This excellent Xbox One X vertical stand costs less than $10

Even though there's no official Microsoft stand for the Xbox One X that you can buy, there is an identical licensed one from PowerA. It's not bad at $15, but if you want the cheapest way to stand your console up you can do much better.

Like spending less than 10 bucks.

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Xbox One X

The stand I have here is branded ADZ, but in both the U.S. and U.K. it's available with a variety of company names on it for around $8/£7. Even this cheap though, if it's hot garbage then it's not worth your money.

Thankfully. it's OK. I can't say I prefer this or the 'proper' stand, but they both do a job. This one is designed more like a tray that the entire bottom of your console sits in, with the retaining lugs to clip in just as on the Microsoft/PowerA stand. The base is a mesh design for "better heat dissipation," but honestly, that's not really an issue. I looked at the thermals of the Xbox One X in detail and this side isn't much of a concern.

More important is that it won't slide around in your setup and with four pretty solid rubber feet, the console remains planted even with a three-year-old poking at it. The Xbox One X fits nice and snug and doesn't rattle around at all. It's a great fit.

Xbox One X

The one drawback, if you can even really call it that, is that the official and PowerA stands are designed such that they disappear when you stand the console up. Unless you look closely, you don't know it's there. That isn't the case here since you can see a big lip on the front and around the sides of the console. If you're a stickler for minimalism or things looking super neat, maybe it isn't for you.

But at comfortably under $10 it's an easy recommendation for anyone with an Xbox One X to stand it up safely, and while keeping a few extra bucks in your pocket.

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