Re-watch Microsoft's presentation at the Apple 'Hey Siri' event

Did Microsoft really go on stage during the Apple event? Yes, they did! Apple's Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller said, "It'd be great to have a developer come and show us what's possible with professional productivity. And who to know better about productivity than Microsoft?"

Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President from Microsoft Office, went on stage to demo Office on Apple's new iPad Pro. Re-watch the video here in case you missed it.

Kirk shows off editing a table on the Word app and multitasking with Excel using iOS's multiwindow capabilities. He showed how easy it was to copy a chart from Excel and paste it into a Word document and Powerpoint presentation. Kirk also explained how you can use the Apple Pencil with the Office apps on iOS.

Koenigsbauer ends the presentation by saying,

"At Microsoft, we really believe that bringing together the iPad Pro with Microsoft Office, the ink, the multitasking capabilities will really transform the way people work on these kinds of devices."

What did you think of the presentation? Were you surprised to see Microsoft on Apple's stage? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Apple wil do the same?....nah
  • In all honesty, name me an Apple service that you would want? Apple makes a great hardware. Decent software. But they are considered a failure for services. iTunes is the only one that stands out and we all know how good (sarcasm) their Windows app is for that one. Even the polish of Beats One Radio has worn off, with many criticising it already.
  • I would like to have Live Photo...
    Or... wait a moment, didn't I see something like that on my Lumia...
  • You did, but it's a bit different. 
  • You did. Gone in W10M.
  • My Lumia 640 with W10M has it. Why?
  • Also my 830.
  • I agree with you 100%. This is a big win for Microsoft, they got all the credits for their productivity suit. The fact that Microsoft Office 365 is everywhere and anywhere is the big differentiator in the productivity suit market. This way they ensure that Microsoft Office is the defacto productivity suit and the professional standard for decades to come. And we all know how important Microsoft Office is to their bottom line, almost as important as the Windows OS. So its good for Microsoft to enforce Office on every platform, keeping it a Windows Phone/WinRT exclusive did not boost sales in anyway (Sales even picked up huge after they abandoned their Windows first philosophy). I think Windows 10 Mobile (and Windows Phone 8.1 before it) are solid smartphone OSes, the problem with it is the lack of mainstream adoption, apps and marketing, the first one will follow the last two. I'm sure Microsoft is going to push there Universal App Platform activiley with developers as will they with Project Island Wood and Astoria, and when this takes off i'm sure Windows Phones will see a big pick up in sales and marketshare.  
  • In a way Apple says: "say goodbye to iWorks, MS Office is there!"...
  • THey are giving iworks away for free. It costs money to maintain iworks. If MS office is available on their platform and it's fully functional, not a gimped version they got in the past, why maintain iworks? I can see them eventually dropping iworks.
  • That actually made Apple look a little silly. I loved how the crowd went cold silent and then erupted into an applause. Lol! Yep Microsoft knows productivity. That was classic!
  • That's the funniest part.... There was boo here and there.... Poor Microsoft team.
  • Apple fanboys really made the hate exist more than it needs to over what? Apple a company that makes some decent hardware devices but enslaves millions of app developers to increase Apples shares and revenue with no gain.   Funniest part of Apple's presentation yesterday when they talked about their watch, developers get to work. lol people that don't work for you Apple need to get to work. WOW! 
  • There are not many Apple services I'd like ore use on Windows. But an App for AirDrop or iMessage would be pretty cool to work with firends who use all this Apple-stuff. Not that I'd use it for anything else than that. Besides apps and services: a first class airplay addon (yes, there is Airparrot...) for Windows by Apple would be neat.
  • As I cannot get Cortana where I live would be more than happy if Apple released Siri on Windows/WP.
    I would also like their back-up service (Time machine). iTunes is good (if I do not have to get their fu…ng Windows version with all the processes it spreads out in the system), iCloud would be nice as an alternative to OneDrive (they might even be able to make a placeholderslike feature work on W10?). Can I ask for some programs so would their new camera app would be supernice to have on WP/W10M etc etc
  • Isn't icloud one of the worst cloud storage solutions out there? Your probably better off with dropbox or even google drive.
  • If you are willing to change the reigon of your PC, (which would also change the reigon of the Windows Store) you can get Cortana no matter where you live.
  • This^ what Daniel said.
  • Hmmmm! Is it me or did they copy everything from the Microsoft Lumia and Surface line? This isn't innovation it's theft! Smh
  • its not theft. clearly. I mean its not called the iSurface, nor does it come bundled with a pen digitizer, it comes bundled with a pencil digitizer, and the keyboard folds behind it, no kickstand. See, they are completely different, they are nothing alike. - Sorry that was a lie, we all know Apple came up with the all in 1 tablet PC with removable foldable keyboard and pen digitizer and microsoft stole their idea. for the internet: that w​as sarcasm
  • +640.
    If ipad it's a good product, Microsoft must be there. It's money on the pocket for Microsoft.
  • ApplePay.  Really I just want any sort of NFC pay, but ApplePay seems to be the most accepted form of payment.
  • For many regions in the world, iTunes represents the only decent audio/video collection with a large library. Maybe in the US XBox has what it takes to rival iTunes, but not where I live (India). So, for me, iTunes is indispensable as a DRM-free, inexpensive way of buying songs.
  • Same in Chile isn't an proper audio, video store by part of Microsoft how MSFT wants fight against piracy if have not options of purchase music of legal way also I'm just a bit disappointed of MSFT non existent support in Chile
  • iCloud Photos, since i own a MacBook Pro.
  • And Apple Music too.
  • Did anyone notice that the Asian guy who used the 'pencil', he didn't touch the screen with his palm. So what I'm saying is u can't rest your palm when you write on iPad pro.
  • Well, not service but Swift/Objective C aka iOS/OSX dev support for Windows via Visual Studio. That's something I wanna se on Windows. And I mean official support with all features. I was actually hoping for Xcode on WIndows but I am already asking too much.
  • Hey Daniel did you see that coming? Or you're surprised like me?
  • Did you hear wedding vows?, "Do you take this operating system to cherish and hold tight, through bad code, until end of support....."
  • I hope we never see Apple software on Windows!!!
  • Actually let's hope we do. There are some things that would do us all a great favor.
  • I think the HTC Zoe is what Apple ripped off for Live Photo
  • What happened to the new build coming this week
  • FYI it's 7am at Microsoft now. If something is coming check back in 3 hours.
  • We are still in this week.
  • Lol, yeah we people in the middle and far east forget time zones sometimes.
  • Apple better introduce iTunes or something beneficial to Windows in October, otherwise we're suckers.
  • Yes, ms always is the kind and good natured one to support every other platform without thinking about himself in the long run.
  • They just do this since their own platform seems to be irelevant more and more
  • They actually do it, so that people know that if they want productivity, they need Microsoft. I think it puts a good message towards the Surface line, if you ask me!
  • "Apple better introduce iTunes or something beneficial to Windows in October, otherwise we're suckers."
    Do you think so? I think this was a bigger blow to Apple who basically had to admit their iWorks software suite is garbage. Imagine if Microsoft called up Apple to say "iTunes everywhere!" what would that say about their faith in Groove music? Exactly. Calling a company up on stage to announce/promote their rival product takes some hubris. I credit Apple here for facing the reality: they don't do productivity.
  • Didn't Apple also have a music creator app? Garbage Band or something? :P
  • Groove on Windows 10 or mobile is inferior, as were all versions of Xbox music, compared to iTunes and iPod capabilities 10 years ago. Groove allows for syncing music with OneDrive. It offers nothing else. Music must still be managed using 3rd party apps, like Music Bee. Groove will be a failure if it doesn't add at minimum Xbox music's previous features. No Genre selection? Pfffft.
  • Actually Daniel it takes humility. Hubris would be if they kept going with iWorks and said they didn't need Office.
  • "Imagine if Microsoft called up Apple to say "iTunes everywhere!" what would that say about their faith in Groove music? Exactly." [OFF] Imagine if Microsoft called up Google to say "Android APPS everywhere!" what would that say about their faith in Windows Universal Platform? Exactly. The Android Bridge is not the same as iOS...[OFF/]
  • does this speak to monopolization of product suite software? I remember when I first used iWorks on an iPad for a freelance job,, n even my client was asking if there was anyway to get MS on the device 'n my thought was like "when pigs fly..." N' here they are flying the coop, or pen, or whatever. That said, I still liked OpenOffice/LibreOffice as an non/inexpensive alternative, but with all the features of 365 who wouldn't want it on every platform - yes I'm talking you Linux
  • otherwise we're suckers
    And right there is the problem. Microsoft isnt taking such a stance, only rabid fanboys think this way. When will you (and other Microsheep) realize that no one at Microsoft cares about such trivial things apart from delusional fanboys? 
  • iTunes has always been available on Windows ...
  • So long as you're happy with all the bloatware that comes with it.
  • You don't have to install any of their other stuff unless you just hit nextnextnextnext
  • ^ this
  • No, please, no.
  • Not really, as we all know, Office is the world leader/standard in this type of software.
  • Productivity? Edge doesn't really fit there :P
  • I was surprised when Microsoft was called on stage :O
  • Everyone was. Even the attending public went silent for a second.
  • I noticed that too!! Haha! Great moment!
  • Actually the instructor was scared @ entrance :)
  • Not *awkward*?
  • Well, it's not weird at all! Office offers the best products for these jobs, and at the same time it says a lot about both Apple and Microsoft that they did this.  Apple and Microsoft aren't enemies. We users think like them as enemies, and we act like they are enemies. The more users using Microsoft sofware and find them good on either platform, the more happy people are about Microsoft. And that's what we need. More people wanting products from Microsoft, knowing that they aren't as bad as people once thought they were. And in a way that will help both Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and other products with Windows, whomever they are made by.  It's a long road making people wan't to use software and hardware from and by Microsoft, but this is the right path to choose! Satya N. is doing all things right, even though some might feel left out. But hey, mid October is not far away and we'll se more products and opportunities than ever before :) 
  • I agree when you said people think Apple and Microsoft are emenies. Their relationship comes a long way when all these fanboy kid's parents were smoking weed and getting wasted in parties back in the days. If there's an enemy, I'd say it's Google. Apple knows it and so does Microsoft. Back when Google was pretending they were an open company to help the industry, Apple bought into their lies. Apple and Microsoft are true innovators and the ones which changed most of what we enjoy today. Whichever of those two has done more is irrelevant, but when it comes to Google, they rised as a trojan hourse in Windows with a bunch of crapwares in our PCs feeding information with an excuse of free software until they saw an opportunity to disengage their dependency of Microsoft. This is good news for us now that Apple and Microsoft can start doing things togather and depend on one another for the benefit of users. This is also a great opportunity for Microsoft and their  line of productivity software.    
  • Bill Gates used to work for apple isn't he?
  • Apple hired Microsoft to make their first graphic OS - or something like that if memory serves correctly. Anyway, I believe it was Gates who believed any computer manufacturer should have access to the software and Apple wanted its GUIs to stay exculsively for their products that caused the end of the partnership - Thats the general gist, but the details might be a bit off, been a while since I last read anything on that.
  • That wasn't Apple, it was IBM.  MS was codeveloping OS/2 with IBM, but for reasons I don't remember, Bill Gates decided to break the partnership.  This eventually led to Microsoft releasing Windows 3.x which worked with any brand of DOS.  IBM continued to do work on OS/2 and eventually released it but Microsoft's Windows proved to be too popular.
  • We all hear about MS new direction and those of us who pay alot of attention to them have seen it. But MS going on stage at an Apple event, lets many who would not normally, see the shift that has been happening. I know many non techy people that watch these events just to see what they can buy soon. And this does nothing but help MS with that crowd. Great to see.
  • I think it's a good move by MS.....its recognition that MS does somethings better than Apple and sends a message to their customer base that takes them out of the box for a while...
  • I wish they put this much effort into their hardware and putting the screws to Google's antics.
  • I think the demo was great what I also liked was how he kept stating "ink or Inking" which to me is a microsoft term. I think that presentation just made Microsoft look good in front of the apple community. Now as a follow up with the SP4 launch they need to show a better experience with the windows platform around the same use case. (by the way is it me or does the pencil look like a knitting needle, thing is huge)...
  • It looks like a screw driver haha
  • I think its so you can keep your hands as far away from the screen as possible, the ipad pros user kept his hand in an awkward position and his handwriting was bad. Makes it look like he was trying his darness to make sure no part of his hand touched the screen. Might be a hint toward the ipad Pros multitouch palm rejection not working well, but until I see it in action, I cant say anything. I wont be able to test it out though because I'm investing in a Surface, not an iPad Pro. I mean, full desktop OS, Clip Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator, thats what the Surface does best and the lack of it on the iPad Pro is just....​
  • I would be surprised if a company does not use any MS office apps.
  • Easily the best part of that apple event :)
  • History repeats itself, this isn't the first time they've done a presentation together. Watch Pirates of Silicon Valley.
  • Can you do the same thing using the surface pro 3?
  • Have you ever used a PC ? I mean a real PC. That is what SP3 is.
  • Why
  • RIP Google Apps
  • So MS is aiming for the scraps from the table (compare the revenue of a 365 subscription to a complete Surface pro)? Intresting to see that Office on iPad pro is more touch/pen optimized than what you can get on the Surface Pro. But I guess we just have to wait and that this will come "somwhere in the future" (when Apple got even better stuff).
  • The revenue of MS Office 365 subscriptions, available for all platforms, versus the marketing required to convince a customer to buy a SP3? Hardly scraps from a table. That's like saying Exxon settles for the scraps of selling gas/petrol rather than selling a model of car
  • Revenue from Office installations dwarfs, by factors of a Thousand, the amount of money that Microsoft generates from sales of Surface devices. Office, Windows and now Cloud are the bread and butter of the company; Surface, Mobile and even Xbox are almost besides the point.
  • Strange? Yes, very. Unless Apple and Microsoft officially come out and say they're dating and both give the stink eye too Google, I think it's very strange. For as much as Apple fronts like they're the shit, they really seem to be leaning on Microsoft a lot. I guess a familiar enemy can become a sort of friend in the presence of newer bigger enemy. Apple needs Microsoft's services and software in key areas like search (Bing) and productivity (Office). Microsoft needs Apple to help convince the sheeple they're cool too. Emphasis on the "needs". It's too bad they don't make it official, instead of this back door love relationship. Clearly the two like each and have a common enemy.
  • I believe that Microsoft bailed out Apple in the early days when they almost went out of business, to the tune of a few hundred million. Microsoft also made an agreement to supply Office on Apple products too. I believe this agreement still applies.
  • Yeah they did. I don't fully understand why.
  • Antitrust reasons. If Apple went under, Microsoft would have a true monopoly with windows. That would probably mean that that the DOJ with step in at some point and breakup the company. They needed Apple around to say that people have a choice of which OS to use.
  • And cloud. icloud runs on Azure
  • Oh yes, icloud. That too.
  • Oh really? I didnt know that until i read! Thanks :) haha! Bye evil Google. Lol. Now green ranger becomes white ranger to destroy one common big enemy.. Haha.
  • Apple to Microsoft: "Squeal like a hog..."
  • Is this a joke? Why would I want to watch that??
  • Do not be surprised at all to see Windows 10 and Azure services be the de facto OS of Apple soon.  Seems to me pretty clear Microsoft is teaming up with major players to take on Google who is the true target.  Strength in numbers and as long as their services and software are on every device they win.   Google and Sony lose.. Ultimate winners Microsoft and Facebook.  Software has ALWAYS been supoerior play to hardware, I expect one day Microsoft to aquire the Apple hardware division. Mobile FIRST cloud FIRST Windows-Office- Azure-Apple   Google should have put apps on WP now they pay...changing my tune bye Google  
  • Keep dreaming.
  • Wow that is sooo far off. You are reading too much into this.
  • I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you . . . .
  • said that Microsoft was, "Kissing Cook’s ring was the next logical step."  I just saw it as Microsoft Office running on another Apple device like it aways had. If anything MS Office gives the new iPad more credibility as an enterprise device.
  • I just saw Office destroying its rivals. No surprise, anyway.
  • Very true. When was the last time you heard apple even mention iworks? They don't need iworks anymore because Microsoft is providing Office. Apple makes almost no money from software. They make money mostly from hardware and a bit from the app store, itunes, and their other services.
  • I don't know I see that there is Microsoft doing things for IOS which is ok, after all an enterprise of software does that, but am shocked because in the iPad is even the sway available first on the competence and not on Windows phone platform, also I feel like as Windows phone customer I feel like abandoned by part of Microsoft probably in united states Microsoft, don't have abandoned to their customers but where I live we are abandoned, just is like an very betray that Microsoft care first in android,IOS than of their own platform. What MSFT did was at Apple event was , please don't purchase here go to the next business that have better products than me.
  • I'm quite happy to see these tech giants playing nicely together. I'd rather them all work together instead of wasting time trying to one up each other. The customer benefits in the end if you ask me. As someone said it's Apple admitting Microsoft does productivity. Microsoft saying no would have just made them look like a**, and we all know Google holds that title
  • Welcoming the iPad Pro, it's just like the iPad, except much more expensive, and you can kinda be productive... Oh and it's faster than those atom based tablets you were using... Sssh surface pro, we can't beat you :') I wonder how many apple douches will stfu now apple completely validated how good the surface is... And how many will stop moaning how expensive that surface keyboard is :')
  • Does the A9x beat out the new atom chips? I think the atom CPU is still faster but the gpu on the A9x is better. I was kind of wondering what they were comparing when they say their chip is "desktop class" or the gpu is "console class".
  • That was a little funny. Then I guess Ipad just got useful for more than entertainment. Looks good I admit but Surface Pro 4 for me any day.
  • Microsoft Band is 50% off on Best Buy it's a 4 hour sale from 11 to 3 CDT
  • Tempting,I'll wait for the Band 2
  • I saw that, awkward moment when they said "Microsoft" the audience went silence for a moment ROTFL Daniel was right when he described it as "unholy partnership" :D
  • Do you know what, since Steve Jobs' era, whenever Apple talk about MS in an Apple event, they talk sarcastically. But this was the first time they talked about MS without that sarcasm. And that's why the audience were laughing, because they were thinking sarcasm as usual
  • I heard "boooo"
  • I think the demo was great. Much better than Microsoft presentation at IFA. Now, when they released new Office for iPad, gave a good presentation @ Apple's event maybe they finish Windows 10 mobile and offer any update for Windows RT.....
  • That awkward moment when everybody at Apple's keynote saw a giant Microsoft was epic.
  • Yeah.. And tje logo is so cool! Seconds of awkwardness.. I saw it on their faces haha! But they all smiled!
  • That was some of the best cognitive dissonance EVAR, that pause. 
  • Any chance of a ifa live stream replay, the audio quality was horrible and I missed a fair bit lol.
  • Hmmmm! Is it me or did they copy everything from the Microsoft Lumia and Surface line? This isn't innovation it's theft! Smh
  • And that's never happened in the tech industry before
  • It's called competition, not theft.
  • are these features already in Office, or are they coming soon to the mobile versions of office for all the other devices?
  • Ink is currently available in Office on Windows. Full disclosure: The UI isn't as intuitive or pen driven, but the feature set is there. 
  • Apple is desperate to join the productivity market. Really, what is "pro" on that iPad? It's still a constrained consumer device. I hope, Surface Pro 4 blows that crap to pieces.
  • Surely it will....
    And please MS surprise us with a Surface Mobile to accompany the Surface Pro 4 haha
  • On Microsoft's next Surface Pro key notes, Apple says they will be porting all their iOS apps to Windows 10 and Mobile, becasue since Steve is already gone and both comapny's executive are very curious of this unholy marriage~
  • imessage and facetime would be fine and maybe itune. However, what other ios app would you want?
  • It is not only with Apple Microsoft is working. It is also working with google for another program. Microsoft is generally a software company and not purely a device company. So it is ok for them to introduce their product to another device. If there is any Android divice that will incorporate Microsoft products, I'm sure Microsoft will not say no if invited.
  • Is funny that we are fighting while Apple accepted to Microsoft without any sarcasm and instead of that showing like one reason for purchase their product, the problem is that very simply Apple does a good work in marketing and support a thing that Microsoft don't did a good work at least in my country, possibly Apple have some news to offer to the Windows phone world. Or joining forces against Google.
  • Thinking the same lately ... Join forces to fight the evil G. Hahah lol
  • He sounds nervous... Slow down sir.. Slow down... Haha
  • It's not that strange to see Microsoft promoting their software at an Apple event. Especially not when we're talking about Office. Excel was the first piece of what later became the Office suit, released in 1985 at first only for Mac. (if I'm not mistaken, correct me if I'm wrong) 
  • That explains why Apple advertised Edge.
  • Did anyone notice that the Asian guy who used the 'pencil', he didn't touch the screen with his palm. So what I'm saying is u can't rest your palm when you write on iPad pro
  • Are all these feature exists on Office for Windows? I like the touch drawing convert to graphic automatically feature.