These days, you can voice control just about anything that plugs into the wall to power on. All you need is a smart plug like Eufy's Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and a smart speaker featuring Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, like the Echo Dot, and luckily, both of those products are on sale today. While Eufy's smart plug normally sells for $23, you can pick one up for only $13.79 right now when you enter promo code EUFYHOME during checkout at Amazon.

Using the same code, you could grab this alternate style of Eufy's Smart Plug for the same discounted price. There's also this two-pack which falls to $23.99 with the code, which would be the best option of them all as you'd be snagging each smart plug for only $12.

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Eufy Energy Monitoring Smart Plug

The smartest way to use this smart plug is paired with an Amazon Echo Dot, or another device that's compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

$13.79 $22.99 $9 Off

With coupon: EUFYHOME

We reported on what a great deal the Echo Dot for $29.99 is a while ago, and hopefully you've taken our advice and snagged one already. If not, it'd certainly be worth grabbing one now that you're interested in this smart plug. You don't have to voice control it, but having an Echo Dot gives you the option. It can also stream music, control other smart home devices, answer all your burning questions, and more.

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If you're not around to voice control this smart plug, you'll be able to control or schedule its usage using the Eufy Home app on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. It's even capable of tracking its energy usage so you can see how much power is being used. Unlike some other smart home products, no hub is required to utilize this smart plug. Plus, Eufy includes an 18-month warranty with its purchase.

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