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What Phil Spencer's promotion means for Xbox and gaming at Microsoft

Xbox at E3
Xbox at E3 (Image credit: Jez Corden | Windows Central)

For years, Xbox hasn't really been viewed as central to Microsoft's core operations, sitting underneath Windows in terms of corporate hierarchy. Commentators and speculators have called on Microsoft to spin off Xbox into its own entity or sell it on to another tech company, for some reason. But despite all the highs and lows, Xbox has soldiered on, leading us to today.

Now, owing to the efforts of Spencer and his team, gaming has been elevated to the senior leadership table at Microsoft, sitting alongside Azure, Office, and Windows, rather than beneath them. Xbox head Phil Spencer will answer directly to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, cutting out Windows chief Terry Myerson as the middleman. And that's quite important.

But what does it all mean for Microsoft, and more important for us as gamers?

Cutting out the middleman

Xbox E3 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Terry Myerson on stage at Build 2017 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Phil Spencer (left), Terry Myerson (right).

With gaming having its own voice on the senior leadership team, essentially, Spencer will have a little more room to maneuver moving forward.

Previously, for larger projects and sign-offs, the Xbox team would've had to seek the blessing of both Windows chief Terry Myerson and, thus, CEO Satya Nadella before any action could be taken. Myerson likely sees everything through the lens of what benefits Windows, rather than gaming, not specializing in gaming himself. It's quite easy to imagine how he could've potentially hindered important decisions.

One of the reasons the Windows 10 Store is so atrocious for video game delivery is that it's handled by the Windows team, rather than the Xbox team. The Xbox Store has no issues delivering larger files, unlike the Windows Store, and it enjoys much better categorization and usability. There are multitudinous issues with the Windows Store for gaming, but as a quick example: Forza Horizon 3 last year suffered the same download issues that Forza Motorsport 7 suffered from these past weeks – a year on, and still no fix. It's a basic example, but it just doesn't feel like gaming is a priority for Myerson's Windows team, so it's easy to imagine how this attitude could've hurt Xbox.

The Windows 10 Store.

The Windows 10 Store.

Phil Spencer will have one-to-one strategy sessions with CEO Satya Nadella on a more frequent basis, as a result of being part of the executive team. Spencer's passion for gaming and his intimate understanding of the industry, his team, and the platform itself will be far better placed to advocate for blessings that benefit us – as gamers – than it would've been coming to Nadella second hand via Terry Myerson.

Gaming as core

The future of Windows is a little shaky at the moment, frankly, with assaults coming from all sides. ARM-based mobile devices have chewed into Windows as a casual computing solution for billions of people, eroding the necessity to own a PC at all for many. Cheaper browser-based Chromebooks have hurt Windows in education and other areas, and PC growth has essentially flatlined – in all but one area.

Gaming is the only PC sector that is experiencing any form of meaningful growth at the moment, as the hobby continues to expand at a rapid pace. The rise of eSports, service-driven PC games like League of Legends, and game streaming has led to a huge interest in PC gaming as a hobby, whether it's custom-built rigs that cost $3,000 or cheaper devices running budget GPUs.

PC gaming is exciting right now, but ironically, despite owning Windows, Microsoft has almost completely alienated themselves from the sector. Between botched DRM like Games for Windows Live and the quality of the Windows 10 Store, Steam remains the de facto distribution method for PC games, but under Phil Spencer, the collaboration between Microsoft and Valve – who owns Steam – has ramped up.

Spencer has been open with his admiration for Steam, and impressively, has worked to open up the wall between Steam and Microsoft's own PC distribution platform. Games can now fully function across the Windows 10 Store and Steam, including Rise of Nations and Killer Instinct.

Valve's Steam platform is the largest for digital PC game distribution.

Valve's Steam platform is the largest for digital PC game distribution.

Valve's CEO Gabe Newell had plenty of negative commentary for the Windows Store when it opened up back in the Windows 8 days, calling it an attempt by Microsoft to grab a monopoly on software distribution. As time went by, though, it's quite clear that isn't really the case.

With Windows 10 as a service, i.e., free upgrades in perpetuity, some form of passive monetization is going to be necessary, outside of OEM license sales. As far as consumer PCs are concerned, that monetization has to come from the Windows Store, in the form of games, apps, and entertainment – at least in part. The biggest ticket items in the Windows Store right now are games (with hardware soon to follow). I noted earlier that the Windows Store isn't exactly in a great position right now, but with Phil Spencer leading the charge, there's a real chance this could change, at least when it comes to gaming.

Phil Spencer at Build

Phil Spencer at Build 2016. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Disregarding monetization, Spencer should be able to advocate for a better Windows for developers and gamers alike, putting more effort into features like the Game DVR, Game Mode, the Windows 10 Xbox app, and streamlining the OS for future paradigms. I'm still not convinced VR is the future of gaming, but for Microsoft's own Mixed Reality platform, video games will form a large chunk of its marketability – especially considering SteamVR will be coming to the platform. Naturally, the Xbox division is far better suited to shore up this aspect of Windows, and Spencer will have the authority to see it through.

Cash money

While Xbox is still part of the Windows and Devices group, Spencer will have more leeway to discuss budgets with Microsoft CFO Amy Hood and Satya Nadella.

More big-budget games?

More big-budget games?

Some have accused Microsoft of underfunding Xbox, which doesn't seem to pump out big-budget "AAA" photo-realistic games as frequently as its chief competitor, PlayStation. A lot of Microsoft Studios' exclusive game efforts have revolved around lower-budget "AA" games like ReCore, or 2D titles like Ori and the Blind Forest, while others have suffered repeated delays (and even cancellations).

While simply throwing cash at Microsoft's oft-criticized first-party games effort probably isn't enough by itself to fix the situation, Spencer should have far more leverage to splash the cash on big projects than he did previously.

It's all positive

There are no negatives here. Phil Spencer's promotion isn't just an acknowledgment of his efforts, but of the whole team that has made Xbox a staple in the industry.

The negativity surrounding the Xbox One's botched 2013 launch is still there in the background, and the shadow of Kinect, forced-online, and Games for Windows Live are ultimately ingrained in the consciousness of core gamers both on console and PC, but that needn't always be the case.

Phil Spencer has heard the criticisms of Xbox and Windows as a gaming platform, and the team has worked hard and long to turn Xbox into something that is providing good value for gamers, a welcoming platform for developers, and ultimately, a service worthy of having fans – which is something Microsoft really struggles with.

While the Xbox team's newfound authority might take a couple of years to manifest in any meaningful way, we already have the Xbox One X, the new 1710 update, and much more to look forward to in the near-term.

Xbox Live generates huge amounts of revenue, and shouldn't be seen as something Microsoft would cut on a whim, like say, Groove. The team is in it to win it, and from here, things can only get better. It will be really interesting to see what the Xbox team does now that it has a seat at the big boy table.

Jez Corden is a Senior Editor for Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • It means Xbox is going to be, Games as a Service Cross-Platform support coming across other OSes like Android and iOS Azure Cloud-Based Computing for Game Service
  • If you think iOS/Android is capable of playing AAA video game titles, you're delusional.
  • Delusional really?  The new iPhone 8+ scores equivalent to an Intel Core i5 with new Intel Iris Graphics on Geekbench 4.... enough to theoretically run some AAA games, albiet not on high settings.  And ARM processors seem to be increasing in performance more quickly than desktops in the past few years. So it won't be long before mobile catches up to desktop in terms of performance, some say it already has on the low/mid tiers. That being said, when talking about XBox running on iOS/Android - maybe he was thinking more of the casual mobile games which are/were already tied into XBox Live - like Wordament, not AAA games.  
  • Please, I beg you, list one ASAP that would run on those specs.
  • Open up chat, streaming, achievement to mobile OSes might be possible, not with games. With Android,
    You have stock rom, api-tempered-custom-rom, api-tempered-3rd-phone-rom. With iOS, different hardware + OS combination sometimes introduce different results. PC has way more os+hw+user-installed-bg-services+driver+ weird-system-optimizer combinations. With Xboxes, you have xb1s, xb1x, xb1x2, everyone's using the same hardware+os, each can last for years. Harder to QA, harder to maintain, harder to manage game assets, resources.
    Most AAA devs crate their own engine, a big chunk of them uses Havok, they will need to spend a lotta more to go multiplatform.
  • must be kidding. How about match the geforce1080 graphics + i5?
  • You obviously never heard of services like the former OnLive or even the current Liquid Sky. AAA games can be played on IOS and Android and MS has been working on it for years. Azure has been in the works for many years and soon we shall see its full capabilities.
  • Games as a service, as well as single player games and multiplayer games.
  • Exactly, the writing is on the wall.
  • Awesome, but having to answer to Nadella has me concerned. I have no trust in him. I think he botched the Nokia acquisition, because he didn't see value in it. Groove is done. I don't trust Nadella. Especially since Phil is such a passionate person.
  • I totally agree with you. He can't be trusted. I would be walking on eggshels regarding xbox and where it could go.
  • I think Xbox is on the way up. They are gamer and consumer focused now, more so than their competition. Xbox still isn't popular, as usual for all things Microsoft; it's just too popular to hate Microsoft. As long as Nadella keeps his grubby paws off it, well be good. He's all about enterprise, so he should have very little involvement in a consumer based part of the company. Phil is no pushover.
  • You didn't get it. Game Services are based on Cloud. All Cloud Services are supported by Nadella.
  • How do you mean, based on cloud? As in digital copies instead of boxed? Online gaming?
  • Groove Music was based on cloud too. It streamed your music online, collected data about your listening preferences, allowed you to store and integrate music from OneDrive. Groove was a cloud service more so than Xbox which involves a lot of hardware and a retail disc business.
  • But there is no revenue from Groove Music as Xbox.
  • You did notice that Mr. Nadella is at the top of the organisational structure, didn't you? Everybody answers to him, middlemen or no.
  • No value in WinPhone imo.
    People are already busy QA iOS and Android, no room for another mobile OS. Having full win10 running on a 6" device has a brighter future.
    XPA gaming on a win10.arm docking on your xb1 gamepad is an area Sony, Apple and Google cannot enter. Unless, you think a freshman / startup a) should code their own mechanism to install, update, crack-proof, uninstall, advertise, get user to trust their no-name application will do no harm to their system, in old fashion way. b) should just give up win10.pc, win10s and win10.arm all together.
  • It's a shame Microsoft hasn't been pushing the AAA titles. From a financial standpoint, Microsoft could BUY Sony with cash to spare so there's no excuse for not having a constant stream of AAA titles coming from publishers.
  • Round and round we go. First Xbox was independent and it was great, then integrating Xbox with Windows team was great because everything would be unified, now it's great again that Xbox will do things independtly from Windows again. Why do I feel like we get positive spin no matter what they do? Frankly I trust Myerson way more than Nadella. Nadella sees no value in Windows. I'm not a huge fan of Myerson and how he performed with Windows Phone or Windows 10, but at least I feel like he was loyal to Windows and wanted to see it thrive. Spencer could care less about Windows and he hasn't done anything to make Xbox competitive with Playstation 4 sales numbers or price point. Nadella could care less about anything not named Azure. Windows suffers again.
  • HAHAHA!! Reading angry Microsoft fanboy comments is a true form of relaxation 😂😂
  • How is this in any way "angry"?
  • Through the current xbox team we have gotten backwards compatibility on a low end jaguar SOC. That is not nothing, Sony tried and gave up on their emotion engine which was their backwards compatibility engine. So now we have a insane games library to play from - as long of course studios allow Microsoft to be able to make games backwards compatible. Although I don't see why they shouldn't as they would be getting additional revenue without doing much work at all.
  • All of you guys are talking like the Xbox brand is doing horribly! Xbox is the second most successful video game ecosystem in the world. Infinitely more successful than Nintendo, which hardly has any third party games. The Switch runs on an ARM processor, which means popular games would have to be completely rewritten and have significant downgraded visuals to run. Nobody's bashing them for their decisions! People just love to hate on big, terrible Microsoft. Well guess what, Googles actions lately have been horribly evil. Monopolistic even. Googles actions will make them incredibly hated soon.
  • So you're defending MS by attacking the flaws of other companies? Nintendo has a different target market than MS. I didn't buy my Wii U to play 3rd party games, I got my PC/PS4 for that. 
    XB1 is a bit in no man's land at the moment. Zero major upcoming exclusives. The only people I see going for this are "fans of the brand/company", "people who like to have all consoles", "Console ONLY gamers who likes Halo/Gears/the yearly Forza or microtransactions...
  • Buying Middle Earth or Sea of Thieves from MS allows you to game on Xboxes and Alienware NB with free cloud sync. Buying Cuphead from MS allows you to game on Xboxes, Surface Pro, maybe even on win10.arm docking on a gamepad. Buying Anthem from MS allows you to cross coop between newer and older Xboxes. Buying ps4 Middle Earth or Anthem from Sony... stays on ps4, buying remake-Anthem for future PSes might not be able to cross play with older PSes. How about your peripherals or driving set? Those are why I gave up on Steam and PsStore. Curious, how many ps4 exclusives sold consoles more than fifa, cod, bf or gta? Do majority buy ps4 because they know DQ's on ps4?
  • You just keep ignoring the points made by talking of the same stuff again and again. You want to say I can play the same game on PC, surface and XB1. Well, that doesn't tell me why I should buy a XB1. 
    See cross play exist on other systems for years. I can play Don't Starve on my version Vita or PS4, or Hotline Miami 2 on my PS3, my PS4 or my Vita.
    The are a LOT more cross-buy/cross-play games on PS than "play anywhere" games. I have 3 PCs. One with Windows 7, my laptop with windows 8 and my gaming PC with windows 10.
    I bought Cuphead on steam, I can play it on all these devices.
    If I bought it on MS's store I could only play it on one PC.  You'll come with the same "exclusives" are not important bs...
    I can play ALL the games you talked about without EVER owning a XB1. If I want to play Age of Empires 4 I need a PC, if I want the new God of War I need a PS4, if I want Mario Odyssey I need a XB1. Why should I buy a XB1 to play games I can play on systems I already own... Makes no sense... Why do you fans keep defending MS from their lack of investment into gaming? Do you want MS to invest more in games and compete with PS? 
  • Reason why I mainly game on Xboxes instead of PC after xboxes' BC/FC/XPA annoucement is because... a) PC gaming isn't as smooth / pleasant, b) no games're guarrenteed to run forever c) and there's no Instant-On. iPhone + different iOS might give your different exceptions.
    Android has stock rom, api tempered custom rom and api tempered 3rd party phone rom.
    A custom build PC has way more hw + driver + user-installed-background-services + enhancement/speed up ware + etc combinations, much more variables.
    With consoles, everyone uses the same HW, driver and OS, way more simpler. Months ago, there was an article about ATI's new card... and people down the comment section are already bashing (over Nvidia and ATI) which $500 card sucked, has more crashes, has more driver issues, bloatwares and such. When you file a ticket or complain, how many people benefits? How easy is for dev to come out with a solution for YOU?
    My Alienware was immune from win10-upgrade-nag because Alienware team doesn't allowed it. They even blocked it when I tried to request the upgrade manually. You are on your own if you own a cheaper custom build. As far as I know, older HW might still have driver issues. There's no Instant-On on PC either.
    You cannot go "Power On -> Press A -> Back to EXACTLY where you left your game session days ago" in mere seconds with PC.
    Your pc@home won't start processing your DL queue automatically when you buy a game in the office or on the train. Games won't be ready when you get home. Make no sense for you? Sure, not like I care, I don't even care to convince you.
    Steam MAU's is 11m (6 months ago was 12m, where XPA was 1st introduced), how about consoles?
    PC and console gaming don't really mix, it depends on your lifestyle and the majority don't game on PC. I'm not defending.
    > Buying Middle Earth or Sea of Thieves from MS allows you to game on Xboxes and
    > Alienware NB with ... How about your peripherals or driving set?
    Are you saying all the points from this paragraph aren't true?
    * I own ps4, xb1, $2k desktop, $2.5k Alienware, Surface /pro, xb1 gamepad in my bag all the time. I utilize XPA. > Curious, how many ps4 exclusives sold consoles more than
    > fifa, cod, bf or gta? Do majority buy ps4 because they know DQ's on ps4?
    Can you give me the number? Show me people do buy ps4 to play DQ / Nioh.
    You care about Yakuza (maybe?) but most don't.
  • "I'm not defending."
    Then what are you calling this? Damage control?
    I'm here saying MS doesn't invest enough on making new games and exclusives. 
    Instead of saying something like "you're right, I wish MS invest more on making new games/exclusives", you are downplaying exclusives and implaying that exclusive doesn't matter. It's clear that you are a "fan" of MS, and your priority is towards MS, not gaming. Anyway, you still don't make sense to me and here is why. You say:
    "I mainly game on Xboxes instead of PC after xboxes' BC/FC/XPA"
    I hope you do know that PC is A LOT more BC and FC than XB's history. XPA? Isn't that the ability of playing on multiple INCLUDING PC!! On Steam, you can play on multiple PC, version of the OS doesn't usually matter.
    You want to talk about XPA? cross-buy and cross-play exists WAY before XPA, and it has much more games. Also MS isn't much FC or BC when you consider that their games don't run on PC with the last OS (windows 7 or 8.1). "PC gaming isn't as smooth / pleasant,"
    Not as smooth? LOL I'm quite sure that my PC games runs at better framerate than XB1. LOL
    Pleasant? lol subjective "opinion" by a MS fan. "no games're guarrenteed to run forever"
    Wait what? You have garantie on XB? Can I play project spark on XB1? LOL "there's no Instant-On."
    1) looks like you don't know but you can put PC on standby. LOL
    2) You can't wait few seconds? Next you'll complain about PC gaming... But aren't you praising XPA? That means playing games on WIN10 PC. LOL Don't make sense. "Steam MAU's is 11m (6 months ago was 12m, where XPA was 1st introduced)"
    Do you have a link to this or are you making this up? "Can you give me the number? Show me people do buy ps4 to play DQ / Nioh.
    You care about Yakuza (maybe?) but most don't."
    Can YOU give me numbers? Can YOU show me that people are not buying PS4 thanks to exclusives?
    You are making claims prove it!
    It's logical, that consoles with more games/exclusives is a plus point when it comes to choosing a console.
    Historical data shows that consoles with greater library of games/exclusives have sold better than the competition. This is a fact. Now if you want to show otherwise, please post numbers or proof...
  • > Nadella sees no value in Windows
    Will one day ARM become fast enough to run traditional productive Windows applications? If it's possible... will others follow if some dev decides to port their traditional application to mobile OS? If MsStore's non-exist or somehow failed at its mission, what keeps majority from leaving Windows?
    Steam? With 11m MAU?
  • I hope this means that he can finally negotiate a FF14 port for xbox one.
  • There are no negatives here. Phil Spencer's promotion isn't just an acknowledgment of his efforts, but of the whole team that has made Xbox a staple in the industry.
      I disagree. I believe Phil has been a positive for Xbox.  However, now that he has a larger role in MS, his reach and focus will be gaming in general for all of MS, and lack of focus on just Xbox may cause the Xbox console/brand to fizzle.
  • You misunderstand, this promotion elevates the Xbox brand as a whole.
  • They could make the Microsoft stores THE place to experience VR and AR. It would work in tandem with the xbox one x and their Mixed Reality platform. This way they could actually sell more consoles and partner displays as xbox one x ready screens due to it supporting freesync and not gsync.
  • Call me when Phil is CEO. Until then, this company is dead with the idiot at the helm.
  • Why all this hate for Nadella?
    All he did was kill off new development on an underperforming platform.
    ... And drive up profits.
  • It's easy to increase net profits, when you reduce expenses. Whilst maintaining same level of income. Economics 101.
  • Microsoft's annual revenue has increased by about $20 billion since Nadella took over.
    He's doing a great job.
  • Interesting article even though most of it is speculation. Even if Spencer will be at the table with the big boys, we don't what will actually change and if this is actually going to be positive or negative to gaming. I think we got to start moving away from the "2013 launch", the always online/24hrs check/DRM or the "forced" kinect. And we got to see what Spencer actually brought to the table.  One of the first move was the timed deal of Tomb raider and how they are tried to mislead people into thinking it was exclusive. 
    As I've always said, timed exclusives deals are totally anti-gaming as it means money is "invested" to delay a 3rd party game for gamers who plays on another console. Besides "bragging rights", it doesn't bring anything major to XB gamers. Investing that on actually making a new game for XB gamers would have been a lot more positive for gaming/gamers. But what followed that was a clear decrease in the number of exclusives and what appears to be a sharp decrease in investment in new games. Major "exclusives" were cancelled, studios were closed down, projects were stopped.
    They also started bringing all XB1 exclusives to PC. (probably to make more money out of these games). This wasn't an anti-gaming policy but I still feel bad for those gamers who bought have a PC but invested in a XB1 because MS promised them "exclusives". The strategy at that point (imo) was that in order to cover the lack of games and lack of investment into gaming, MS had to shift the attention and build hype on something else.
    So that's were the strategy of letting people play old games. Whether it's BC or game pass the strategy is clear. ofc They also hyped hardware, whether it's controllers, different bundle designs or new version of the console.
    The hype around the scorpio was crazy. Especially if you compare to the "poor" number of exclusives they showed in the last 2 E3s + gamescom. I could have talked about so many other things like "console launch exclusives".. But I'll finally talk of microtransactions. Most of MS's games have been packed with Microtransactions and DLC. Yes, other companies does it too. But MS are doing it in a totally new level. Spencer's vision of "games as a service" is a real eye opener for many people but it was coming... Microtransactions and f2p elements for a full price games, all new game mode like Blitz which is based on microtransactions and pay to win, revive a 15 year old game and add microtransactions, "get the game late if you don't pay" bs, "VIP pass that lasts just 25 races", baby-gambling with loot boxes, a car at more than £80...
    I could go on and on about "game as a service"... For me, Spencer hasn't done a good job. In fact I think it's been horrible for gaming/gamers. His "game as a service" policy is actually the worst possible thing for gaming imo. And I'm really scared they'll screw up Age of empires 4. ofc it would make me VERY happy if they get more money to make new games. I would be so happy if they don't focus on "games as a service" or "ways of playing old games" but compete with PS by just focusing on making new great games... I hope this will be great for gaming. Sadly I'm not too optimistic...
  • I mean it isn't speculation, this is info I've gathered from speaking to people at Microsoft, should've stressed that in the intro probably. I agree that f2p/micropayment stuff is lame, but if one company is doing it and another isn't, they're not being competitive, sadly. It's a messed up situation - by not including them, they're essentially giving up free money, which doesn't sound like good business, and that is of course, Phil's job. It would require a wholesale rejection across the board to prevent this stuff from proliferating any further but people aren't rejecting them, they're embracing them. Halo 5 is the most successful Halo ever, technically, purely because of REQs. I hate MTs as much as the next person, but there's a business reality here that a lot of us don't seem to want to address.
  • The problem is you're looking at it from a business or investor's point of view, while I'm looking at it from a gaming/gamer's point of view. Halo 5 was the most "successful". Maybe for inverstors or for the amount of money it made but generally it's not usually seen as the "best" Halo in history. If you look at the topic many put it at the bottom. Metacritic scores puts it down at the bottom of the 5 main games. They removes split-screen which was an historical feature and added req packs. As gamers, most of us are against microtransactions, we can't really say it's great that MS made lots of money thanks to req pack. The problem is that all this is giving a negative image of XB and the strategy of MS towards gaming. We can see how anti-gaming policies can do damage to the image of a company with 2013 policies. 
    I actually believe that what they are doing right now is worse than the DRM/always online stuff of 2013. Here they are trying to introduce game as a service and they are trying to make it a norm of the industry. They managed to get players to pay a subscription to play online but failed to do it with PC gamers. They failed to introduce DRM and always online on console. Now they are going all in on game as a service. They are now trying to make a 3rd party console and dry up the investments in making games. Personally I think the anti-gaming/money hungry company image is eventually bad for business. I think they are behind Sony because of that. I think they have the money to beat Sony in their own game. How can they outperform Playstation? By selling more and being more present in the gaming world? They can kill Sony with exclusives. Unfortunately that's not the way they are heading. They decided to make anti-gaming decision to make quick money and try to get their fanbase to hype their products. 
    It's not with anti-gaming decision that you'll manage to convince a non-xb fan to invest into the ecosystem. MS have shown time and again their intention. People are trying to give Spencer that "cool gaming guy" image but at the end of the day actions speak louder than words. I think Spencer is a good business man and he'll do what it takes to make money for MS. Gaming isn't his priority.  I really think they are making the wrong decisions here. They should be looking at getting new customers. Here it looks like they are trying to squeeze their fans dried with the same franchises packed with microtransactions and other anti-gaming policies.
    The recent response to Forza shows that the some XB fans are getting tired of this... We'll see what happens. Despite not showing much, I still have hope that they'll change things...
  • Time will tell
  • MS should have extended the xbox gold with other services, like they did for professionnals with Office 365, Teams, etc Keep the basic service, and offer a compelte service at a higher price with the whole ecosystem. Amazon is doing the same thing, starting with a quick delivery subscription, and including music, movies, streaming, etc. MS had everything to do the same... "had" because of groove.
  • Phil has turned the ship around yes it w