Touch Diamond 2 vs. iPhone: Fight!

As you heard in the latest WMExperts podcast (you have listened to it, right?), Dieter explained his thoughts behind importing (or not) an HTC Touch Diamond 2. While he's still on the fence, we'll point you to an excellent breakdown of the TD2 and its touchscreen-lovin', 5-megapixel (er) camera-in', ready-for-WinMo 6.5-in' self when put up against none other than the iPhone 3G and its upcoming 3.0 software upgrade.

And for that we point you to ZDNet's (and from our own Nokia Experts) Matthew Miller in the finale of his excellent Clash of the Titans series. Enjoy.

Clash of the Touch Titans: iPhone 3.0 3G vs HTC Touch Diamond2

Phil Nickinson

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  • Why not Diamond2 vs Nokia 5800, or Blackberry Storm, or LG Arena or Omnia HD? Why this obsession with the iphone?
  • I think the iPhone is one that gets the most media attention here in the US at least. The iPhone is really the device to beat on. Its the device that thinks its better than all devices. Its the only device I know of that has its own super ego that infects its users to become full of them selves. Yep I love given iphone users a good ol WinMo "hwoopin", especially when its taken over 2 years for the genius squad to come up with copy and paste as a standard feature.
  • lol @ blackberry storm... fail. The only phone that comes close to the UI of the iPhone is the Palm Pre (which isn't even out yet). Until the other "competitors" can come up with something as easy to use as the iphone, the media attention will continue to be focused on the iphone. Add on the fact that it looks better than all of the other phoens and it's apple... finally, how many applications do those other phones have? yea.. exactly. It's easy to identify the features that the iphone lacks, that's what all the critics really do, but the features that it does have are not appreciated enough. Simple as that. Everyone is copying them and that's a fact (how many touch screen phones were out before the iphone? how many had accelerometers? how many had multi touch?).
  • actually touch screen phones have been out for a long time. Multi touch is a different story, however the sad thing is that you get just as good of an interface with a resistive (except for the ability to use multiple fingers) display thanks to interfaces such as touch flo3d, pointui, and spb ms. These are of course for winmo.
  • I have used each one of the interfaces you have mentioned over the 8 years of owning WM devices, and I can tell you that not one of them is as smooth, consistent, and works as well as the overall iPhone interface. My most recent WM device was the Diamond and will most likely be my last for a LONG while. The iPhone experience has been a breath of fresh air. The primary difference between my WM devices and the iPhone are 2: 1) the iPhone works when I really need it to, and 2) I don't have to wait for it to work. I found myself waiting for a WM device to do something and many times didn't work because it needed a soft reset or was just slow to operate, that included a 528mhz Diamond! I can't wait for the 3.0 update which will be a pleasure to update for the iPhone.
  • O o o ... so you have used Touchflo3D, PointUI, SPB Mobile shell etc. over last 8 years & did not find them upto scratch huh? Must be something bcoz these UIs came out only in last 1-2 years! :roll:
  • Wow, are you dense or what? I mentioned that I have been using WM for 8 years up until a month ago. I have used each one of those interfaces when they were released and found each to be lacking and non-consistent.
  • You don't get as good of an interface. I used winmobile until the iphone 3G came out and I always thought it was fine until I started using the iphone UI. Maybe it's because I have big hands and I don't like having to use the edge of my fingertips to go to a menu... Nothing against windows mobile, which obviously has a bunch of advantages over the iphone but the only reason why there's so much hype about the iphone is because a) it's apple and b) the user interface is really extremely simple. The nice big touch buttons, the amazing web browsing, easily zooming/panning of windows, the surprisingly smart/efficient typing feature etc etc.
  • The iphone is not the only phone in the world:
  • Blackberries suck!
    I had one and it was slow,weak and fat.
    When I wanted to call i had to press all those tiny buttons
    I dont know...
    Htc is the hero for me although I haven't tried the 2nd one but I will
  • Htc touch diamond 3....or 4....or 5 will mop the floor with iPhone's ass!
  • Watch out the comparison between the HTC Touch Diamond,iPhone 3G and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic....nd pick your choice.....
  • The HTC Touch Diamond is without a doubt way beyond anything of the iPhone, HTC have always produced unbelievably high quality phones and this was no exception, HTC wins over iPhone hands down!
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  • iphone ftw!
    i have an iphone and my m8 got the td2.
    we both agree the iphone is better!
  • iphone will win at absoloutly anything. There is no point even comparing phones, you will know the iphone is better. I love the iphone!,, you had probaly noticed by now :)
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