How to watch Premier League games in the US with Windows Phone

When the World Cup ended, I became highly interested in watching more football (soccer) games. Friends who follow football more than me said I have to check out the English Premier League ( I'm in luck because NBC here in the United States has acquired rights to broadcast all the games. Their app, NBC Sports Live Extra, is also available on Windows Phone so you can stream the games live or watch replays and highlights.

When you open NBC Sports Live Extra, there are 4 screens that you can cycle through by swiping left or right: featured, live, highlights, and replay. NBC covers several sports, but you can filter the content to display only the Premier League. You can do this by tapping the hamburger button at the top left corner - by sport and select Premier League.

Highlights and replays can be viewed whenever you want, however live streams require an extra step. There is no additional charge, but you need to log in using your provider's username and password. If you do not have or do not know your login information, contact your service provider to register. Several providers are included in the list such as XFINITY, DirecTV, DISH Network, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Verizon FiOS, and much more.

NBC Sports Live Extra

If there's a game you are really looking forward to, you can pin it to your home screen so you won't forget. You can also add items as favorites, so you can access them quicker in the favorites section.

The 2014-2105 Premier League season runs from August to May. Most games are played in the afternoons of Saturdays and Sundays, the other games during weekday evenings.

NBC Sports Live Extra is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. Since I've just started following Premier League, I haven't picked a favorite team yet. I'm currently leaning towards Liverpool. Who are you cheering for?

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Just FOOTBALL without (soccer)..
  • I'm a lifelong Spurs supporter, though I have no expectations they will win anything anytime soon. I wonder though if there is any way to watch the Spanish football league, with all the talent Real Madrid and Barca have that would be the league to watch.
  • COYS! BeIN Sports has streaming on their website, thoguh it appears to be flash based.  I watched Europa matches and Primera...
  • bein sports also show FA / community cups matches at well as Ligue 1 and Serie A. Sometimes the BeIN sports crawls to ground halt. Trick is to get in 20-30mins ahead of time..perhaps on a diff game.
  • Being an Arsenal man myself, wanted to say, it must feel like Christmas that you got a point against us..
  • I've lived in Sheffield UK and because of my Aunt, started supporting Man City, so how happy I am now that they are a Power House in the Premier League? Winning!!
  • All that middle eastern money sure does help, but as for history , you have none... :P
  • +920
    Try winning 18 something Premier Leagues or Champions League, then you can say something.... Citeh will be nothing after Yaya leave or Pellegrini ousted for not winning this season CL....
  • there are countless Man U players who have won more in their short careers than Manchester City have in their entire history
  • As a life long Arsenal fan please dont say you are a Spurs fan out lound or in public lol..... you will just look bad.
  • Football Hooligans!!!!
  • Liverpool. Ynwa.
  • YNWA!
  • Yawn.
  • YNWA!
  • Freaking scousers.....MUFC 4 life
  • COYG!
  • You'll never walk alone. It's a shame we probably wont be in the top 4 this year. Without Suarez we've no hope.
  • Trust Balotelli bro. Ynwa.
  • Liverpool!? Nah go for the Arsenal! ;)
  • Manchester united fan here
  • +1520
  • +MUFC
  • GGMU
  • Go reds! So this actually means I'll have to setup one of my routers on vpn for US:)
  • You want some real football watch Gaelic football.
  • I live in Ireland and I hate Gaa
  • Hate that I live in UK and cant watch the Premier League as much as you can in the US
  • I'm sure at least 80% of the windows phone users in the US who actively follow the English premiership already know this, so this PSA is for the other 20% and the newcomers who want to see Tim Howard bomb!... Go Arsenal!
    What we really need now is an app to live stream the UEFA champions league
  • you can access UEFA CL live stream via -- it'll prompt u to install the win 8 app on a win8 os but should work fine on a win 7. I use useragent ff add-on to fool the site that i have win 7. You'll need ur isp/cable login i.e. tw, verizon etc. There's no wp foxsports app tho. FCB - more than a club! NBC also have a win 8 app for the tablet. Although I have a win 8 htcpc hooked up to my tv that i use to watch the games on a browser(full screen video so i can have to games on at same time full screen using the split screen feature. At times I find the nbc app stream quality subpar compared to the browser streaming.
  • Go Gunners! And yes to this app!
  • Don't pick Liverpool. You won't want to be associated with them. Also, they're basically the bandwagon team right now. I'd recommend avoiding them.
  • Liverpool finished 2nd in the premier league last year. Although we've had a bad start, everyone knows Liverpool have quality players and we're going to bounce back strongly. Ynwa.
  • Only quality player Liverpool has is 19y/o sterling that to from last few games...other all are just duds
  • Have you heard of Steven Gerrard, Daniel Sturridge, Phillipe Coutinho and Mario Balotelli?
  • You would have won the league but someone slipped. You get credit for selling the biter.
  • Someone slipped?... that's ridiculous. Liverpool made a mountain of mistakes last season, so blame Gerrard for the 2nd place is unfair.
  • Lol since when were Liverpool a bandwagon team? You sir, talk utter nonsense. Good day.
  • ¡Hala Madrid!
  • Leeds Utd here........I'll get my coat....
  • Liverpool... You will never walk alone
  • I don't care.
  • Everytime USA come-on the world is big plus those people are droided& don't like WP that much hehe
  • My fulham got relegated. I'm for Citeh now.
  • Lol you can't just change teams... Well you can but shouldn't Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • FFC is still my team. This thread is about the Premier league.
  • No, most definitely you cant change teams just because they loose. Most CERTAINLY you cant swap for a team that buys success!
  • Zzzzzz. Tired old argument. Do your players play for free? Must be a united supporter. Fergie yawns at your matches.
  • I like Fulham too. Mostly because a lot of Americans have played there. McBride, which is my favorite US player of all time and Clint, who to me, stats notwithstanding, is the best player in American history.
  • Another Fulham fan on WPCentral? Nice! Don't worry, that crazy idiot Magath is gone now so hopefully we can rebuild properly.
  • Manchester City fan here ❤
  • Equivalent app for Canada?
  • YNWA- you'll never win again
  • How much time did it take you to come up with that?
  • Sacked in the morning. You're getting sacked in the morning.
  • Your mom will be "sacked" in the morning too
  • I see you walking......but you are walking alone.go do a line of coke with Robbie fowler
  • Why do a line of coke alone, when I can sack your mom? Wouldn't that be more pleasurable you think? I'll even let you watch ;)
  • Enjoy your tween years
  • I will, I'll have your mom to guide me.
  • Annoying that us windows phone users can watch premiership but uk users cant because of a lack of SkyGo!
  • True Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Very very true
  • Manchester City Supporter here..
    Blue Moon rising!!
  • you'll never walk alone - Liverpool fan
  • any alternative app??? for people living outside US
  • Manchester United die-hard fan ❤
  • You'll Never Walk Alone :D
  • Or.. You will never win again... :D
  • Are you mad? Don't go to Liverpool you will never win anuthing(YNWA)
  • Hasn't Liverpool been one, if not the most successful team in the premiership?
  • it was yes, but now that title belongs to Manchester United (20 titles, Liverpool=18). So, try to win the EPL first, make some history in EPL already :)
  • How does losing against MK Dons feel?
  • How does it feel that you never win the EPL and not being the most successful English club anymore? LOL Win the EPL, then come and we can talk :) And the defeat against MK Dons? It's actually a good thing, that's an awakening defeat :) Liverpool - You Never Win the League, LOL
  • Not in the champions league, lost to Leicester and MK Dons, spent millions of pounds and still nowhere near the top. How does that feel?
  • Feels great, but tell me how does it feel when after 23 seasons you still haven't won the EPL? The only thing you were bragging about for decades "being most successful" team in England is not yours anymore, it belongs to the real kings Manchester United.  I told you, first win at least once the EPL, then you can come and talk as much as you want, till then, just be quiet :)
  • Liverpool have never won a premier league title!
  • Downloading!!!
    But need an app to watch serie A
  • Stand up if you hate tottenham! Sit down if you hate tottenham!
  • If downloaded can it work in India? Does it requires subscription?
  • It only asks for username and password for live streaming. Check highlights and replays to see if it works and let us know!
  • Highlights and replays are not working for me (in Romania). I guess I don't have to mention that I don't have any US TV provider credentials... "There was an error opening the selected video, please try again later."
  • I'm from Iraq . I downloaded the app but need a provider! So I will go to USA
  • Lol
  • Chelsea fan ( and a bit Man.City)
  • Arsenal for life!!!
  • FC Bayern Munich all the way :-)
    Always good to see football apps!
  • Northampton Saints (rugby) fan here....
    A proper sport, watched by proper (civilised) fans.
    I used to be a Man United fan. Then I heard the vitriol they sing in the stands. Probably one of the most shameful things I've ever heard/seen in the name of sport.
  • Yet you could argue that rugby has, or is certainly perceived to have, a much more elitist culture.
  • Almost the entire England rugby team is made up of state school educated players. They also play with a heart and desire that has been absent from England football since at least the Linekar generation. If your elitism comment is referring to the fans; quite frankly, if elitism means I can have a beer with the opposition fans after a match without fear of being beaten up, I am all for elitism! The way football fans behave is disgraceful; both in the things they chant, and in the after match behaviour too. Why should the police have to commit hundreds of staff simply to maintain peace between some sports fans? If football disappeared tomorrow, England would certainly be a little nicer for it. 
  • No, if a small minority of fans disappeared tomorrow, football would be the better for it. The fact is more people from a more advantaged background play rugby (for better or for worse). I never commented on their backgrounds. To be honest your comment was irrelevant in the first place to the article (and so received such an answer). Football has some problems which reflect badly on the whole sport but it is just like any sport, there are good parts and bad parts. Much of football- local teams- play for fun in a good way, and the fans are well meaning.
  • Mark, come to the blue side of Liverpool and follow Everton.
  • As a cord cutter, let me be the first to say 'meh'. All these cool WP apps and Xbox apps requiring provider authorization... boo, I say. Boo.
  • Real Madrid all the way.
  • I'm glad you folk in the USA can appreciate a sport that doesn't require scantily-clad 'cheerleaders'!
  • I just doscovered this app yesterday. I was overjoyed, Especially since I can watch replays. I attempted to watch the Meryside derby but the quality of the video was horrendous.
  • West Ham United! #COYI !
  • I just follow the teams Americans play in.
  • I use Flash Sports as it works on all sports in any country. Great app.
  • chelsea of course!!
  • YNWA
  • Celtic FC - greatest team in the world.
  • Forza Juve! And if you're in Australia and need a good A-League app check out Football Ultras. Updated and free.
  • For anyone looking for an app to stream live sports, EPL, La Liga etc, just look up Flash Sports in the Store. Awesome app.
  • Chelsea!!! The blues are the best... And they got Drogba back :)
  • You will never walk alone guys
  • Manchester United! especially with DiMaria and Falcao!!
  • Go United... The new dawn of trophy-laden has come. No complaints about the offence, just need to get the right men in the back four... And a really good DM... Blind is not the one...
  • Blind is not a deffender, he is back midfilder, a connection between the defence and the middle row :)
  • I was referring Blind as DM, Defensive Midfielder. Although he can play at the back as well. Pogba would be a good choice
  • Sorry, my bad, should've read better :) No, Pogba is not a MU material, that's why he is out. No player is bigger than the club and Pogba wanted to be first, so he is out.
  • I'm a big Newcastle fan, but its mainly because of the beer!
  • Chelsea!!! Blue is the colour man.. KTBFFH
  • Definitely not Manchester united
  • Liverpool? LOOOOL
    #ForeverUnited ^_^
  • IS this free to watch or do I need cable TV account?
  • You need to have a cable/sat package that qualifies.
  • i changed my region just for this.
  • Man u here
  • Does anyone know of any other high quality streaming service for epl games?  I don't have cable/sat, and refuse to pay for a mid-tier package for one channel.  I usually just download the games after the fact, but if there's another way, I'd love to hear about it!
  • Chelsea!!!!
  • Chelsea till I die
  • I'm getting my 1520 in the mail today! Yes!