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The world is still coming to terms with the new COVID-19 virus, but that doesn't mean we all need to be bored out of our minds when we're "working" at home ... yeah. Working. Should you have a gaming PC available — and we've got you covered if you don't — these great PC games are on sale right now. We've rounded up the best, and how to get them at bargain prices.

Howling Winds: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Staff Pick

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the largest and most ambitious RPGs to-date. Not only does it have a vast open-world with plenty to fight and do, but CD Projekt RED managed to create a truly wonderful, immersive, yet depressing world to spend countless hours in.

$14 at GOG

Mischevious RPG: Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a polished, well-designed RPG, and through its phenomenal mechanics, astounding art, sound design, and fantastic writing, it is sure to revolutionize the modern RPG genre.

$20 at GOG

Absolute Carnage: Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is one for the mature audience, but if you're old enough to play it, you're going to have a bag of fun. With the impressive storyline complemented by an online mode, GTA V will hold your attention for countless hours while you go around, causing carnage.

$15 at Steam

Run Your Own Farm: Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley puts you in control of a farm you've inherited from a passing relative. It's a blank canvas in a location you've never visited prior, tasking you with getting to know locals, explore caves and go fishing.

$12 at GOG

Dig. Fight. Explore.: Terraria

Terraria isn't technically on sale, but at $10, you could consider this price as a permanent discount due to how much value you get in return. There's simply so much to do in this pixelated RPG, especially if you bring along a friend or two.

$10 at GOG

Retro RPG: Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is a callback to RPGs of old from Obsidian, packing in an engaging storyline, excellent combat, and plenty to do as you traverse the inviting world and pick up companions along the way.

$24 at GOG

Stunning Spectacle: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is a great game that lives up to Ninja Theory's strong history of producing excellent action titles like DmC: Devil May Cry, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and Heavenly Sword. Its approach to presenting mental illness in a way many people can understand is also remarkable. It's an amazing experience.

$12 at GOG

4X Strategy: Stellaris

Stellaris is one of the best space 4X strategy games around, allowing you to create your very own civilization, venture out into the unknown and meet new species as you explore the stars.

$12 at GOG

Your Move: XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

Very few games immerse you into a world where aliens have invaded our planet and humanity is on the backfoot like XCOM. You create a taskforce, build and develop a base, and go out on missions as you race against an imminent threat.

$15 at GOG

Booker?: BioShock: Infinite

If you want to play a game that will leave a lasting impression on you, BioShock: Infinite is the one to go for. Your task is to go to a mysterious floating city and rescue Elizabeth, building a bond with her as you both attempt to flee amidst the chaos.

$13 at GOG

Weather The Storm: Frostpunk

Frostpunk is a strategy come city-builder that tasks you with creating and running a city as you and your people attempt to survive in the harsh climate. Prepare to experience emotional and engaging tough tasks and even tougher choices.

$13 at GOG

Don't Deal With The Devil: Cuphead

Cuphead is a platformer come shooter packed full of unique, whacky and downright absurd boss designs. Studio MDHR hand-animated every backdrop, every sprite, and every special effect in tribute to classic cartoons of the early 1900s and it's absolutely brilliant.

$15 at GOG

So Meta: PC Building Simulator

I realize this may seem like inception territory, but hear me out. PC Building Simulator is exactly that. This game allows you to toy around with different components, learning how to build a PC in the process. There's also the option to run your own PC repair shop!

$13 at GOG

AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!: RollerCoaster Tycoon: Deluxe

This is where the famous Roller Coaster Tycoon series began. This game is a masterpiece with plenty of rides to construct and ways to keep your theme park guests happy. You could also open a rollercoaster with an incomplete track, not that I'd recommend doing so...

$3 at GOG

Dead Again?: Dead Cells

If you like roguelike games, you'll want to check out Dead Cells. It's a Metroidvania-like action-platformer where you'll explore a sprawling, ever-changing castle assuming you're able to fight your way past its keepers in 2D souls-lite combat. It's rather hardcore as there are no checkpoints. You will die, a lot.

$20 at GOG

So Many Arrows: Thief Gold

Have you ever played a thief in Skyrim and wondered how cool it would be for a game to be made solely around being a thief? That's Thief Gold in a nutshell. You'll be playing as such as you attempt to sneak into castles, mansions and other areas where light and noise are your worst enemy.

$1 at GOG

Lockdown: Prison Architect

Fancy yourself as the next big-hit prison warden? Prove it by designing, building, and managing your own bustling place of paradise as you have to deal with inmate needs, events, and eventual breakouts.

$7 at GOG

BYOZ: Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is a more chilled experience where you can sit back, relax and run your own zoo. From placing down plots and assigning animals, to actually breeding species and making sure guests are happy, this is a massive game with plenty to do.

$30 at Steam

Ancient Greece: Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Starting out as an outcast to become a living legend, embark on an odyssey to uncover the secrets of your past and change the fate of Ancient Greece. Prepare to lose countless hours as you explore this vast open world.

$20 at Steam

Step Back In Time: Might and Magic 7: For Blood and Honor

Some classic RPGs don't really hold up to today's standards, but Might and Magic 7 is an absolute classic of a game. The storytelling is brilliant, so too is the exploration and the land to traverse. You'll find a huge amount of content here as you create a party and attempt to create a better world.

$2 at GOG

El Presidente!: Tropico 6

El Presidente is back! This latest release in the Tropico series adds some visual upgrades and some new features, tasking you with proving yourself as a feared dictator or peace-loving statesman on the island state of Tropico.

$30 at Steam

Getting into PC gaming

If you've never really got into PC gaming before, now's a great opportunity with plenty of discounts to be had on some top PC games. Our collection here highlights just how much variety there is on the market. There's something available for everyone. And if you're new to PC gaming, we have you covered if you're stuck at home with a quick-start guide.

But most of all, stay safe out there!

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