These are Windows Central's top picks of MWC 2016!

As we pack up, leave Barcelona and MWC 2016 behind, we're left to reflect on everything that stood out from the crowd.

It wasn't the most hectic year on the Windows front, especially with nothing big from Microsoft. But, the quality of the products we did get meant that it was actually a pretty great show.

So without further ado, here's the full list of Windows Central's top picks from Mobile World Congress 2016.

HP Elite X3

HP Elite X3

The HP Elite X3 isn't just a great phone for Windows 10, it's a great phone full stop. It's as if HP looked at a list of available parts and hit 'select all' as it comes to market without anything really missing.

Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, loads of internal storage and a gorgeous display, it's as premium as you'll get on a phone right now.

But of course, the Elite X3 isn't just a phone. And that's what's most impressive. HP is pushing this as a PC in your pocket and launching a number of computing focused accessories alongside it. You'll be able to use the Elite X3 like both a laptop and a desktop, which is incredible.

HP has come out swinging, and while it's an enterprise targeted product, the consumer can still pick one up when it goes on sale direct from HP later this year.

Hands on with the HP Elite X3

HTC Vive Consumer Edition

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive has been in the development stages for a year now, with MWC 2015 the first time anyone saw it. As the next 12 months rolled around we're now at a point where the Vive is a finished product, ready to hit consumer hands in the near future.

VR was everywhere at MWC 2016, but it's still tough to argue that any incarnation from any manufacturer is better than the HTC Vive with Steam VR.

It's still a luxury product, with the asking price at $799, and you'll need a decent PC (and a decent open space) to get the most from the Vive, but if you're picking one up at launch, you won't be disappointed.

This is the HTC Vive Consumer Edition

Huawei MateBook

Huawei MateBook

Huawei is a new name to the Windows 10 family but what a debut it's made. The incredibly slim and light MateBook is a 12-inch 2-in-1 with a specs sheet that shows off a proper, portable productivity machine.

The QHD display is stunning, as is the rest of the shell with an all metal construction, chamfered edges and slim front bezels wrapping up an attractive product.

The MateBook has full support for a digital pen (that doubles as a laser pointer), an optional keyboard in a similar vein to the Surface Type Cover, but that also doubles as a full folio case, and an additional USB-C dock to expand functionality.

It'll start at $699 and rise from there, and you'll be able to get one with up to an Intel Core m7, too. If this is the quality that Huawei is bringing to the table, we're pleased to have them.

Hands-on with the Huawei MateBook

Microsoft Lumia 650

Lumia 650

In lieu of throwing a launch event at the show, Microsoft announced its latest Lumia phone without much fanfare in the week ahead. It's not a high-end phone, sure, but it doesn't mean it's not impressive in its own right.

The Lumia 650 represents a slight shift in design language for Microsoft, with the metal frame making more of a difference to the overall look and feel than you might think.

It's decently priced, has a great looking screen, and while it's Microsoft's so-called 'business phone,' it's going to be a great choice for anyone looking for a new Windows 10 Mobile phone but doesn't want to spend a lot of money.

First look at the Lumia 650

Lenovo Yoga 510

Yoga 510

Even though MWC is traditionally a haven of phones and tablets, Lenovo used it to introduce a couple of new laptops. One of them is the Yoga 510, a well equipped convertible that can be had in a 14-inch or 15-inch size.

Hardware up to a Core i7 processor and Radeon R7 M460 2GB graphics all add up to a tasty sounding package. And since it's a Yoga, you can use it in a bunch of different positions.

It'll start at €479 and will be shipping from April.

Lenovo expands the Yoga lineup at MWC 2016

Vaio Phone Biz

Vaio Phone Biz

OK, so it wasn't announced at the show, but for folks outside of Japan, MWC was the first chance to see the new Vaio Phone Biz. It's got a slightly odd sounding name, but it's a fantastic phone.

It's not the metal construction or raw power or anything that impresses the most, it's the Continuum support. With 'only' a Snapdragon 617 processor the Vaio Phone Biz offers Continuum at a lower price point than existing phones, while still wrapping up in a premium package.

It also gives us a better idea at the lower boundaries Continuum requires, since everything else seems to be packing Snapdragon 8xx chips. We'll probably never get to buy one in the west, which is a shame, because it's a great Windows 10 phone.

Hands-on with the Vaio Phone Biz

Lenovo Yoga 710

Yoga 710

The Yoga 710 is Lenovo's higher-end of the two new laptops it introduced at Mobile World Congress. This one is available in 11- and 14-inch form factors with either Core m or Core i processors available depending on which you go for.

Other notable specs include up to 256GB of SSD storage, NVIDIA dedicated graphics and 8GB of DDR4 RAM. It's also got a full touch, 1080p display and audio from Harman Kardon.

Expect it to cost from €799 when it goes on sale in May.

Lenovo expands the Yoga lineup at MWC 2016

Lenovo Miix 310

Miix 310

The Miix 310 is Lenovo's latest affordable Windows 10 tablet with an optional keyboard, for getting stuff done on the go without blowing up your wallet.

In true Lenovo style the hardware is solid, with a Full HD display, up to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage on the table. The keyboard is also pretty strong, as is usually the case from Lenovo, and while it's not really a laptop replacement as such, it'll still give you the tools to be productive on the go.

Throw in optional LTE support and you're never without being connected. Prices will start at €269 when it goes on sale, currently slated for June.

Lenovo introduces the Miix 310 at MWC

Alcatel Plus 10

Alcatel Plus 10

Alcatel (no longer with the OneTouch) is a name that's really starting to get behind Windows 10. At Mobile World Congress we got the new Plus 10, a 2-in-1 with LTE capabilities.

The LTE is actually in the keyboard, though, which is an interesting idea. It means you don't get cellular if you just take the tablet out with you, but equally it won't impact the battery life, either.

The keyboard also packs an additional battery which leaves you with a compact 2-in-1 that'll keep you going all through the day. It's got a 10.1-inch display, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, and shouldn't be priced too high when it goes on sale later this year.

Hands-on with the Alcatel Plus 10

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