The library of Oculus Rift games continues to grow each month, both on the Oculus Store and on Steam. There are some truly great titles already out there, but to help you decide what to save up for or just to give you something to look forward to, here are the Rift games confirmed to be coming February 2018.

Oculus Rift Experiences Releasing this Month

Plenty of games are released each month for most consoles, and this what we've found so far! The Oculus Store, as usual, has some choice options that are set to release.

The American Dream

Venture to a 'Murica, where gun laws and child protective services no longer exist. Eat donuts off the barrel of your gun and learn how to count by shooting numbers out of your Cardboard Mother's hand. In The American Dream you'll get the chance to experience America just as the world views it. So get your trigger fingers ready to learn how to flip burgers with flying bullets and dive into this red, white and blue adventure!

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Brass Tactics

Originally supposed to release in the Fall of 2017, we have finally been promised a release of Brass Tactics for this month. Are you ready to experience a strategy game in the world of virtual reality and not just the screen of your phone? Shooting your enemies with flame balls becomes that much more immersive when you are the one pulling back the catapult and ensuring your aim is right before the fire. Control your battlefield and destroy the enemy!

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In Death

It's never an easy feat to restore the order of a land where Angels and Demons are both running wild. This is Death's domain, and there are no rules. Well, that job gets laid on you, my valiant hero. Storm into Death's world and show him who's boss! Restore order to the Afterlife and reap the benefits you find.

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Find yourself immersed in a world where sci-fi meets fantasy. In Primordian you fill find yourself fighting for your life against many, many terrifying creatures much larger than you. Here you'll choose a sword or gun and go up against your enemies. Wait, did I mention the magic? Yeah, you're pretty much a one-man army ready to defeat anything that crosses your path... as you should!

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Sairento VR

Take a trip to the future in this cyber-punk world where your enemies are fast, but you are faster. Get a chance to know what it feels like to dodge bullets in slow motions like you've seen in the Matrix, or take a blade to your enemies gut. In this action-packed adventure you'll have your choice between bullets or steel, but no matter what you choose make sure you kill the opposing side. Finally get to understand what it actually feels like to be one of your favorite superheroes, except this time it's you.

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Sprint Vector

This title is sure to give you flashbacks of The Office episode where they were all obsessed with parkour. Except in this scenario you're one of the professionals racing your friends. Sprint Vector is the Olympics of parkour, and you want the first place. The graphics of this game are sharp in texture but is still able to maintain the smooth transition as you run. Virtual reality games with high-intensity movement like this might leave you more prone to motion sickness, so be sure to have a fan running on you in the real world.

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MasterWorks: Journey Through History

History lessons and exploration have been brought to your living room through your Oculus Rift. Masterworks: Journey Through History will take you through a series of different places to explore and learn everything in the past. Collect artifacts during your travels to unlock more lessons and see new areas to explore. But it doesn't stop here; there also opportunities to travel through museums constructed for this Rift Experience that aren't just limited to portraits and statues. Learn what times of materials were used to construct bricks and doors in homes long forgotten. I guess you can say this Experience is your own personal Tardis!

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Operation Apex

Dive into the deep blue with this Oculus Rift Experience. The best part is that you can either play this game while roaming around your room or sitting comfortably on your couch! Much like the MasterWorks title, you're going to not just be playing a game but also learning quite a bit about marine life while you are at it. In Operation Apex you are a Marine Scientist, here to help fellow colleagues gather data and look for the largest Great White Shark anyone has ever seen!

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Steam Supported Oculus Rift releases

There are plenty more Rift games being released this month; here are the ones we can confirm. We will update this list as other surprise titles pop up. These games are available on steam, but compatible with your Oculus Device!

What are you playing?

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Updated February 1, 2017: We will continue to refresh this list at the beginning of a new month to ensure you're in the know when it comes to the Rift games being released soon!