Is too much of your money going to your phone bill? Tello is designed to save you monthly with more affordable plans that truly blow major carriers' prices out of the competition. Plans start as low as $5 per month and give you the power to choose how much data or how many minutes you want each month; no longer do you have to pay for all the data and so many minutes that you won't use.

Tello's holiday sale is giving everyone a stellar opportunity to join right now. New members can sign up for Tello's 4GB data plan with unlimited minutes and unlimited texting for only $10 per month for three months. The offer is also available for current customers who add a new line. After three months have passed, the plan will return to its regular price of $19 per month. While the deal is pretty amazing at almost 50% off the plan's regular price, the regular price isn't so bad either. And of course, Tello gives you the option to upgrade your plan at any time if you are reaching your 4GB data allotment each month.

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Almost half off!

Tello Mobile Holiday Sale

Switch to Tello and score more affordable cellular service. Now through December 22, you can snag the 4GB plan for only $10 per month for three months! Afterwards, the plan costs just $19 monthly and can be cancelled at any time.


We're huge fans of Tello here at Android Central. There are no contracts and no fees to worry about when signing up. Free tethering is included, along with the ability to call anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, China, or Romania; other countries can be called for a small fee which you would "pay as you go" rather than pay upfront to use.

You can cancel your Tello service any time without incurring any fees or charges. Plus, once you've used up your 4GB of LTE data each month, you still have access to unlimited 2G data through the end of your billing period. Tello has devices for sale if you need to pick one up to use with the service, or you can bring one that you already own to the network if it's unlocked.

This deal comes to an end on December 22, so be sure to sign up soon if you don't want to miss your chance! If you need more information, this guide to the 5 things iPhone users love about Tello is pretty helpful no matter which device you'll be using.

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