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xperia x1

Gee, that new iPhone 4 sure is shiny, with its high-resolution, 326-dpi screen. But you know what? It's not the first to cross the 300-dpi threshold. That news comes from from an Android guru, actually. Tim Bray, who joined Google earlier this year and knows a thing or three about this business broke it down today on his blog. The Windows Mobile-powered Toshiba G900 and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 (remember them, folks?) both packed in the pixels back in their day. Of course, neither was a big hit in the United States, so we'll forgive you for not counting their pixels. Check out the whole hubub over dots per inch at Tim's blog. []

Edit: Getting a high DPI is easy when you double the resolution but *don't* increase the size of the screen, which is what Apple did with the iPhone 4. Fact is, 3.5inch for the iPhone is on the small side these days for smartphones as HTC has made 3.2"  small, 3.6" the medium and 4.3" as large. 

Had Apple made a 4.3" screen to compete with the HD2, their DPI would drop to a less impressive 268

Incidently, the AT&T Pure is about 291 DPI, which while lower than the iPhone 4, is still in the ball park despite having a lower resolution. Why? It only has a small 3.2" screen. The Xperia X1 was over 300 DPI because it only had a 3 inch screen.

While a high DPI is nice, having a larger screen can be just as preferable, especially for reading on-the-go.


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Those of you holding out hope that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 will get an official update to Windows Mobile 6.5 can let that dream die. An SE rep apparently has told Crave Asia that there will be no update, quit asking, now go buy the Xperia X2. (OK, we made up those last two parts.)

The good news? Unoffocial ROMs have been available for quite some time now in the usual places, so long as you don't mind a little hardSPL trickery. And as a reminder, here's the link to the semi-official (and still rather sparse) upgrade list, so check it to see if good news is headed your way. [Crave Asia via wmpoweruser]

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Think you have to wait a long time to get the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1? Our friends on the Rogers network in Canada have had to wait even longer. But their wait is finally over, as the phone finally is available, and with carrier subsidy, no less. Here's the price breakdown:

  • 3-year: $249.99
  • 2-year: $449.99
  • 1-year: $549.99
  • Outright: $599.99

So congrats, friends. Not only do you get the X1, you can sign away a couple of years of your life and get it on the cheap, relatively speaking.

Rogers via MobileSyrup

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Canada's Rogers to get SE Xperia X1

The Xperia X1, Sony Ericsson's great mediocre experiment, apparently is headed for a soft launch on Canada's Rogers network. [via BGR]

Stores will start getting stock on June 9, but it doesn't look like they'll all have it on hand. If the stores aren't selling copius amounts of data, well, no X1 for you! June 30 is still named as a full retail launch, with the 3-year contract price listed at $249.99, and all the way up to $749 sans contract.

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They make movies about these things. Boy sees phone. Boy lusts after phone for months. Boy finally gets phone only to discover it's nice from afar but far from nice. OK, we've yet to see a movie quite like that. (But if they do, you bet Dieter and Mal will review it in the WMExperts Movie Review Podcast.)

No, we're talking about the Sony Xperia X1 here. It was announced with much pomp and circumstance but took months and months (and months and months) to come to market. And even then, it's gotten zero carrier support in the United States.

Turns out, the Xperia X1 was "a kind of experiment," said SE President Hideki "Dick" Komiyama. That's from a Financial Times piece [via Electronista] in which Komiyama speaks about SE's recent struggles and how it's failed to really compete in the smartphone industry.

But there's good news for you Windows Mobile fans: SE still plans to put out three smartphones by the end of the year – one Windows Mobile, one Android and one Symbian.

As anyone who's used one knows, it's not that the Xperia X1 (read our full review here) is a bad phone. It's just that it priced itself out of the game without bringing anything really groundbreaking. The panels interface is interesting, but it's just not enough to justify spending that much jing, especially today. Let's hope SE finds more of a middle ground (and U.S. carrier support) with its next try.

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Xperia X2 rumor de jour

This will be our only Xperia rumor today. We promise. And while we have no definite confirmation from SE that a follow-up to the Xperia X1 is in the works, what you see above is a Twitter post from SE marketing guru Harold de Kort.  Run through the ol' Google translator, you get "Of course after each X1 is an X2 and X3, X4, X5. What else is new. "

Either that's a bit of a kiss-off answer (which is entirely likely), or, yes, they're working on filling out the Xperia line. (Hopefully with Windows Mobile, but even that's not certain.) And if SE follows the same timetable it did with the X1, we could be hearing an announcement shortly and then seeing the phone sometime next year. (via Unwired View)

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Xperia X2 rumor quietly persists

OK, so the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 didn't exactly sell like hotcakes, at least in the U.S. Lack of carrier support (and a high unlocked price) will do that to a phone. And while there have been grumblings that SE was getting out of the Windows Mobile game, we're now getting a brief mention that an X2 is in the works from GigaOm [via] in a piece about Skyhook, a Boston wireless company. Emphasis ours

Once Skyhook was designed into the iPhone, Google folks took notice of Skyhook and started to develop their own competitive offering, which is being offered for free, while Skyhook charges for its offering. Morgan admits that the company has lost a couple of deals because of free offerings. For instance, the X2 edition of Sony Xperia phone (Windows Mobile-based) uses geolocation data from Google.

That's all we get. Assuming this isn't just a typo, it lends a little more credence to an early rumor that SE planned to continue the Xperia line with Windows Mobile. If it is a typo, then a whole lotta people are getting excited over nothing.

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It looks there we could be awaiting some fairly major shakeups in the mobile manufacturing world.

First, it appears Ericsson could be looking to get out of its joint Sony Ericsson venture. Slashgear is pointing to a German report that says Sony could take over sole control. Why, you ask?

Sony announced a huge 95-percent drop in profits over the last three months of 2008, compared to performance twelve months previous. They went on to predict a net loss of 150 billion yen ($1.67 billion) for the full fiscal year, with Chief Executive Howard Stringer saying the existing cost-cutting measures - 8,000 job cuts and plans to close 10-percent of its factories - had not gone far enough. Sony Ericsson themselves posted a significant loss in Q4 2008.

Can't help but wonder what role the lack of overall success for the Xperia X1  could have played. There's a decent following outside of the United States, but there's no denying a lack of carrier support has hurt it here.

Next up is Toshiba [via gearlog], which just announced that CEO Atsutoshi Nishida will be stepping down in June after record losses. We're keeping an eye on Toshiba after it announced the DayGlo Snapdragon-powered TG01 at Mobile World Congress.

OK, awesome mushroom cloud notwithstanding, this hardly is the end of either company in the mobile space. We'll keep our eyes open for Sony and Toshiba's next moves, however.

Update: And Toshiba's new CEO is ...

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From Sony Ericsson at Mobile World Congress comes word of four new panels for the Xperia X1.

  • A new CNN panel keeps you constantly updated with the latest news, sport, or weather and a host of CNN content including access to CNN’s popular citizen journalism tool, ‘i-Report’. Browse information by category, personalise your experience or plug in your location and get instant updates for wherever you are in the world.
  • A unique Skype panel brings quick access to Skype on the X1, telling you at a glance which of your friends are online. Browse easily through your contacts and call or instant message them in just a couple of clicks, or customise your handset using the evening, daylight or event based effects.
  • For those who just want to have fun, a new Mytopia panel lets you play bingo and poker games with people around the world. With millions of users there is always someone online to play against or you can play by yourself. You can even collect virtual coins and improve your rank by winning live matches.
  • For those always on the move, the specially developed ‘On the Road’ panel includes large touch icons and a simple layout. Offering direct access to your music playlists and tracks, navigation tools and easy to use call-handling, this panel will makes your driving convenient and entertaining wherever the road takes you.

The new panels will be available in March. Pretty standard stuff, though the "On the Road" panel sounds cool. Larger buttons for when you need to see things very, very briefly. Not that you'd ever play with your phone in the car.

Full presser [via the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog]

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Xperia X1 - Noooooo disassemble!


";" galleryimg="no" name="video74bab736fc45.jpg" />

If you're the kind of person who enjoys seeing things taken apart and put back together, feast your eyes on the above video. [via inxperia]

Yep, that's a Sony Xperia X1 with its guts spilled out all over the place in a smoking heap of twisted metal. And that doesn't really bother us that much, seeing as how it's still a figment of our imagination.

OK, OK, our impatience is showing again. We're just itching to find out when the X1(a) will finally make its way over to our side of the world. Nov. 3 can't come soon enough.

In the meantime, head on over Inxperia and check out the other videos of the X1 being taken apart and put back together again.


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New ROMs leaked for Xperia X1

Well, how about that. As soon as we post our review of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1a, a new ROM update makes its way onto the Internets.

The folks at XDA Developers are still deciphering exactly what's been updated, though Opera and WiFi connections are being mentioned. As far as the dirty details, you're looking for ROM version 1.03.936.6, labeled R2A. It also looks like there are a bunch of language options, and those of us in the U.S. should be looking for X1a GENERIC NAM CDF1219-1224 KOV_R2AA008.rar.

This appears to be the read deal, even if SE's update system is saying otherwise. As always, read through the thread before you try updating anything. And above all, back up your data first!

XDA Developers via Engadget Mobile

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Sony Xperia X1a at

Dieter got lucky the other day and found the Sony Xperia at a local Sony Store in San Francisco, CA while attending MacWorld.  However, not everyone has a Sony Store in their neighborhood and not every Sony Store was reporting inventory.  Fear not, the Sony Xperia X1a is now available for delivery through For the time being, ground shipping is free with the Xperia helping ease the bite of the $799 price tag a little.

I guess Captain Ahab finally hooked his whale.


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Pocketables has put together a list of tips and tricks if you're new to the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, ranging from the expected (how to download more panels) to some very useful items, such as how to patch Skype's output to the earpiece (instead of through the speaker). Also included is an app to quickly switch the X1's resolution from WVGA (480x800) down to VGA (480x640) to help with older programs that can't quite handle so many pixels.

Some of this standard XDA Developers hackery, but Pocketables has done well to compile it all.

One tip we'd still like to see: How to get the Xperia X1a to become widely available in the United States.

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WMExperts Podcast, Episode 1!

What'd we tell you earlier? Stay Tuned, right? Here's what's for: the WMExperts Podcast! Here's the deal: we'll be on every week, usually on Thursdays. We'll alternate every week between a short, 5-minute device focus / review (next week: Sprint Touch) and a longer, news and tips-focused podcast. The shorter podcasts will be hosted by Dieter Bohn, the longer ones will feature Malatasta (and also some guests, later on, if they'll lower themselves to talk to us).

Alright, so how do you get the sucker?

Be sure to email us -- -- we want to talk about what you want to hear about.

What's the news on this podcast? Read on for the show notes

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WMExperts Podcast, Episode 3

We're back again, baby. This week Dieter and Malatesta discuss the continuing HTC video drama, unlimited plans, the Treo 800w, and their favorite registry edits.

Be sure to email us -- -- we want to talk about what you want to hear about. You can also leave us a voicemail to be played on-air: 866-904-5882 x222.

Read on for the show notes

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Sony Xperia: All Cracked Up?

Look like cracks are appearing on some Sony Xperia X1 phones. The cracks are appearing on the silver models near the stylus well and in the battery compartment. The cracks seem to be limited to those made in Europe and a production week. A lengthy discussion is on going over at XDA Developers on this issue. In reading the XDA discussion, there doesn't seem to be any consistency in the cracking and the problem may be limited to the production week (08W44-08W46 as indicated on the Xperia's Information Sticker). Sony's response, according to the XDA discussion, ranges from replacing the Xperia to having it inspected at a service center. The response reported seems to be dictated by the user's local laws pertaining to goods and services.

The Xperia isn't alone in having cracks mysteriously appear. The Palm Treo Pro had a similar problem a while ago. Could the cracking of the Xperia be behind the month long delay with the U.S. release of this phone? Could a quality control issue be one of the reasons why Sony and HTC has parted ways? The slider on the Xperia does shift up at a slight angle, could that shift be causing too much stress on the chasis of the phone? Regardless of the "why" these cracks have made a lot of Xperia users unhappy.

[via wmpoweruser]

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Canadian GSM carrier Rogers has decided that they like Windows Mobile, apparently, as next year they'll be snapping up pretty much everything that's on the roadmap. What's in store for the first half of 2009? Xperia X1, Check. HTC Diamond and Touch Pro: Check. Heck, they're even snapping up also-rans like the Motorola Q11 (Think Q9 minus 3G plus WiFi), Touch Viva, and Touch 3G.

These and more juicy details at the HoFo thread where the leaked slides of their roadmap appear.

Get some reasonable data rates on the network and, well, we might just consider brushing up on our Canadian accents.

Thanks, Bla1ze!

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Unofficial Xperia Panel Creation Tool

It's not especially easy or especially pretty, but my sony ericsson has released an unofficial web app for creating your own Xperia X1 panels. The basic idea is pretty simple -- code up your own HTML files and a few thumbnail screenshots (for the panel browser), upload the files, and then download the panel they conveniently create from all that.

Sure, they're not going to be as powerful as C++ panels, but hey, you don't have to learn C++ to create them. You can even create links in your html file to applications and folders on the Xperia, so you can roll your own quick-start panel as a nice start if you like. Be aware that there are some pretty tight constrictions on what you can do (hint: it has to be supported by Pocket IE 5).

While you're setting up your custom HTML-based panel, we'll be over here wondering if alternate today screen platforms/standards are good for Windows Mobile as a whole. Panels, TouchFlo 3D, TouchWiz... they're all very pretty, but they're all also very proprietary. Do you care? Should you?

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