We're back again, baby. This week Dieter and Malatesta discuss the continuing HTC video drama, unlimited plans, the Treo 800w, and their favorite registry edits.

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Tips and Software

  • Go on and read HobbesIsReal's Great Reg Edit Article.
  • Dieter's favorite registry edits:
    • Disable SMS sent message notification
    • Change your system font
    • Remapping hard-coded buttons (it's different for every device, you'll just need to do some searching. ;)
  • Malatesta's faves: Hey Mala - throw them in the comments, hey?! :p

From the WMExperts Store

Great Accessories for the Sprint Touch:

  • Mobi Holster for Touch
  • Seidio Super Slim Rubberized Hard Case for Sprint Touch
  • Seidio OEM-sized Extended battery


Email from Nick:

would love to hear about buying a phone. does it matter if you buy online ? in store? or ebay? does customer service matter that much to buy a phone? benefits and downfalls of each

Start with How To: Buy a Windows Mobile Phone

Then we address his q's specifically in the podcast. Threads:

  • Leaked Opera Mobile 9.33 - seems alternately awesome and horribly buggy
  • make reg edits into cab installs
  • Treo 500v cuts off after 33 minutes WHA?


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Tune in next Friday for a mini-review of the BlackJack II!

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