolling Thunder appears over on Facebook with a chance to win one of ten Lumia 900s in the Smarter Apps Sweepstakes.

To enter just hop on over to this Facebook page, choose your favorite apps (WPCentral is listed in the News Category), type why you like these apps and share your choices (optional).

The sweepstakes has ten entry periods that span from April 23rd to June 30th. Entries will only be eligible for the entry period for which they are received and participants are limited to 25 entries per authorized Facebook account holder per day. Oh and the sweepstakes is open only to residents of the U.S., D.C., and Puerto Rico (don't blame the messenger).  You can find the rest of the fine print at the bottom of the Facebook page.

Good luck to all who enter and let us know if you get lucky.

Nokia claims "All smartphones don't have to look alike" in latest Beta Test ad for Lumia 900

Nokia and AT&T have gone forward with another "Beta Test" commercial. The controversial ad campaign started off my mocking the iPhone (those videos have since been pulled) and have now moved on to teasing how all other smartphones look the same.

In their latest TV blip, a smarmy gentleman is seen proclaiming how his phone defines him as an individual. Moments later a nerdy girl runs up squawking how she has the same phone.

It certainly elicited a slight chuckle from us and it goes to the heart of how a lot of us feel about Android and iPhones, specifically that they're not unique anymore due to their domination in the market. Here in New York City having an iPhone is about as original as being a Yankee's fan, so pushing the line that Nokia's are "beautifully different" could work.

Heck, even we've been critical of the Black-Slab™ phenomena going back to 2009 which may be why we're so enamored with Nokia's Cyan and Glossy White Lumia 900's. (Bonus: the Glossy White Lumia 900 peeks out at the end of this new ad for the first time).

Of course attacking your opponent, even without naming them, can be risky. However, we do think this is one safe area for Nokia to spear their competition as the Finnish company has always been ahead on design. And this type of marketing works. Just look at Nokia's "blown away" campaign and the reaction from Samsung. The company is making waves, my friends and that is effective advertising.

By the way, we're not sure why those original Beta Test iPhone videos were pulled, though we imagine it was due to negative feedback. Luckily, you can still view them here, here and here.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Travis for the new ad link and Yonkit for the old Beta Test commercials

AT&T reportedly spending $150 million to promote the Nokia Lumia 900

In a continuing day of large financial transactions, Ad Age is reporting that AT&T has budgeted nearly $150 million dollars to promote and sell the Nokia Lumia 900 (review).

We've heard before that AT&T is making this their biggest phone launch ever, even dwarfing the iPhone and we reported that Nokia is paying AT&T upwards of $25 million for exclusive employee-use of the flagship Windows Phone. But this figure for advertising really puts into perspective just how big a deal this phone is to Microsoft, AT&T and Nokia.

Of course there is a strategy involved for everyone and for AT&T, that is getting itself away from the iPhone (which is now on two of its competitors here in the U.S.). Whether or not "Rolling Thunder" , Nokia's campaign name for the 900, will pay off remains to be seen. We expect it to be a few months before the "beautifully different" slogan catches on and awareness to increase.

Still, if the numbers by Ad Age are even close to being accurate, then we're in for an exciting few months. At least for now, the Lumia 900 has been the #1 seller on Amazon Wirelss for the last 24-hours under AT&T phones. That's a good sign. And reception for AT&T's first commercial has been fairly positive so far.

Source: Ad Age; via CNet

First look: AT&T in-store promotion of the Nokia Lumia 900

Tonight when we're driving around Long Island, we passed no less than three AT&T corporate stores (Long Island is basically a giant strip mall but with attitude). All three stores had Lumia 900 banners hanging from the ceiling and were quite visible from the road -- no doubt an odd thing to see Windows Phone featured so prominently.

Now we have a sneak peek at what some of the in-store promotion will look like with this giant billboard hanging against the wall emblazoned with the slogan "beautifully different".

We've also heard there will be a lot more with the Lumia 900 (and Titan II) with an area to test out the phones (see above) and even a section with accessories for the 900. We'll be curious to hear feedback from you folks tomorrow on what your experience was and perhaps we'll even throw a few photos up if we come across 'em.

Thanks, Jeff B., for the images!

New AT&T ad for the Lumia 900 emphasizes how it's "beautifully different"

Now that we've seen some of the Smartphone Beta Test ads for the Lumia 900 from Nokia, AT&T has their standard fare commercial showing off the new phone as well.

This ad feels more traditional with a young gent named Colin trying to impress a girl he's pining for by using his Lumia 900 as a conversation starter. Not a bad move and the demographic seems about right.

The ad is humorous but also displays the phone's strengths like the bold cyan color, the unique design of the phone and of course those Live Tiles. Hopefully such an ad will begin to air on TV as we can see it being effective for getting the message out that Windows Phone is "beautifully different".

Source: YouTube (AT&T); via WMPU

Nokia hitting the U.S. with operation 'Rolling Thunder'

Nokia and T-Mobile U.S. are in full swing with their announced launch party of the Lumia 710, but what's coming up next for the Finnish Windows Phone manufacturer? Operation "Rolling Thunder", as it's internally referred to, is Nokia's plan for rolling out a number of handsets next year and aiming for multiple price points. Chris Weber, head of U.S. operations at Nokia, explained that the company will be at CES in January making a noise as they have been doing in Europe.

"We will be launching a portfolio of devices in the U.S. across a range of price points, user experience and operators. The rollouts are referred to internally as "Operation Rolling Thunder". We’ll have a very large presence [at CES] and it’ll be clear that Nokia is back in a quite strong way in the U.S."

We'll be sure to check out CES in Las Vegas to see what Nokia will be bringing to the event. The Nokia Lumia 900 is still on the list, a more powerful option for U.S. consumers, and is set to hit the states early 2012 if rumours are to be valid. Nokia has the daunting task of getting carriers on side to stock their Windows Phones. Battling hard against the iPhone and a plethora of Android handsets will make a successful and effective marketing campaign all that more important.

Source: Bloomberg, thanks to Baljinder for the heads up!