What are the best Surface Pro 4 accessories?

Microsoft's new Surface Pro might be here but that doesn't mean the Surface Pro 4 should be forgotten. It is still a formidable device with a lot of loyal users, and because of its popularity, there are a ton of accessories out there.

Our own Community Manager, James Falconer, started a thread asking others to share their favorite Surface Pro 4 accessories.

For all the Surface Pro 4 owners out there, what are your best accessory picks? One I highly recommend is the Surface Dock. Feel free to share your picks here and link them up! It'll help us discover, research and buy new gear!! :)

James Falconer

He loves the Surface Dock, no doubt for its multiple connections that will turn your Surface Pro 4 into a workstation focal point, but there are plenty of other accessories out there we might not have heard about.

If you've discovered a Surface Pro 4 accessory you can no longer live without, be sure to head over to the forum and drop us a line. There are already quite a few responses with some accessories you might not know you needed.

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