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This week's Deals with Gold include Far Cry and Grand Theft Auto

Xbox's Major Nelson recently posted the latest round of Deals with Gold, available to Xbox Live members. Every week, Microsoft discounts dozens of titles and add-ons for both Xbox One and Xbox 360. Some of this week's highlights include Far Cry 4, receiving a whopping 60% off ahead of Far Cry Primal's February launch, and Grand Theft Auto V, picking up 33% off. If you haven't picked up Rise of the Tomb Raider, Microsoft is offering a modest 10% off to try and entice you.

On the Xbox 360 side of things, some of the classic Far Cry and Grand Theft Auto titles all received steep discounts. Grand Theft Auto IV and San Andreas are among the most requested titles to hit Xbox One backwards compatibility, and while Rockstar and Microsoft don't seem to have cut a deal yet, it's a safe bet that the companies are at least discussing the possibility.

The deals are as follows:

Xbox One

Xbox 360

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region.

*These offers are valid for Xbox Live Gold and Silver members.

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  • Ooh man, I want GTA soo badly
  • Same, I'm waiting on a black Friday sale. I already have it on my ps3 and my older bro has it on his ps4, so not really fussed.
  • Is any black Friday deal coming to ps4.
  • Black Friday? Yeah
  • Is the Far Cry series something that needs to be played in order? Does it follow the same characters? Or can I just pick up a random game and get into it?
  • As far as I've played them, FarCry are not meant to be played in a specific order. They are separate stories, with separates characters... Altrough the mechanics of the games is always about the same (except for the first one who was a bit more "old school"). But I didn't play FarCry 4 yet ;)
  • FarCry 4 best of the bunch get it
  • Ok cool thanks
  • Will be vary nice you could mark the 360 games compatible with ONE in this post
  • None of them are. So nothing for them to mark.
  • Those Dead or Alive costumes take forever to load on game startup.
  • I've never seen the recent costumes, but if it's anything like previous games the female fighters are wearing little so it should load faster right?
  • FarCry 4 is a great game. You can simply follow the storyline or you can go off and do side quests galore. As most open world RPG's some things get tedious. I spent countlessly more hours than I expected on it.
  • Started playing FarCry 4 about a week ago and really enjoying it.