Twitch streamer revives Xbox's Killer Instinct with a killer tournament

Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Twitch streamer Maximilian_DOOD hosted a tournament for the Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive fighting game Killer Instinct.
  • The tournament is part of Twitch Rivals, an esports event that features Twitch streamers and former pro players.
  • The tournament was being watched by over 35,000+ viewers.

We're big fans of the 2013 Xbox exclusive fighting game Killer Instinct here at Windows Central, and we were excited to see the Xbox community rally to try and breathe new life into the game last year. Therefore, we were even more excited to hear that those efforts blossomed into a Killer Instinct tournament being held for Twitch Rivals, hosted by none other than Killer Instinct superfan Maximilian_DOOD himself. The tournament was hosted on Maximilian_DOOD's Twitch channel here.

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The tournament had over 35,000+ live viewers consistently throughout the matches. It's great to see this awesome IP gain some traction in the gaming community once again, and with any luck, Microsoft will take notice and will hopefully make a sequel.

Do you want a Killer Instinct sequel for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S? Are you interested in trying the game yourself? Let us know. It's definitely one of the best fighting games for Xbox out there, so we highly recommend doing so. You can pick up the Definitive Edition that includes all of the characters for $40. Notably, the game can also be played on PC through the Windows 10 Store.

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