Tune in to the first Learn OneNote conference starting November 12

If you're curious about how you can get more out of OneNote, the first-ever Learn OneNote conference can help starting on November 12. As announced by the Microsoft Office team (opens in new tab), the online event will run for 6 days, and will include a number of speakers that will share how they leverage OneNote in their lives.

A variety of topics are planned to be covered, including tips and tricks for getting the most out of OneNote for specific tasks. Here's a look at what you can expect from each day of the conference:

  • Day 1: Getting started with OneNote
  • Day 2: Powerful OneNote features
  • Day 3: OneNote for life
  • Day 4: OneNote for business
  • Day 5: OneNote for education
  • Day 6: OneNote for education (continued)

The Learn OneNote conference will be completely free, and you can register now at the conference website. For more, you can view the full speaker lineup and further details on what's planned for the conference in the Sway presentation below.

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  • The least supported office app. I've pretty much migrated away because I lost trust in Microsoft with it. Also requires Microsoft account and isn't available stand alone anymore for offline use.
  • Odd. The full desktop version -- which is the most powerful version by far -- is a free download, for either WINDOWS or MAC from www.onenote.com. And while it requires you log into a Microsoft account if you want to store notebooks in OneDrive, well, most people are now taking advantage of that free service even if it's not their main goto storage service. As for the "tablet" version, it's had a lot of updates. I still prefer the desktop client, but they do continue to update the "tablet" version, so I keep it installed.
  • The first video of the Learn OneNote Conference will cover the different versions of OneNote and help a new user get started. I'm hosting the event and have been watching the videos as speaker videos. If I can say it, they are great and I think the OneNote community will benefit from watching many of the sessions.
  • I wish I could get a lot of my non technical co-workers to invest time in this (They do use OneNote already but they could get more from it) but a lot of them won't be interested in learning during their own time unfortunately. I've been using it every day for years and consider myself an advanced user but will be watching out of general interest and hopefully pick up some tips and ideas I haven't seen before.
  • I think you'll find just the opposite. OneNote IMHO and user experience with W10, W10M, gets quite q few updates. Even Android gets its fair share. Can't speak for Apple stuff though... Sounds to me like someone had some sour grapes.
  • @n8ter#AC, as others have said, your statement is incorrect. OneNote works fine offline and it gets regular updates. I have private notebooks I keep offline (still auto-sync'd in real-time locally between my laptop and desktop, but not on the cloud) and other notebooks with less sensitive info like shopping lists, travel notes, and quick to-do notes that I do store in the cloud so I can access them on my Windows Phone from anywhere. Greatest note taking system on the planet as far as I'm concerned. If only I could get a chip installed in my head that gave my brain instant access...
  • Hate the Windows Store version 'cause it forces you to use a fukn skynet account. Sticking with the desktop version until that's fixed. Other than that, really love OneNote and it has replaced all my needs of physical paper. Just wish the Windows Store version worked seamlessly offline as the Desktop version, especially now that they're excluding handy features to the Windows store version (e.g. shaering anything to windows store version doesn't include nonsense grey borthers, can't get rid of them in the Desktop version anymore).
  • In what way does the store version not work offline? I can create notes when my Surface is offline and they sync up later (or are you saying "offline" as in not signed in?) Genuine question here....do you use a service like Outlook.com, gmail, Office 365 for email or do you run your own server for emails to avoid having them on a companies server? Considering they can have sensitive information in them. At least with OneNote you can password protect/encrypt the document client side if you are really worried about storing the notebook in OneDrive
  • Hello. After the 14393.448 normal update, a statement says: "There are conflicting changes on this page. Try opening it with OneNote Online on a computer to resolve these conflicts" So, what's the point on having this app on the phone?
  • I signed up and am looking forward to this On Line Conference.
    Is it live? When time are they?
    I'll have to hunt for the email.