PowerA vertical Xbox One X stand is simple — and essential

With a simple but functional design, the PowerA Xbox One X stand is a must-buy product for storing your console vertically.

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Last year at Gamescom 2017, Microsoft unveiled a special variant of the Xbox One X, known as the "Project Scorpio" edition. Paying homage to the console's codename, this version of the console sported a unique design in limited numbers, while also packing an "exclusive" vertical stand not offered alongside other units.

Microsoft promised an official stand would soon be available for standalone purchase and while that has yet to surface, a licensed third-party solution is being sold in some markets. PowerA's vertical Xbox One stand promises to keep your console sturdily towering high. While simple, it is an essential accessory for Xbox One X owners.

What you'll love about the PowerA Xbox One X vertical stand

Out of the gate, PowerA's vertical stand for Xbox One X doesn't deliver anything outstanding. What you're getting is essentially a strip of plastic with a sole purpose of keeping your console upright. It's nothing glamorous, but with a low-profile design, it seamlessly fits with the aesthetics of the Xbox One X. It's a minimal design that won't draw attention away from the console.

Although plastic, PowerA's vertical stand packs some considerable weight, coming in just over 130 grams. Due to the weight of the Xbox One X, stowing some hefty internals in a compact package, this weight and its distribution across a wide base help in tying the console down. The stand also utilizes a locking mechanism to hold the stand in place, by sliding dedicated holes on the console across the two protruding tabs. And with the help of six rubberized feet on the bottom, the console still maintains a grip on glossier surfaces.

When using the stand, this ultimately ensures your Xbox One is securely fastened upright, without the risk of moving or toppling. There is minor flex in the stand, though this mostly ensures the console won't topple while preventing the connecting tabs from breaking. At $14.99, there isn't much more to ask for at this price point.

What you'll dislike about the PowerA Xbox One X vertical stand

In my time with PowerA's vertical Xbox One X stand, there's been little to dislike. If anything, my complaints lie with Microsoft for requiring a stand to securely place an Xbox One X sideways. This isn't something to hold against the stand, though it's hard to shake the feeling of purchasing a needless add-on to an already expensive console.

This stand is also similar, if not identical, to the vertical stand included in the box of the Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition. Aside from trading out the embossed Xbox logo for a PowerA branded sticker, you'll be receiving mostly the same stand.

Bottom line on PowerA's Xbox One X vertical stand

The Xbox One X stand from PowerA is a simple yet functional accessory, which is essential for any owners wanting to stand their consoles vertically. While it is an uninspiring plastic strip priced at $14.99, there's little more you could ask at this price.

For owners of the Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition, there are no benefits whatsoever for purchasing this stand for your console. However, for those with standard Xbox One X consoles, this is a safe buy that seamlessly fits with the console's design.

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