You can now pre-order Watch Dogs 2 for Xbox One, PC

watch dogs 2
watch dogs 2 (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft revealed Watch Dogs 2 yesterday, and the game is now up for pre-order and on the Xbox One and PC ahead of its release on November 15. The game sees new protagonist, Marcus Holloway, attempting to take down ctOS 2.0, the city-wide operating system controlling San Francisco.

Those pre-ordering the standard version of the game, which retails for $59.99, will receive the Zodiac Killer DLC for free. The Deluxe Edition of the game retails for $69.99, and includes two Deluxe Customization Packs for altering in-game visuals. Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition is available for $99.99, and comes with two Deluxe Customization Packs as well as the season pass.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • Why would any sane person preorder that title? I got Watch Dogs for 5€ yet couldn't bother finishing that boring title.
  • Was it really that bad?  I was hoping that with 2 hour the first one will come down in price for me to try
  • I liked it. Not a great game, but OK.
  • See, the last watch dogs, I remember, looked really good and I bought it day one...was extremely disappointed. Now this one does look really good too! But im not risking it. Please downvote me. I'm aiming for the most.
  • Because I don't judge games in the opinions of a condescending Internet troll.
  • Not a chance
  • This is a definite wait and see. Anyone who pre orders this, has rocks in their head. I've learnt from my mistake with The Division.
  • Preorder? Hell no.
  • We really should stop pre ordering.
  • Why? I like my $10 rewards on games I intend to buy already. How does the pre-order boycott matter if your buy the game anyway?
  • You are supporting development of unfinished games by pre ordering. :) Also supporting cutting stuff from the game so it can be pre order bonus :)
  • Prove either of those things. The opposite can be argued as well--that pre-orders grow the scope of the game and give the developers a bigger budget to increase the quality, knowing that there will be income to pay for those higher costs. What you're suggesting, though, it's why I don't touch Kickstarter, Steam Early Access, and whatrever the Xbox equivalent is. With these kinds of pre-orders, I at least know the development team behidn the game has done stuff before. And, like I said, $10 in rewards at Best Buy means that the game is $10 less.
  • Agreed. I learned my pre-ordering lesson way back with the Sim City (2013) & Aliens: Colonial Marines debacles. What a let down.
  • I feel like pre-ordering games meant more back in the day. There were no digital versions of games so you would have to wait a week or two until GameStop or Game Crazy actually got the game back in stock...
  • Watch Dogs best game ever.
  • lol
  • What makes it lol. Sent from Nokia Lumia 730 on build 14361 fast ring Redstone.
  • The fact that is isn't be best game ever.
  • and "ever" hasn't happened yet.
  • Mostly the one-liner with out any explanation. I liked the game, but it was also quite flawed, from the nephew who was just a junk character to the shoddy driving physics to the sort-of lifeless environment.
  • I liked it too despite it's numerous flaws. Wasn't perfect but don't get why so many people are hating on it. I thought the combat was the most interesting part of the game. Thought the AI reacted better than a lot of games to the approach you were taking when trying to take you down. Some really good aspects to it, this one could be really polished and be even more fun.
  • Some people including me are extremely like it and some people just hate it. This game has a unique concept, great plot , awesome graphics and actionable gameplay. it just great for me.
  • I feel like I'm the only one but I loved the first one, even got all the achievements which isn't something I do often. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not the only one, but there doesn't seen to be many of us. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one.
  • It was an enjoyable game for what it was, just wasn't what it had been made out to be. This one could very well be an amazing game, I'm just going to wait for a few reviews first.
  • I liked it, but didn't get one or two Achievements.
  • Sent from Platform 9 3\4
  • I really don't see a need to preorder this (or any game). When it launches you can still get the digital download immediately. The only benefit I see is if someone really wants that extra DLC that sometimes comes with them or the ability to get the download early so u can play at midnight. Am I missing something? I may be dating myself but the purpose of pre order in my mind was to insure you actually got the product and avoid out of stocks.
  • Marcus Holloway appears to be another douchey character like Aiden Pearce is in WD. Totally unengaging which made me lose interest in the game very fast. Ubisoft should provide the means of allowing for a custom character a la Fallout or other similar games.
  • Love technology and didn't even play the first one because I heard it was such crap. Good luck on the second go at it.
  • Is a good game i like it. I finished twice in ps4 and xbox one.
  • You have no soul
  • Queue the hype BS. As usual. I'm not sold til I see it DOESN'T suck
  • Pre-order people are the one ruining games, don't keep publishers accountable for bringing good games to the market.
  • Prove it. This tired argument is so trash. We've got one side saying pre-orders ruin games, and another saying it gets good indie stuff made (Early Access and the like). You know pre-orders don't have to be picked up, right? They just mean you're showing interest. I can easily pre-order this, check reviews, then cancel it if it does poorly. If I keep it, I get $10 back from Best Buy for the pre-order and purchase. Stop spreading this unsupported argument, or provide some proof that pre-orders made a developer stop trying on a game that was already started, simply because they knew they could coast on those pre-orders and turn a profit. You know, because wrecking your reputation and the future of a franchise for a one-game cash grab is SUCH good business. I'm sure that's what developers love to do, be lazy and get run out of a job.
  • "Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me". Not a flippin chance in hell I preorder this.
  • Haha! I feel pity for those who are believing the gameplay.