Telus to offer free Xbox 360 with every Windows Phone 7 purchase

Telus made some headlines for offering a free Xbox 360 with a new Windows Phone 7 purchase back a few weeks ago, but they only had like 100 and it was limited to Toronto. This time, however, things are different.

For four days only, December 15th through the 19th, people looking to get a new contract or upgrade to Windows Phone 7 will all get a free Xbox--across Canada. Though the stores may not have them in stock, they will ship them to you as an alternative means.

Of course in Canada, they have those crazy three year contracts, meaning you are really committed to them and that rule applies here to qualify. But hey, for a free 360, we think we might commit.

Source: MobileSyrup

Daniel Rubino

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  • damn, if they offered that in the states i'd jump on it in an instant.
  • Would never happen here in the US unfortunately.
  • Instead of AT&T's BOGO, if they gave away the $150 Kinect for each WP7 phone here in the US, they will sell like pancakes. Cheaper than the $200 Xbox 4GB too. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually do it once the Kinect supply issue subsides.
  • That's cool for those who liver there, IF only it could happen in the US
  • I live in Canada, and have just signed up with Telus on a 3 year contract with the HTC 7 Surround.
    I signed up on the 13th November, so I miss out on getting a free Xbox360. And I'm not at all happy.