Tune in for Microsoft UK's TechDays Online between November 6 - 8

Microsoft UK's TechDays Online are running from Wednesday November 6 until Friday November 8th. There are numerous sessions lined up with daily prize draws and competitions for attendees to enter. There will also be Xbox One bundle packages on offer, so if you're wanting to learn something as well as potentially grabbing an Xbox One package, you'll definitely want to check these sessions out.

Here's what the itinerary looks like:

Day 1 (Nov 6th):

The first day will contain a selection of Windows Client sessions for both technology gurus and developers. These will cover:

  • Windows 8.1 - devices, MDOP, Workplace Join and VDI are all on the programme
  • InTune - configuration manager and heterogeneous device management

Joining the above client sessions are Visual Studio 2013 DevOps and Office 265. A special guest, confirmed to be Steve Ballmer, will be taking part in the live session to respond to some of the key questions provided by the developer communities - more details will be released soon on how to put forward your questions. 

Day 2 (Nov 7th):

The second day will focus on 2013 R2 (Windows Server and SystemCenter) and Cloud:

  • 2012 R2 - networking, virtualisation and storage
  • Azure - virtual machines, PowerShell, Storage and the Windows Azure Platform in general

Day 3 (Nov 8th):

The last of the TechDays will be designated the "Developer's Day". Sessions will cover:

  • Visual Studio 2013 - details of what's new for .NET app and web developers, Team Foundation Server, C#5
  • Windows Phone - how to build cloud back-end to connect Windows Phone and Windows 8
  • IE11 and Azure

The team is currently confirming the presenters from the community of Microsoft experts, partners and MVPs and will release details soon. Each session will be live and those watching the sessions will be able to interact and ask questions. Hit this link to register and find out more information about the session days.

Source: TechNet

Rich Edmonds
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