Unlimited OneDrive storage coming soon to Office 365 Enterprise plans at the end of December

Some OneDrive Enterprise, Government, and Education customers will soon be able to take advantage of unlimited storage. Beginning at the end of December, Microsoft will roll out unlimited storage to organizations of more than five people with the following Office 365 plans:

  • Office 365 Enterprise E3, E4 and E5
  • Office 365 Government E3, E4 and E5
  • Office 365 Education
  • OneDrive for Business Plan 2 and SharePoint Online Plan 2

This rollout will begin with an automatic increase in storage from 1TB to 5TB of storage per user. Microsoft expects the rollout to be done by the end of March 2016. Customers on other Enterprise, Business, and other plans will still get 1TB per user.

Microsoft originally offered unlimited storage options for personal users, but eliminated it earlier this year after some accounts were found to be abusing the system, taking up as much as 75TB of space. The company also reduced the amount of free storage they offered. Following user outcry, Microsoft is allowing users to retain up to 15GB of free storage if they opt-in by January 31, 2015.

Microsoft has also offered an update on its Next Generation Sync Client for Windows and Mac, which is now out of preview and ready for deployment. The client gives organizations and users with OneDrive for Business more control over syncing files. Microsoft has added support for files up to 10GB in size, removed the 20,000-file sync limit, and added selective sync. The Windows client is available now, while the Mac version is coming by the end of this month.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Joseph Keller
  • They really did not do themselves any favors by annoucing what they did. Bad press for nothing...
  • This is seperate from the previous announcement. They are still removing Unlimited Storage for consumers. Enterprise users, however, will soon be getting unlimited storage. Totally different subject, technically. 
  • I know. My point is that when it was all said and done all they had to say was that they were removing unlimited from Office 365 for personal. (Mine never showed unlimited anyway). It would have been a lot better than the mess they put themselves in.  
  • That's exactly what they said. They never said "we are removing unlimited storage from everyone" or "we are removing unlimited storage from Enterprise customers". What they said was "we are removing unlimited storage for Office 365 Personal and Home (consumer) users". In fact, as I recall, they even reaffirmed their intention to offer unlimited storage for enterprise users, in the removal announcement for consumer users. 
  • Omg, ok, ty. My point is their freaking messaging sucks, that's all. They also were eliminating the camera roll and bonus, so that wasn't all they said. My comment was to the whole thing... Their messaging sucks
  • And they're still eliminating them for everyone who doesn't opt in, so it's hardly all for nothing.
  • I totally got your point. You're talking about their message to the Personal users in the past while the Moon guy above keeps referring to their current message to the Enterprise users. I agree with you: Unless it said in their terms of agreement somewhere that there would be such a thing as "unlimited" (and there's no respectful legal instrument that would say that) I think Microsoft should have said anything. And thats all. Stop increasing space from the abusers, send along a nice and long copy of the term of agreement which said anything like unlimited and allowing themselves to stop abusers and thats all. Try abusing services from Google or Apple. They'll just block you. And thats all.
  • Have you done with them yet? Are they providing the unlimited storage too?
  • You FUCKINGidiot. You couldn't afford unlimited storage as a consumer now.
  • This OneDrive issues are confusing me..
  • Then I suggest you retreat to your village and not worry about it.
  • it's just weird.... offer unlimited something and then taking it away because users are "abusing" it. if you offer unlimited anything, well, then you can't really abuse it, as no limit is in place.  
  • Depends on the small print. I've seen tons of mobile phone contracts advertising unlimited texts with the small print stating around 3,000 a month or so
  • Any company that offer unlimited has some sort of Fair Use Policy.
  • Evidently Microsoft didn't when they brought their unlimited storage out, it was truly unlimited. Otherwise no one would have managed to upload 75TB in the first place.
  • Thats the point, don't see why giving unlimited storage again. 1tb would be sufficent
  • Yes, Microsoft has a very strong track record to ensure Enterprise users that they won't suddenly turn on a dime and rip away the unlimited storage. Nope, absolutely no precedence at all, none whatsoever.
  • I totally trust this will stay unlimited.
  • So that's where the unlimited storage went.
  • Is this "Next Generation Sync Client" getting updated on Windows 10 for non-Enterprise builds? They really need to bring back the placeholders feature or something similar to it.
  • You know what's even more confusing? The blue arrows they plastered on with compressed files. They could have used that for placeholders and green arrows when it was synced locally.....
  • New file size max of 10gb! Now we can get some use out of this!
  • Here is another example of MS shooting themselves in the foot yet again.
  • How is this a shot in the foot???  
  • Because after what they did last month, who is going to believe they won't do it again. Heck maybe they should have just announced 10TB since it's more believable and would cover most users (also ties into windows 10 marketing). Somehow I think they will consider people who use over 10TB to be "abusers" anyways.
  • "Unlimited!"
    "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
  • Inconceivable!
  • If my eyes rolled any harder they would pop out of my head and bounce across the floor...
  • Such a misleading article heading. You say "unlimited" and then clarify it's only 5TB.
  • Per user. If their company enrolling the Enterprise edition keeps growing, it's unlimited.
  • That is until some enterprise "abuses" the advertised unlimited service. Then Microsoft takes it down again.
  • Whoever is running the OneDrive division is obviously drunk. Removing placeholders in Win 10, offering unlimited storage & music streaming, then taking it away and reducing the free-tier offer, then adding it back and now offering unlimited again but only to certain segments...
  • They always planned on offering an unlimited storage tier for enterprise users. This was never taken away, nor did they ever change their stance on this. 
  • I have been called a fanboy and would actually kind of admit to it. But this OneDrive storage back and forth is just stupid!
  • That's nice.  But I'd rather nt have my corporate network admins looking at my personal stuff.
  • How cruel of them to give us an already expired Jan 2015 opt in date....;)....Joseph
  • LOL
  • Now the real reason comes out. They wanted to have the Office 365 to have more value.
  • They are separate products though, and it was always the plan to offer unlimited OneDrive for Business storage
  • Ah! You right. Thank for the clarification
  • C'mon Microsoft, don't delay Selective sync any further please...
  • Unlimited or "unlimited"?
  • It's only unlimited as long as you store word documents only ;)
  • Well, to be honest, I don't expect any of my employees to store their movie collection on their Enterprise OneDrive :)
  • This is the greatest news ever!!!  well, almost.  lol  
  • Did they not learn their lesson before?
  • Oh, the reason to cut unlimited storage for most people is not someone misuse the service, it's because MS want to use this once existing feature to lure enterprise users. Disgusting Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Enterprise plans had always better service. This is what you can expect when you're actually willing to pay for those services.
  • Not surprised they are doing this for enterprise. Good idea for them actually. I know they have a focus on trying to get enterprise adoption of W10 and maybe even W10 mobile/phone accelerated. But dropping normal consumers to 5GB sucks. So someone goes and guys a phone and they don't even get enough storage to back up everything on that phone. That's pathetic. How about giving 100GB for each device you buy and for those that have supported them with previous W8 and windows phone 8, allow us to register each of those devices for 100 GB or even 50 for previously bought devices. They can do something worthwhile for those of us who have supported them and reward those who support their new OS and devices.
  • Unlimited until they decide to change it.
  • And it's back!
  • Nice! Got the E3 plan. Going from 1 to 5 TB per user is certainly a nice change. And for all those who start the "why only enterprise?" whining routine: Because we pay for the service, that's why.
  •   Do they really mean 'unlimited' this time? Don't say 'unlimited' and then a few months or years down the road cry foul when people/businesses/etc. begin treating it like they have 'unlimited' cloud storage. If they thought that they got bad press before, imagine if they were to do it again....