What is Discord Nitro?

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What is Discord Nitro?

Best answer: Discord Nitro is an optional premium subscription upgrade for your account, which brings with it some additional features.Upgrade your Discord: Discord Nitro ($9.99/mo or $99.99/yr)

What do you get with Discord Nitro?

As well as supporting Discord with further development (and the operating costs for running such a platform), numerous benefits come with subscribing to Discord Nitro.

Server boosts

As part of an active Nitro subscription, Discord provides two server boosts for you to use on your favorite servers. If you need more boosts, being a Nitro subscriber unlocks a 30% discount.

Animated avatars

Are you bored with your static avatar? Both Classic and Nitro subscriptions allow for the option to upload an animated GIF to be used as an avatar.

Choose a custom Discrim

The Discrim is the four randomly generated digits (#1234) that accompany your Discord username. With Discord Nitro, you'll be able to set a custom four-digit Discrim. This will be randomly generated once again should your subscription come to an end.

Global custom emotes

No longer will you be restricted to using custom emotes on a specific server. With Discord Nitro, you'll be able to use all your favorite server-bound emotes wherever you go. This includes private conversations too!

HD recording and uploading

With Nitro enabled, you're able to share your game screen at resolutions of 720p (60FPS) or 1080p (30FPS) and upload files larger than 8MB (maximum increased to 100MB).

Get a fancy badge

Lastly, but most importantly to some, is the new badge you get on your profile to showcase your Discord support.

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