Upgrade your home Wi-Fi with $75 off the Eero mesh system for Prime Day

Time to upgrade your router and cover your whole home in Wi-Fi. Amazon has this 3-pack of the Eero mesh Wi-Fi system on sale for $174. That's $75 off its regular $249 price. This deal matches the best price we've seen this year, a drop we have only seen once way back in June.

Check out all the Eero products available on Amazon because you might find a few extra deals, too, that'll save you even more money. Outfit your home with the perfect mesh networking system. Amazon isn't holding back with the Prime Day deals, but would you really expect them to? Today's the day to save, so make sure your Prime membership is ready to go.

Eero mesh Wi-Fi system 3-pack

Eero mesh Wi-Fi system 3-pack

Sometimes a simple router is not enough to cover an entire house. Hit every room and every corner of the couch with strong Wi-Fi using a 3-pack mesh network like this. Even works with Alexa. Very easy to install as well.

Have you ever been in a situation where you're sitting on the right side of the couch surfing the internet on your phone just fine, but when you move to the left side of the couch you can't even load Twitter? Is there a room in your house you sort of tend to avoid because you know the internet cuts out? If so, you need to upgrade to a mesh networking router.

The Eero 3-pack can cover up to 5,000 square feet in Wi-Fi. It's also super easy to use and can be set up in less than 10 minutes. The Eero routers work with your internet service provider and connect to your modem easily.

This network router works with Amazon Alexa, too, so you can use your voice to manage your Wi-Fi devices. You can get guest passwords for your Wi-Fi and manage access for individuals. Get your kids off the internet and outside for an hour.

Eero's system is designed to automatically update so you'll get new features as they become available. It also has TrueMesh technology that helps it automatically and intelligently route traffic the right away to avoid congestion and buffering.

John Levite
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