If you're curious about how you can get more out of OneNote, the first-ever Learn OneNote conference can help starting on November 12. As announced by the Microsoft Office team, the online event will run for 6 days, and will include a number of speakers that will share how they leverage OneNote in their lives.

Tune in to the first Learn OneNote conference starting November 12

A variety of topics are planned to be covered, including tips and tricks for getting the most out of OneNote for specific tasks. Here's a look at what you can expect from each day of the conference:

  • Day 1: Getting started with OneNote
  • Day 2: Powerful OneNote features
  • Day 3: OneNote for life
  • Day 4: OneNote for business
  • Day 5: OneNote for education
  • Day 6: OneNote for education (continued)

The Learn OneNote conference will be completely free, and you can register now at the conference website. For more, you can view the full speaker lineup and further details on what's planned for the conference in the Sway presentation below.