'A Way Out' is a new co-op adventure from the creators of 'Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons'

During its E3 2017 briefing today, EA took the wraps off of a new game from Hazelight, a studio made up of the developers behind of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Called "A Way Out," the game is a strictly cooperative experience, requiring you to team up with a friend and explore the relationship between the game's two protagonists against action-packed gameplay.

In A Way Out, you and a friend play as two prison inmates, Vincent and Leo. In what starts out as a prison escape, the dark tone of the game shifts to explore the different personalities and unique goals of each character.

What makes the A Way Out unique is that it is solely a co-op experience. You can play online, but the gameplay encourages you to plop down on a couch next to a friend and work your way through its action in split-screen. Each scenario you find yourself in can be tackled in different ways with either character, with interaction and cooperation being key. Along with the interesting gameplay all of that brings, Hazelight is promising plenty of exploration and driving, along with lots of action.

There's no firm launch date for A Way Out, but Hazelight promises a general window of "early 2018."

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Couch co-op, much missed.
  • Consider me VERY interested. I loved Brothers and think that the storytelling from this team is second to none. Now all I need is someone who will play co op with me.
  • Same here. It's hard to find that even online sometimes. I'm so busy and so are my friends that when we so spend social time together its usually either in the Pub or somewhere else, rarely online or on the same couch to game (except for drunken Mario Kart on Switch lol)
  • Yeah, and I feel like this game might be a bit harder to play with "randoms". I will just try and rope my housemate into playing, even though it's not his sort of game.
  • Totally getting this.