Two sleek, mysterious Dell laptops briefly leak on Dell's website

Dell XPS 13 9300
Dell XPS 13 9300 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Dell Precision 15

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Several laptops briefly appeared on Dell's website.
  • The devices appeared on the Dell Precision product page and appear to be from the XPS and Precision lines.
  • One of the devices could be the rumored Dell XPS 17.

Updated April 7, 2020: This article has been updated with further investigation regarding the line of the devices shown in the leaked images.

Several laptops recently appeared on Dell's Precision product page. The listings have since been removed, but before they went down, Reddit user WesolyKubeczek posted about them. The laptops that are open a screenshotted image have smaller chins, larger trackpads, and appear to be from Dell's XPS line. Before the listings were removed, WesolyKubeczek grabbed a screenshot, which you can see below.

Dell Laptop Leaks

Source: WesolyKubeczek (Image credit: Source: WesolyKubeczek)

Some have speculated that the laptops in the screenshots show a Dell XPS 15 and Dell XPS 17. It's quite possible that at least some of the laptops shown in the image above are from the XPS line, though at least one device shown is likely from the Precision line. The closed device at the bottom of the image has slotted vents on the left and fits the design language of the Precision line. The devices at the top of the image could be the XPS 15 and XPS 17.

At the moment, Dell doesn't make an XPS 17, though rumors and benchmarks suggest one is on the way. The device on the right side of the image appears to have enough room on the left and right side of the keys to be a 17-inch device.

The devices at the top of the image have a 16:10 aspect ratio and micro-thin bezels on all four sides of the screen. These designs line up with the latest Dell XPS 13 (9300).

Additionally, there appear to be now top-firing speakers, which is a significant shift for Dell, who has always relied on bottom-firing designs. Dell is also evidently embracing huge trackpads following Apple's lead.

While these devices leaked on a Dell Precision page, the image suggests at least some of them are from the XPS line. The XPS 15 hasn't seen a physical update in years, and if the laptops in the image are upcoming XPS devices, they would bring Dell's larger XPS laptops in line with the design of the latest XPS 13.

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