Tweeten for Windows adding two-factor authentication login support

Tweeten, the popular Twitter client for Windows has an update to version 3.2 pushing out today with some pretty important additions, not least the introduction of two-factor authentication support.

Two-factor authentication is something we always recommend using whenever possible, and so we're delighted to see it make its way into Tweeten. Here's what else is new.

  • Added support two-factor authentication support to login
  • The app is now nearly 50% lighter on Windows
  • You can now show Media Details when enlarged
  • UI tweaks for the Compose sidebar
  • We are bringing back the Show More Tweets Button
  • The About section now shows the version number of the app
  • Check For Updates will now notify you when there isn't any new update available
  • Fixed an issue which prevented TweetDeck shortcuts from working when Alt+Tab'ing.

If you're already a Tweeten user watch out for an update notification inside the app. If you'd like to give it a try you can download it for Windows 10, 8 and 7 at the link below.

Download Tweeten beta for Windows

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • This is nice. It's important nowadays for any service. This made me think of Windows Hello, though, and the early promise of the "Windows Passport" that was going to work with it and offer a system wide (including the web) way to offer secure logins. Sounded much like those "Last Pass" apps, but native, and using Hello. Where did that promise go?
  • Brilliant app.. I use it always on my laptop
  • Great app, cant wait till windows store version. So it auto updates it self. 
  • Two Factor is King.  Stiil waiting on MS to deliver a better authenticator app. I'm using DUO for everything from Live to Amazon at the moment.
  • Wasn't the revamped Authenticator app supposed to be coming with W10 AU? But it's Mobile only isn't it? So I guess that's why we don't have it yet...
  • That's what I read but so far, its vapor.
  • Hopefully it's released not long after AU hits Mobile (along with the revamped OfficeLens/Otemoto). Getting tired of waiting on the official AU for my 950XL, may switch to RP soon.
  • Two-factor schemes are all right provided biometrics are kept away. It is known that the authentication by biometrics comes with poorer security than PIN/password-only authentication.  The following video explains how biomerics makes a backdoor to password-protected information. It’s a pity that so many people are so tragically misinformed.  Biometrics should not be activated where you need to be security-conscious.    
  • I don't suppose you can spare ~1min to address this, seeing as the person it was directed at has ignored it: TIA.