Toast's custom wood skin covers are now available for the Surface Pro 4

The excellent tablet and notebook custom wood skin covers from Toast are now available for owners of Microsoft's Surface Pro 4. Toast previously released covers for the Surface Book and older Surfaces.

Toast says:

"Toast's real wood cover artfully articulates the awesome angles of the Surface or Surface Pro tablet. Elegantly engineered, laser-cut and hand-finished, the full kit includes a two-piece back cover, side wraps and button covers. Designed to full access to ports and unrestricted kickstand movement, the slim veneer cover attaches directly and securely to your Surface tablet with a high-quality adhesive, protecting it from sand and other particulates that commonly damage devices when they become trapped inside a typical tablet case (because you wouldn't want to scratch your Surface, right?)."

Like those previous covers, the ones for the Surface Pro 4 come in four wood selections: walnut, bamboo, ebony and ash. The price for the covers starts at $49, but you can add an optional front panel for $15 extra. There are also options to add an etching to the cover for $5, or to add a custom text message for an additional $5.

You can read our review of the Toast covers for the Surface Pro 3 to get an idea of what to expect.

Buy the Toast covers for the Surface Pro 4{.cta .shop}

  • Woah... that looks awesome on that surface bro !!
  • Yes bro!
  • Didn't know roxio is now in the accessories bussiness
  • Awesome! ​
  • I like it. Wonder if they'd ever make a wood back cover for the 950.
  • I would buy one for my 950xl in a heartbeat
  • Try this.. Sure there are more :)
  • Now THAT'S art!!
  • I have a vinyl fake wood skin on my SP4 now. But this one looks much better. A must have
  • Overheating level 10! Unless it has a built in fan.        
  • If you look closely, the part where air goes in and out is not covered.
  • it isnt. but wood is heat blocker, instead of metal that let's it get away
  • Take my money!!!
  • That's simply beautiful...
  • Definitely getting this.
  • Sand? Who the hell would take their Surface to the beach?
  • Very ugly. They should make a black version of Surface to match their black keyboards.
  • Is that a Surface Pro Three Type Cover I spy?
  • Yup, and that tablet is also a surface pro 3, look the thickness of it.
  • Don't know what you guys are thinking. Yes that's a Surface Pro 3 keyboard, but that's a Surface Pro 4. The volume buttons are on the top, and the logo on the back is the windows flag, not the word Surface. Very much a Surface Pro 4 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sharp.
  • Back looks very nice. But those sides and buttons...
  • Adhesive?
  • Got one for my Surface Book. Highly recommended. Their customer support is excellent. You can do a custom laser etching design, be sure to ask them to cut out the Windows logo on the back too!
  • OMG! but Amazon is not available in my country. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my iPhone 6S Plus