The monitor is an important part of your desktop PC setup. It's what essentially displays everything that comes from your PC, be it the desktop, media, or your favorite apps and games. Choosing from the best computer monitors is a sure way to elevate your computing experience and Black Friday is a great time to save on a new panel.

Samsung currently has a collection of discounted displays on Amazon with up to 30% off. Here are a few highlights:

Samsung 49-inch CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor | $750 at Amazon (was $899)

This is one huge display, coming in at a whopping 49 inches. That's larger than some TVs out there. This Samsung panel is seriously impressive, thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate, HDR support, 1ms response time, and the impressive screen real estate.

Samsung 22-inch T35F LED Monitor | $90 at Amazon (was $110)

This may be an incredibly affordable display, but it still manages to come rocking AMD FreeSync support for synchronized gaming. It's a 1080p (Full HD) panel with a refresh rate of up to 75Hz. That's impressive considering this costs less than $100.

Samsung 27-inch CRG5 Curved Gaming Monitor | $355 at Amazon (was $400)

This is the monitor to get if you're into PC gaming. The impressive 27-inch panel comes rocking a super-high refresh rate of 240Hz, NVIDIA G-Sync support, 4ms response time, and a 1080p resolution. You'll be able to hit that high refresh rate with a capable GPU for butter-smooth gaming.

Depending on what you need for your desktop setup, our three highlights cover three specific segments. You've got the impressive ultrawide for productivity, a more budget-friendly display for those who wish to do some online browsing, and finally a gaming monitor for losing oneself in a virtual world.

There are a few other notable Samsung monitors included in this Black Friday promotion, including the Samsung 32-Inch G5 Odyssey, which comes rocking AMD FreeSync Premium, so there's something for almost everyone.

Whether you're looking for something a little more affordable or want to get back into PC gaming, there are plenty of options to consider. It's always worth using a tool like CamelCamelCamel to make sure you're getting a good deal.

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