What does Watch Dogs: Legion VIP status mean?

Watch Dogs: Legion
Watch Dogs: Legion (Image credit: Ubisoft)

What does Watch Dogs: Legion VIP status mean?

Best answer: Watch Dogs: Legion gives players who purchase the premium Ultimate Edition of the game four weeks of VIP status, which nets them a boost to the amount of in-game currency they will earn, allowing them to upgrade and customize characters even faster. It's not clear if there will be a way to activate VIP status after the initial four=week period, or without buying the Ultimate Edition since it's not included in every version.Premium hacks: Watch Dogs: Legion Ultimate Edition ($120 at Microsoft)

Watch Dogs: Legion and the ultimate privilege

If you pre-ordered or are planning to buy the Ultimate Edition of Watch Dogs: Legion, you may notice that one of your many perks is four weeks of VIP status, a vague benefit that doesn't immediately make itself known when you begin playing. However, VIP status is honestly very simple: it provides a gentle boost to the amount of currency (also known as ETO) that you gain while playing the game, be it from missions, robbing ATMs, or accessing secured areas and their hidden safes. You can then turn around and use this ETO to purchase cosmetic items for your operatives, decking them out in whatever gear you desire.

VIP status isn't anything you have to actively monitor, and is simply included in the Ultimate Pack with almost every Ultimate Edition of Watch Dogs: Legion. I say almost because it's not included in the Ultimate Edition available through UPlay+. As the Collector's Edition of Watch Dogs: Legion also includes the Ultimate Edition, you can also enjoy the perks of VIP status there, as well as all the bragging rights that come from the Collector's Edition.

VIP status lasts for four weeks, or 28 days, from the day that you begin playing Watch Dogs: Legion, giving you plenty of time to accrue a hefty fortune of ETO. It also may give you a leg up on your friends when you join them in Watch Dogs: Legion's future multiplayer mode.

Whether you can continue using VIP status is unclear

VIP status is a very small perk for Watch Dogs: Legion players, and isn't the sole reason to choose the Ultimate Edition over any other versions of the game. However, there are some things that are a little unclear about VIP status, like if it will be available as a separate purchase for players who want VIP status without purchasing the Ultimate Edition, or if there will be a way to extend VIP status beyond the four weeks.

Either way, Watch Dogs: Legion still stands a great chance of making its way into the best Xbox One games available, with its fantastic "Play as Anyone" system, politically unafraid story, and beautiful open world rendition of London.

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