UNO & Friends

UNO & Friends, the Windows Phone version of the classic family card game, received an update today that adds a new game mode, UNO Dare, for a limited time, along with some other features.

Here's what's new in the update:

  • Enjoy a new twist with a NEW MODE: UNO Dare! Available for a limited time only! Skip drawing cards whenever a Draw 2 card is played -- but only if you accept the Dare!
  • Collect wacky NEW AVATARS in UNO Dare to receive special bonuses whenever you have them equipped, in any mode!
  • Get the chance to multiply your rewards or WIN EXCLUSIVE REWARDS by spinning the UNO Dare wheel at the end of each UNO Dare game!

There's no word on how long the new UNO Dare mode will last. Be sure to give us your opinion on this mode in the comments.

QR: UNO & Friends

Thanks to Dwane for the tip!