Venom Xbox One vertical charging stand offers compact storage for essentials

Venom's Xbox One vertical charging stand keeps your setup tidy on a budget.

A clear space makes for a clear mind but keeping your Xbox One setup clean doesn't need to be complicated. Between your console, games, controllers, and other various accessories there's a lot to manage – making multi-purpose organizers like Venom's vertical charging stand ideal. This budget all-in-one solution might cut corners, but compacts your console setup with ease.

What you'll love about the Venom vertical charging stand

Unlike many stands on the market, both Xbox One X and Xbox One S are compatible with the Venom vertical charging stand. Despite hardware differences, both consoles smoothly fit into the tray, with repressing notches and rubberized pads that hold them in place. Rubberized pads also sit between the console and stand, to prevent it slipping to an angle. The stand also features ten rubberized feet on the underside to keep the stand stable on glossy surfaces. Between its matte plastic finish and minimal Venom branding this isn't the flashiest stand out there, but nicely matches the console's aesthetic.

One of this stand's differentiators is its controller-charging capabilities, with two charging docks placed perpendicularly to the console. These charging pads use included purpose-made black battery packs, compatible with official Xbox One controllers. The cradle's design means both controllers naturally slide into position and align the charging contact. For additional guidance, the two venom logos light up red when charging and switch to green once fully charged.

Another convenient aspect of the Venom vertical charging stand is a lack of external power, hooking up to your console's rear USB port instead. Don't worry you won't lose a USB port either – two additional USB ports provide further connectivity for charging and accessories. Finally, wrapping this design up, six slots fall along the right-hand side to hold frequently used Xbox One games.

What you'll dislike about the PowerA Xbox One X vertical stand

Although this stand offers a great feature set at a low price, there are some shortcomings to be considered. First off, this is technically a tray over a full-fledged stand, without the stability of other third-party solutions we've tested. Unlike the PowerA and ADZ stands which utilize a locking mechanism, your console just sits in the base. This may not be an issue for some, though only a small knock can see the console toppling with its weight. And if it wasn't clear, original Xbox One owners will need to look elsewhere.

The Venom stand offers the batteries and door merged into a single unit, which are required for charging with this stand. You'll get reasonable usage and charge times with these, though at only 700mAh, these fall among the lowest capacity available. Pitted against official Xbox One rechargeable packs, Venom's inferior nickel–metal hydride (NiMH) batteries don't stand up Microsoft's 1400mAh lithium solution. However, provided you're putting your controllers on charge after every session, the difference shouldn't be noticeable.

While the additional USB ports are a welcome addition, these also have their own limitations to consider. The inferior ports don't offer the high speeds required for external hard drives, limiting their function to wired accessories and charging. This isn't a deal breaker, though you'll need to factor this in when organizing your setup.

Finally, the physical game slots may be increasingly obsolete in a digital future, though will still appeal to many. They're convenient for quick game access but leaves games awkwardly jetting out to be knocked. These slots are also designed solely for Xbox One games, meaning wider cases for DVDs and backward compatible games will not fit.

Wrapping things up

Venom's Xbox One vertical charging stand packs a lot of functionality, making this a recommended purchase for organizing on a budget. There are several shortcomings but it's a versatile and compact stand for the basics. For some, purchasing standalone accessories may be better to neatly store your console, controllers, and games.

The Venom stand is available exclusively in the UK, priced at £23.99 on Amazon.

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