VLC for Windows 10 is now available for everyone to enjoy

VideoLAN, the developer behind the popular VLC player, has launched the media app on Windows 10 for everyone to enjoy across the platform. While it's certainly a feature-rich experience, a handful of things are missing when compared to the desktop client, including support for DVD or Blu-ray.

Since this is a Windows 10 app, we're looking at Cortana integration, as well as Continuum and even Live Tiles. This particular listing supports Windows 10 on PC and tablet, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Holographic.

VLC Windows 10

Give the new version of VLC for Windows a download and let us know your thoughts on this initial release for Microsoft's latest OS.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

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  • Kewl
  • You need to go to skewl
  • Or you two could have a dewl?
  • Lolss. Nice
  • To find out who will rewl?
  • What a bunch of newbs. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (V10 or N5x)
  • Good to see it on Windows 10
  • First steam, now this... What a day!
  • Its great but the interface on mobile is just aint good at all
  • Plays videos that Films&TV can't, so that's good enough for me to keep it around.
  • I agree.
  • The default player failed to play .mkv files..
    Hope vlc will do the trick.
  • Default player usually plays .mkv (and nowadays even x265) but sound is missing for like half of the files. Same files pay just fine with other apps
  • I totally agree with you. Whenever I encounter some incompabilities with any video I can always rely on ccplayer
  • Yup, ccp is great =)
  • VLC UWP unlike the 8.1 app should have most codecs similar to the desktop player. So you can expect it to play anything you throw at it.
  • Very nice and smooth, but can't figure how to play from the memory card :(
  • No transparent live tile, crashed while searching music
  • I wonder if it doesn't play dvd because UWAs can't, or they just haven't added that feature (yet).
  • They can, of course... The Windows DVD Player app for example.
  • That was my thought too.... Dr. Windows (German Site) says that it's not supported by UWA platform, but the DVD App from MS seems to tell otherwise?
  • Installed in my 1520 ,working smoothly..old one was crashing..now happy with videolan..vlc..as uwp..
  • ITS RAINING APPS ..... YAY!!!!!
  • Haha one of my fav quotes
  • Welcome to windows 10.I can't wait to start using this wonderful app.Thanks Dev
  • Nice but still i think acg more fluid
  • Available on Xbox?
  • CCPlayer is my favorite now but I'll check this out anyway.
  • True(even in w10m) and vlc had crash issues in wp8.1.Let's see in w10
  • Crashes every single time
  • Crashing even in w10m right now damn
  • Even on PC
  • same problem on pc. works great on my phone though (L540)
  • Well done Thomas and VLC team. Again.. thanks for the equalizer in the app....guys windows mobile fans here have been crying for a music player with good equalizer built in and you guys did it!!!   The app crashes sometimes when navigating the music library. Hopefully they will improve the UI too. It currently looks little clumsy on the phone at least. Also the settings page shouldn't show the settings button at the bottom. I now have 4 video players including VLC, ACG Player, CCPlayer pro and of course the Films & TV. Hopefully VLC will be my go to player for video & music. I also love the Foobar2000 music player which has lots of features but no equalizer yet though still it is in beta.
  • Very nice player. Really happy for the platform. Smooth and not choppy. Music layout s nice too.
  • Happy to see vlc for wp10. Nice player. Anyhow few points
    * crashes sometimes.
    * swipe forward not smooth. I have seen it smoothly only in MX player.
  • The damn thing looked for music on my PC and now everything is a mess in the app and the database won`t reset, I want VLC to be used only for video and yet now I have to search my videos trough tons of songs ... that for some reason show up in the Video tab.
  • Anyone remember Coreplayer from Windows mobile days? It was the best video player (for our platform) at that time.
  • Cool cool cool!
  • flv player is my fav.
  • So this means it can't play .VOB files
  • Can't play HEVC on my 950xl :'(
  • Can we all agree to now stop crying "W10M is doomed"? Happy days indeed.
  • Definitely not doomed! Just agonizing... almost flatlined. But not dead just yet lol.
  • Remove that androidish button please
  • Does it have OneDrive streaming on phones?
  • After all these apps leaving... we see a new Steam app, and now VLC?! It's like WindowsXmas!!!!
  • Crashed on opening. Froze when adding sources. Crashed when playing local mkv ...and uninstalled.
  • Must check, if this is also on PC, but on mobile: a couple of audio tracks are not playing over dlna, mostly mp3 tracks, smb doesn't find anything; there are a couple of orientation glitches, and the app stalls and crashes during first indexing. Also, the tile is not transparent. Other than those minor nuisances, very impressive work. Thanks a lot, VideoLAN! You guys rock.
  • I find it interesting that this new version uses the 3 dot menu when the previous version was simply listed as being for the Windows store used the newer hamburger menu instead.
  • I delete video, why thumnail not delete ?