Verizon Re-Releases the Motorola Q9c

Just when you were ready to hear the end of life rumors concerning the Motorola Q Series come true, someone throws you a curve ball. Verizon Wireless has announced that it will be re-releasing the Motorola Q9c. [via EverythingQ] The re-release brings the company's TALKS feature to the phone. Everything else appears unchanged.

TALKS for Verizon is designed to assist blind and visually impaired customers.  It is a screen reader that adds speech to the standard user interface by using Windows Mobile to convert text displayed on the handset to highly intelligible speech. Additionally, TALKS will allow users to dial contacts, add/edit contact entries, compose email, write documents in Mobile Office, and use Mobile Explorer through voice commands. 

Does this mean that we may actually see the Q line continue with the Q11? Or maybe even the Napolean? Or is the Motorola Q9c simply a convenient test model for the TALKS application? Regardless of what all of this means, it's nice to see the Motorola Q line still hanging around.

Phil Nickinson

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