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What you need to know

  • Wasteland 3 is the long-awaited continuation of the Wasteland franchise, from inXile Entertainment.
  • Now a part of the Xbox Game Studios family, inXile is debuting Wasteland 3 on Xbox Game Pass.
  • The game is getting a new trailer showing off its co-op capabilities ahead of its release on August 28.
  • You can pre-order the game right now for $60 at Microsoft.

Wasteland 3 makes its entrance in the competitive gaming world on August 28, and is coming to Xbox Game Pass day one for both PC and console, as inXile Entertainment recently became a part of the Xbox Game Studios family. From our very own Jez Corden's early preview, Wasteland 3 "is instantly engrossing, with the same RPG depth of its predecessors, complete with visual upgrades and all the freedoms you'll expect of a modern CRPG."

Ahead of its full release into Xbox Game Pass on August 28, Wasteland 3 is releasing a new trailer that shows off some co-op gameplay, getting players psyched for everything the game offers. Wasteland 3 is looking to be a fantastic evolution of its predecessors, with modernized visuals and mechanical upgrades of a modern title with the classic gameplay players have been clamoring for. And its story is apparently standalone, so knowledge of previous titles isn't necessary to jump in and enjoy Wasteland 3.

Will you be playing Wasteland 3 when it comes out? Did you play either of the first two games? Let us know in the comments below!

Colorado awaits

Wasteland 3 box art

Wasteland 3

Into the wastes

Suit up Hotlander, you're heading to the Colorado climbs for a frost-bitten adventure. Wasteland 3 is shaping up to be inXile's best game yet, with boosted visuals, combat, and more.

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