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Unofficial Uber and YouTube 'Progressive Web Apps' (PWA) pulled from the Microsoft Store

Updated April 16, 2018: As I speculated may happen, both apps have now been pulled from the Microsoft Store. It's still possible we may see official Uber and YouTube PWAs hit the Microsoft Store at some point, but it could be a while. The original story follows.

Last week marked the introduction of the first group of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) on the Microsoft Store, all published by Microsoft itself. Now, it looks like a third-party developer is looking to get in on the action with a couple of big-name apps: YouTube (opens in new tab) and Uber (opens in new tab) (via Reddit).

Both apps are published by a developer called Pladoo Interactive, so they don't have the official backing of either YouTube or Uber. Additionally, they don't look to be PWAs in the strict sense, even though they're labeled as such. Rather, both apps are web wrappers that provide access to each service. The YouTube app, for example, simply loads the website in an app window, complete with banner advertisements and all.

In the description of each app, Pladoo Interactive says that both are a part of a "Windows Revival Project" it is undertaking, the objective of which is to "bring apps to Windows 10 Mobile using PWA based apps or even native apps." The developer promises more apps are to come.

As a basic way to access each service, the apps do their job. However, because the Edge platform on Windows 10 Mobile doesn't support PWA features like service workers, which can provide push notifications from the web. If you're looking for a native YouTube app, there are other third-party options (opens in new tab) worth checking out. However, Uber recently dropped support for its Windows 10 app, so this version may be a viable alternative.

It's worth noting that, since neither app is an official release from YouTube or Uber, there's a chance that either company could try to pull them. However, if you want to give either a shot, they're up for grabs on the Microsoft Store now.

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  • There is FINALLY a YouTube app! If Microsoft keeps adding PWAs to the Microsoft Store, the app gap could mostly be solved. There are a lot more PWAs out there than you think.
  • Screw that. Didn't realize these aren't official. Still decent though, but I don't think YouTube is actually a PWA.
  • There are waaaaaaaaaaaaay better Third party alternatives for YouTube:
    Tubecast, MetroTube, MyTube!
    Just to name three.
  • Finally a Youtube app? There is Mytube! for years on Windows 10/Mobile. It blows every official Youtube app out of the water 10 times over. On any other platform.
    All the youtube apps on Android are complete junk in comparison with Mytube! (Except maybe Newpipe which was banned by Google from the play store).
  • The official YouTube app is really good, but you need to pay for it. MyTube looks terrible. That UWP style is terrible to use. It feels bare bones like they haven't added the UI yet.
  • Lol, what are you.
  • Have you used UWP apps? They look so bad, like it is just the framework without the graphics added yet.
  • you have some wicked taste for sure
  • ...and understanding as well. What has graphics have to do with UWP at all? Maybe he wants to refer to Fluent Design, which has more to do with it, though it has nothing to do with the graphics either.
  • What does the graphic design have to do with software? Really? UWP apps tend to look unfinished. Like the engineers created the framework, made everything functional, but then they skipped the graphic design step and just shipped it as is.
  • What are you talking about? MyTube is one of the best UWP apps designed, even is better than the Android app, has more features and no ads.
  • Android app doesn't have ads (with subscription) and has picture in picture. MyTube isn't better at all, especially since it could be shut down any day.
  • Could be shut down any day? The app has been around for years.
  • Could still be shut down by YouTube any time.
  • Your life must be so utterly miserable that the only joy you can get is trolling Windows Central to spew your acidic comments
  • Well, opinions are a matter of subjectivity.
  • Hahahahahaha. I cannot stop laughing.
  • Since when commenting about REALISTIC stuff is acidic? Maybe he is not brainwashed like these desperate fanbabies that accept every junk coming out of Nutella's @$$. All it takes for those youtube 3rd party apps to stop functioning, is an API change from Google, and they're done! So again, what is so acidic here? Some of us have our eyes where they belong, not stuck in Nadella's but***.
  • I love the design of mytube
  • This is the worst troll I have ever seen. What is it so terrible in the Mytube UWP interface?
  • The same as all UWP, it looks unfinished. Solid black background with white lettering and a coupe rows of square videos. Nothing else, like they haven't finished it yet.
  • Methinks you crave skeumorphic tinsel.
  • I think you miss the ads!
  • Hahahahaha. Indeed, he misses the ads.
  • I second this, myTube is the best.
  • Almost. I need to have Tubecast as well since myTube still doesn't have DIAL support so I can't cast nicely to my Roku (without screen mirroring from a battery device instead of my desktop, which is far from ideal). I love myTube but it has to be said, this is the one lacking feature that sticks out like a sore thumb.
  • I use mytube more, I prefer the design but tubecast is about tied to mytube for me.
  • I'd love to see cast playlist support in either of these apps. Count in Perfecttube and whathaveyou as well. None can accomplish.
  • I have mytube too.o so I didn't even care to download this.. But a good start
  • The closest app to MyTube for android is called YouTube Vanced, which can be found on XDA. Blocks ads/commercials, has a dark theme option, PiP, background music, the only thing it is missing is a download video/audio, but that can be done using Newpipe. Launcher10 fixes some of android's poor UX.
  • It'll surely show ads...
  • Uber is back on my Windows Phone... Some real hope for Andromeda here.
  • :))) that's it, keep dreaming fanbaby. I can hardly wait and hope the day that Andromeda thing comes out and will be blasted by reviewers for it's lack of pocket functionality...while some guinea pig fanboys that actually would be buying that junk will come here and bark about waiting for the next next big thing, when that bald idiot drops this unicorn device after half a year of ignorance from every sane person on this planet. PWA and Andromeda will save the store and bring back developers and an entire horde of users :))))))))))))) yeah right....
  • If you don't like Windows, why are you here?
  • That's not a YouTube app. It's not even a PWA, just a web wrapper
  • A great step, but notifications are still missing...
  • All, features aren't available yet, but they are capable. Give them time.
    Just read the article.. Nevermind
  • Soon(tm) as usual for Microcrap :)))
  • Why would Google pull a PWA app? It's basically a web page... But then again... we are dealing with Google here. Soooo.... don't let them find out please! Haha
  • Read the article. These are third party "PWAs"
  • "It's worth noting that, since neither app is an official release from YouTube or Uber, there's a chance that either company could try to pull them" Read the article
  • There's also the chance I could afford a private jet. Stick to the present.
  • We're Windows users. Hoping for a better tomorrow is all we have.
  • Hahaha
  • I think it makes sense since I believe they want to abandon Android at some point and go Fushia OS all the way.
  • lol i saw YouTube and thought that the hell froze over
  • I know Microsoft is done with W10M, but news likes this makes me wish they'd at least throw us a bone and add full support for PWAs.
  • Me too
  • Me too.
  • Lmao I clicked the YouTube pwa link and it opened MyTube
  • Same, haha. I searched for PWA and found it.
  • Lol. Still winning though
  • Same thing can happen to Gmail, G-Drive or maps. But it's from Google. There's... something wrong...
  • Great, but many missing features... is it possible to block ads in PWAs?
  • Probably have to do it at the OS level, like with a hosts file.
  • U-uh, changing hosts file doesn't do any, still ads came thru.😌. So Mytube then!😊
  • Why is mytube opening when i click the link for youtube pwa in store on w10 mobile
  • Anybody tried these apps on w10m?. Do let us know.
  • Uber PWA is in the mobile store but not YouTube PWA
  • amusingly, Uber PWA (following the link in the article) is only for mobiles, and claims it is not compatible with my desktop. The YouTube one works, but is pretty bad compared to the other options out there. I am really hopeful about PWAs do hope PWAs get good at some point, because currently they can't hold a candle to normal UWP apps. May as well just use the web site.
  • Yes it is
  • Search, don't go through the link here.
  • Yeah. The YouTube app works fine except the navigation bar disappears. I never realized how much I use the navigation bar until I tried this YouTube app. Haha
  • My tube is better anyhow......
  • I agree tbh. Haha
  • Great.
  • But it is the same as just going to
  • So these are web wrappers inside a PWA by a third party "developer." I hope this ins't what Microsoft intended because if most of the store ends up like this it is going to be very disappointing.
  • My understanding (could be wrong, am often) is that Microsoft plans on "Crawling" the web to find sites that would be good PWAs and have them automatically built and put into the store. Devs can of course use PWAs now as we see, but I believe Microsoft's vision is to load them somewhat automatically from their end.
  • That is probably the only way Microsoft will build up momentum for PWA, since they burnt far too many developer bridges. I'm on the fence about PWA as I'm waiting to see how they handle API issues as there is a planet sized number of APIs that Win32 applications rely on but don't have any UWP equivalent. Without these I doubt we will ever see any complex PWAs.
  • Is that even a PWA? Did could do that before and did. For example the LinkedIn "app"
  • Not a good start for PWAs in the MS store. The last thing we need is for web wrappers to be littered throughout the store masquerading as. PWAs. This is exactly what happened with the Windows Phone Store and its abundance of 3rd party apps. Some were good, but a lot were not.
  • I have to agree. It's one thing for MS themselves to pick out some worthy PWA apps for its own app store, even then it's a little sketchy. But over-enthusiastic 3rd parties? Could do more harm than good. An interesting, and unexpected, turn in plot though. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  • Oh, and Android doesn't have shitloads of junk apps?
  • Unfortunately, in their current situation, MS can't afford to have its PWA apps to be this bad right out of the gate. If this is their idea of what's going to make this notphone thing successful, they are setting up a Windows Phone situation all over again.
  • I was worried about this... which is why I've been ranting about the lack of focus on UWP for ages.
  • No thanks.
  • Its great that many apps are coming to windows store itself apart from using their webpages. It's still great. Now we don't have to open browsers to open youtube or any other which takes more memory than a app. Nice step!!!
  • Also can someone tell how to get these apps? How can I get their links to the store?
  • Must type in, 'Youtube PWA' and 'Uber PWA'
  • The YouTube one keeps opening in fullscreen. But it is exactly what expected from a PWA app. I look forward to reading more about PWA later when spring creators update arrives.
  • I think that full screen thing is a Windows issue. I seem to have similar issues with all store apps. I've been using WinSize to set my window size and position for various store apps (including Windows Central), because they're not remembered.
  • Just switch the app to windowed mode if you like, it just defaults to full screen. It's hardly an inconvenience of any note.
  • It is for someone. I want an app to remember last opened state.
  • I've just been using pinned to my start screen. It blows the old "app" out of the water except it can't split fares.
  • Both apps work really well. That's fantastic. Who is this person? Does he wear a Windows cape?
  • Microsoft are going to have to keep tight quality control over this whole PWA thing. If they let just any old web wrapped site enter the store masqueraded as a fully functional PWA it's going to take no time at all before users decide that PWA's just aren't worth the bother. The last thing MS needs is for the store to become little more than a bookmark holder for web pages. They need to ensure that websites are fully PWA ready before going anywhere near them.
  • Like users do not ignore that store already...too late to revive it, and without mobile, it's useless.
  • Come on MS you can do it. Launch a full featured PWA, so that we can see this PWA proj in a right direction.
  • All this talk about PWA and still no mention of Web Assembly.
  • but you mention it in every article about PWA 🙄
  • I don't really use Uber but this one...
    The official Uber app... I guess a PWA version in the store hurts no one.
  • PWA's including YouTube work on my pc without having upgraded to Redstone 4.
  • Doesn't feel like an app to me. Just a web wrapper. Had it been a year before the news woukd have been YouTube web wrapper but now PWA. But i dont see any significant quality that justifies it as an app rather than web wrapper.
  • Why would I install a PWA when I can simply open the web site in any browser on my PC or laptop? Why waste the hard drive space? It seems like people are forgetting how to use a computer these days. The only thing that can get me to install any app is if it provides something the web site does not or if it is an actual application not based on a web site.
  • But Barcham, that would be far toooo easy....
  • The idea is exactly what you said, yes it will eventually offer more features like offline caching. It's still in the early stages, why does no one take this into consideration? Wasting hard drive space? Really? Do you only have like 5 gigs of hard drive space on your laptop or PC? Plus, even if we're talking about smart phones which usually have less available space and it's actually a possible issue, PWAs generally take up LESS space than normal native apps.
  • Exactly this, PWAs have a LONG way to go before becoming a decent replacement for UWP apps
  • Downloaded the YouTube PWA and immediately uninstalled it from my PC / stopped installation on my X3 after realizing the video I was watching was the AD before it - I had totally forgotten YouTube had ADs.
  • Well, that de-escalated quickly.
  • Hi Dan, nice article!
    Why is Microsoft packaging these apps through the store? It would be way easier to pin them to the start or task bar through Edge and have edge open without the address bar and tabs. Just web-wrap it in an Edge window without Edge features being available. Chrome used to do this a few years ago and loved pinning this way. If the site is available as a PWA Edge could detect this and make available an option to "Pin as App".
  • The whole point of PWA appearing in the Store is to drive traffic to the Store so developers have a reason to develop for it. Not everything can be handled via PWA, so installing independent of the Store would miss the chief opportunity.
  • That is the rational for all their app gimmicks the past few years. Hasn't worked out yet. They need a great product to entice users, not more gimmicks.
  • Unfortunately for MS, devs are not idiots. They've been burned enough by Microcrap to learn their lesson never to bother with this junk app store.
  • It's also about increasing discoverability
  • Lol, but PWA's are Microsoft's savior that will kill the app gap. I think it will kill the app gap, the gap that Google and Apple have in the enterprise market.
  • Well at least this webwrapper crapware got pulled. Pladoo was over enthusiastic of course, but it goes to show the level of frustration/desperation many UWP developers are experiencing these days. Microsoft in their sheer arrogance/hubris has all but completely abandoned its own store, failing to author any quality first-party apps to fill the app-gap, and so yeah over exuberant developers like Pladoo latch onto any hope of reviving the store by any means.
  • F youtube Uber seriously make your own rival youtube and Uber. Its not a big deal for MS.
  • You are right. Microsoft has a great record of creating consumer services. No problem for them.
  • Are you always going to be a troll dick all your life? lagdroid central is calling.
  • Definitely going to troll when someone says it is easy to create a YouTube or Uber. It isn't easy at all, especially for someone like Microsoft who doesn't understand consumer products at all.
  • Skype?
  • Careem is better then Uber.
  • Better a troll dick than like you, pathetic fanboys, that always get angry when someone tells the truth. Seriously, you are pathetic.
  • Ooops, dropped :)))) Why on earth would I use a junk PWA on a desktop when the browser is ok. Chrome or Firefox of course, not that junk Edge.
  • Are you capable of writing one single sentence without ranting / spreading acid? The purpose of a forum is to trigger a decent conversation, foster knowledge sharing, exchange experience and ideas to the greater benefit of common understanding of the topics discussed. Do you really think there is anybody out there that takes your rants serious for one split-second? Is your self-esteem so low that you feel the need to spread all this negativity to feel important.
  • The apps were likely pulled at the request of YouTube and Uber, they don't want their properties tarnished by unofficial 'apps' that may even contain unsavoury things (like gathering user data/passwords).