Try Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for free on Xbox One and PC

Bethesda has launched a free trial for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, giving anyone who hasn't yet occupied the Nazi-battling boots of BJ Blazkowicz a chance to do so. Available on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4, the trial lets you play through the entire first level of the game.

Wolfenstein II; The New Colossus lets players pick up where its predecessor, Wolfenstein: The New Order, left off. The game explores an alternate history wherein the Nazis won World War II. The New Colossus follows aforementioned protagonist BJ Blazkowicz as he takes part in a resistance effort against the repressive regime of Nazi-occupied America in the 1960s. And, characterized by Wolfenstein's over-the-top violence, the story is a bloody one.

For anyone with an Xbox One X, Wolfenstein II also presents a good opportunity to see what the console can do. The game is one of several Bethesda titles that is enhanced for the new console, bringing along 4K support and dynamic resolution scaling.

If you decide you want to keep playing after the first level, Bethesda says you'll be able to carry your progress over to the full game. Now's not a bad time to buy either, as Wolfenstein II is currently on sale at 40 percent off as part of Microsoft's Black Friday sales, bringing the price down to $35.99.

The Wolfenstein II: THe New colossus free trial is up for grabs on the Microsoft Store now. Just head to the game's store page and select "Try for free" to get started.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Xbox One Review: A whirlwind of blood, emotion, and bullets

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Awesome. I love when they offer free trial.
  • I can't seem to find the PC version on the Windows Store.  I was able to get the Trial but the only option is to install it on XBox One.
  • Can't be selling well. Has 40% off too.
  • Dude, it's Black Friday week. A lot big named titles have temporary price reductions around this time every year...
  • It's only 2.5 hours long on hard gameplay wise.  It's not very good either compared to the previous 2 
  • Deleted, reply went to wrong place.
  • It downloads 55 gigs so you can play the 1st level?  What a waste. I have the game on PC.  On hard difficulty there is about 2.5 hours of actual gameplay.  It's shorter (and buggier and less interesting story and character wise) than the $20 at launch Wolf New Order. Thanks Bethesda...a $60 game with 2.5-3 hours or gameplay and about the same of cinemas and scenes where you watch stuff happen and can move the camera a little. Don't buy this game at $60.  Wait until it's $20 or less because not only is it the shortest Wolfenstein game EVER it's also got a terrible cast of characters and a stupid story. From the looks of it they cut the game into 4 pieces and are selling 3 as DLC.  Alot like Destiny 1 felt.