Power strips are extremely handy to have at home, but not all of them are as efficient as they could be thanks to their lack of USB ports. These days, there are models you can find with built-in USB ports so you can charge your phone without needing to find a USB power adapter, and you don't even have to pay a premium to own one — especially if you can find them while on sale. For instance, three of Tessan's USB Power Strips are discounted by up to 55% at Amazon today. With prices starting at just $6.75, this is a stellar opportunity to upgrade the power strips in your home at a low cost. The discount for the power strip you choose will be applied automatically during checkout.

There are a few different models in today's sale, so there should be one to fit your needs. The most powerful option features three USB ports and six AC outlets for $10.99. It's mountable as well, has a 5-foot extension cord, and comes with an 18-month warranty.

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If you're not going to need so many ports, you can pick up Tessan's Travel Power Strip with two USB ports and three AC outlets for $6.75. It also features a five-foot cord, is much more compact and portable, and comes with an 18-month warranty as well. On the other hand, there's an option with three USB ports and three AC outlets for $11.49. While it's a bit pricier for only one more port, it was designed as a desktop charging station; that might be a bit more useful for you if you intended to use it near a desk.

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