THQ Nordic brings ReCore, Super Lucky's Tale, and more Microsoft exclusives to Steam [updated]

Recore (Image credit: Microsoft)

Updated September 14, 2018: All of these games are now available on PC. Disneyland Adventures, ReCore, Rush, Super Lucky's Tale, and Zoo Tycoon all cost $19.99 on Steam.

Today, Microsoft announced that it has partnered with THQ Nordic to bring a few Microsoft exclusives to Steam. Beforehand, the titles were only available on the Windows 10 Store which limited their commercial appeal.

ReCore: Definitive Edition has to be the highlight here because it's quite a thrilling third-person adventure. After a rocky launch, it's now a stable experience. Games like Super Lucky's Tale and Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection are also a blast to play due to their family-friendly nature.

  • Disneyland Adventures – The package is a collection of minigames based on Disneyland attractions. It garnered surprisingly positive reviews at launch.
  • ReCore: Definitive Edition – The "Definitive Edition" is the updated version of the original game. It features better textures and fixes a lot of the bugs that significantly impacted the experience at launch.
  • Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure – This game is similar to Disneyland Adventures, but takes you through the words of films like Cars, The Incredibles, and Toy Story.
  • Super Lucky's Tale – This jovial platformer follows a fox named Lucky as he burrows his way through a variety of environments to save the world.
  • Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection – Have you ever wanted to operate a zoo? Well, this game gives you exactly that. While it's not a true simulator, it's accessible to everyone.

We would never have expected THQ Nordic to bring these Microsoft exclusives to Steam. Its unclear why the company didn't release them on the platform itself. However, more gamers should pick them up now as a result of this.

Will you buy any of these game now that they're available on Steam? Let us know.

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  • I understand the move.
    That being said I try to buy away from steam whenever I can, as I don't like monopoly-like conditions
  • Same, I only buy through steam when they have sales on and never bought anything full price on steam. Wish more companies brought games to GOG as well, hopefully we will see these titles on GOG sooner than later.
  • And the success of Steam killed Half Life (Episode) 3. Valve stopped making games because they don't need it anymore and that's sad. Very sad
  • And I personally think that's MS's dream. They are dreaming to have constant revenues without investing massively in making games.
  • I wish they brought then to GOG instead or at least in addition to Steam.
  • yea stop supporting steam. they have become too arrogant. thery make enough money that they dont even wanna bother half life 3 or update any of their games anymore. their platform is a cash cow. support GOG, or ms windows store. So glad Bethesda is not bringing Fallout 76 to steam.
  • It is so predictable with MS. The so-called exclusives often ends up on other platforms.
    They will hype the games as exclusives to push hardware sales. This is the usual way they mislead or trick the consumers to buy into their ecosystem and will have a second bite buy putting it on another platform...
    Right now, I'm guessing the next games coming on steam will be State of decay 2 and the Ori sequel. I remember so many discussions I had with MS fanboys. They kept naming Recore or Lucky's tales as the few XB exclusives. Now it's laughable that even the few ones they had are going on other platforms no longer XB exclusives.
  • Already owned and completed ReCore, so no reason to buy it again. I'm interested in Super Lucky's Tale but will only buy it on Steam if the price is lower than on the MS Store, which if we take the current pricing of games available on both stores, the Steam version will probably have lower price anyway.