Mark your calendars: April 2015 is when Windows 9 is expected

Windows 8.1 is only a few months old, but we’re starting to learn more and more about Microsoft’s future plans for Windows. It was recently that we learned of “Threshold”, the company wide update for various Windows-based platforms that is expected to come in spring 2015. We’re now learning more about what’s coming on the Windows side of things when Threshold drops in April 2015.

That’s right, the Threshold update for Windows is expected to drop in April 2015. That’s according to Paul Thurrott and his sources at Microsoft. Over at his blog, Paul has shared some more details on what he knows about Threshold and what to expect at the upcoming Build 2014 developer conference.

First off, the Threshold update for Windows will see the platform called Windows 9. We expect an update to Windows 8.1 at the upcoming Build developer conference. That update will probably be called Update 1, but is known internally at Microsoft as GDR1. Update 1 for Windows 8.1 is expected to be finished in March and released to the public for free in April. What’s the big deal with Update 1? It’s anticipated to be step to bring Windows closer to Windows Phone 8.1, which is also expected around the same time – at Build 2014 over the course of a few days in early April.

So Build 2014… it takes place April 2-4 and should be a very big event for all us Windows Phone fans. We should see Windows Phone 8.1 announced and revealed to the public at large. Of course, we know a bit about Windows Phone 8.1 Things like a notification center are coming, as is a smart AI-like feature which has been rumored as “Cortana”. Build will also see a big emphasis on Xbox, with an update expected to drop for the console. Paul also expects a big announcement at Build about the next major release for Windows.

At Build, Microsoft is likely to share information about Windows 9. This version of Windows will look to rectify some of the features in Windows 8 that alienated customers. Windows 9 will look to further strike a balance between traditional PCs and new mobile devices that current and future customers are moving to. Build won’t see any Windows 9 bits, instead the focus will be on outlining their vision for the future of Windows.

We’ll see the maturation and fixing of the Metro design language. What’s this mean? It’s too early to say, but don’t be surprised if we see Windows 8 apps that can be windowed on the desktop. Right now, Microsoft is targeting a release date of April 2015 for Windows 9.

What do you want from the future of Windows?

Source: Supersite for Windows

Sam Sabri