Xbox 360 Activity Feed

While Microsoft may be planning to update the Xbox One with its new Windows 10 interface later this fall, it has not forgotten its nearly 10 year old Xbox 360 console. The company plans to add a new activity feed to the Xbox 360 soon, allowing owners to keep track of the online efforts of their friends and more.

Here's what owners of the Xbox 360 can expect, according to Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb:

  • Like, comment and share your friend's activities, post new messages, watch game clips, view screenshots, and see what you're friends are playing from your Xbox 360.
  • On your Xbox 360 you will see Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows 10 activity (achievements, text posts, GameDVR clips, screenshots, broadcasts and more).
  • You will also be able to Like, Comment on, or Share any of those activities as well as post a new message to your feed.

The new feature is already available for people who have signed up for the Xbox 360 preview program, but there's no word on when it will be added to all owners of the console.

Source: Major Nelson