How to watch Premier League games in the US with Windows Phone

When the World Cup ended, I became highly interested in watching more football (soccer) games. Friends who follow football more than me said I have to check out the English Premier League ( I'm in luck because NBC here in the United States has acquired rights to broadcast all the games. Their app, NBC Sports Live Extra, is also available on Windows Phone so you can stream the games live or watch replays and highlights.

When you open NBC Sports Live Extra, there are 4 screens that you can cycle through by swiping left or right: featured, live, highlights, and replay. NBC covers several sports, but you can filter the content to display only the Premier League. You can do this by tapping the hamburger button at the top left corner - by sport and select Premier League.

Highlights and replays can be viewed whenever you want, however live streams require an extra step. There is no additional charge, but you need to log in using your provider's username and password. If you do not have or do not know your login information, contact your service provider to register. Several providers are included in the list such as XFINITY, DirecTV, DISH Network, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Verizon FiOS, and much more.

NBC Sports Live Extra

If there's a game you are really looking forward to, you can pin it to your home screen so you won't forget. You can also add items as favorites, so you can access them quicker in the favorites section.

The 2014-2105 Premier League season runs from August to May. Most games are played in the afternoons of Saturdays and Sundays, the other games during weekday evenings.

NBC Sports Live Extra is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. Since I've just started following Premier League, I haven't picked a favorite team yet. I'm currently leaning towards Liverpool. Who are you cheering for?

Mark Guim

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