If you are forgetful or regularly misplace things, you might want to invest in some Tile Bluetooth trackers and attach them to your valuables. Right now, Amazon is offering discounted bundles which include 4 Tiles along with its newest Echo Dot. The pairing may be odd at first glance, but if you do happen to misplace your items, you can simply ask Alexa to help locate them.

You can get the Echo Dot with a 4-Pack Tile Combo — comprised of 2 Tile Mate and 2 Tile Slim — for $69.99. That's a saving of $50 off the full price if bought separately. Tile Mate is perfect for clipping to a keyring and Tile Slim is ideal for sliding into a wallet or purse. There's also a bundle with 4 Tile Mate for $59.99. If you're willing wait 1-3 months for it to ship, you can lock that price in now. Considering that the new Echo Dot sells for $50 on its own, you really can't go wrong with either bundle here.

You can also use your Tile trackers with the free apps for iOS and Android.

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