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The Vector Watch is now available from the Microsoft Store in the UK

The Windows 10 Mobile supporting Vector Watch is now available directly from the Microsoft Store in the UK.

The wearables not only support Windows 10 Mobile, but offer a range of designs that all look pretty stylish. You also won't have to charge it every night, despite having an always on display. It can also track your activities and has support for a number of apps and services.

There are five designs to choose from starting at £199.99 and you'll find them at the link below.

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  • John Lewis has them too!
  • and Amazon UK obviously ;-)
  • Not into smart watches yet. But I read Zac Bowden's review on the Vector Luna model, and kinda liking this type.
  • Why no Ms band 3.. Why.. Why???
  • Most likely because there was little or no profit in it. There's no clear evidence that wearables are a highly profitable business.
  • Smartwatches are 50% down last I heard. Anyway, this Vector watch looks like one of the best out there. With excellent battery time, which most smartwatches fail.
  • @Richard Devine, is there any chance we can have the Windows Central app open articles within the app, this linking out to the websites is getting silly.
  • Linking to websites? Like the Microsoft Store?
  • I think he means when you click the link to the review.
  • Our review template still doesn't work in the app right now. All way above my head but certain posts wouldn't show up at all.
  • Nice move from MS! Now all Vector's hard work's worth it.
  • Shame it lacks a few features though, but one to 'watch' for v2!
  • That looks like a nice watch... Big part of ot is that it actually looks like a watch and not a small smartphone... Well done :).
  • Have one and love it - only have to charge it every 30-45 days!
  • Does it have any sort of messaging functions like receiving and replying to SMS?
  • It notifies you of text, calls, etc, but you cannot reply. I love my Vector Watch.
  • Cake radar! I'll definitely get one then :-p
  • It's also available in Microsoft's online store in Germany and France! I haven't checked all, but it's not just in the UK. Although I wouldn't buy there, since it's much more expensive than on e.g.
  • No US?
  • So many things aren't available in the good ole US of A. LOL.