What PlayStation game do you want to see next on PC?

God Of War
God Of War (Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

It is a good time to be a PC player. Not only are you getting first-class support from Microsoft and all the top-tier Xbox exclusives you can dream of (including the well-received games Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite), but you're also scoring some of the best of PlayStation's library as well! All that remains is for Nintendo to slap Super Smash Bros. on Steam and the PC platform will officially be the one-stop shop for every gamer.

Sadly, odds are Nintendo isn't going to play that game anytime soon. On the bright side, though, PlayStation certainly is. First, it brought its massive exclusives Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn to PC, then turned its focus to God of War and Uncharted. The question now is: What game should be next in the lineup of PlayStation titles set to arrive on PC?

It's worth noting some of the PlayStation games that don't yet have dedicated Steam releases have already been officially playable on PC via PS Now. In case you're going "whaaaaaat?" to that news, here's the scoop: PS Now is Sony's game streaming service, and it's available on PC. In other words, you could've played Marvel's Spider-Man on your PC ages ago.

But a lot of people want dedicated PC ports for numerous reasons, be they enhanced support for PC controls, modding capabilities (shout-out to the Winter Soldier mod for Days Gone), or just the general quality of life performance benefits that come from not having to stream a game. That's why there's so much fanfare around Sony's recent initiative to hop in the pool with Microsoft and bring its console exclusives to the PC realm.

It's only a matter of time until at least one of the poll options makes its way to Steam, so vote to cast good vibes toward your favorite game's chances.

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  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • i want TLOU part 2 so bad
  • For me the answer is easy, Spider-Man all the way.
  • Halo Infinite is the best spiderman game and that's already on PC.
  • If you think Halo Infinite is anything like a spiderman game, you've never played a spiderman game.
  • As much as people bash PlayStation, everybody wants their games
  • No one usually bashes the games. It is just about everything else they do.
  • "One & Dones" and "Interactive Movies" are common phrases used to negatively describe PlayStation games... So while, you're right about other things, people also bashed the games themselves.
  • Yeah, I remember a few people here that have dissed Sony exclusives.
  • Yeah, I guess you are right. I forgot about the Sad Dad title too. Let me rephrase it, no real gamers are bashing PS games, only their policies.
  • I will bash Spidey. He's the worst. Bruce Wayne watched both his parents get got right in front of his 8 year old eyes and he went full edge lord and became an ultimate badass without even having super powers other than a platinum Amex. All Spidey does is just whine like a little batch about every damn thing, including getting his Uncle killed because he's such a spineless whimp he couldn't even be bothered to use his super spidey powers to rough up a couple common street thugs. He even lets some smarmy newspaper editor walk all over him and destroy his reputation with pictures he took of himself. And why the hell is a super scientist delivering pizzas? Patent... like anything... and make some real money to move Aunt May out the ghetto and stop letting Tony Stark turn her into a sugar baby ffs. Spidey is the worst.
  • LoL You might have just triggered someone.
  • Myself, most likely.
  • Yeah, he might have pissed off some Marvel vs DC people... COMICS WARS!!!
  • Batman? You're bashing Spidey for Batman? Lol. Just pretend his story remotely makes sense.
  • I honestly don't feel any need to play their games, I never have and those games coming crawling to PC haven't changed that.
  • I felt the same way, but I got Horizon Zero Dawn on sale for $15 and I can say that I do see the appeal of them. No way I would buy a system just for them, but I do wish I could just play on them on my Xbox. It was a really well made game and I am really looking forward to when God of War drops on a sale.
  • Uncharted and the Last of Us...
  • Didn't I read Uncharted is coming?
  • Oh, it is? Great! Then the two last of us games please... :-)
  • Yes, it is. There is at least a placeholder on the Epic game store.
  • Gran Turismo, pretty please
  • Bloodborne, definitely Bloodborne. That game would look incredible with a proper PC upgrade.
  • No option for "none"?
  • No, no option.
  • TLOU first. Spider-Man is repetitive style gameplay.
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake.
  • Ratchet and clank. And yeh theres no reason why it can't be ported. The main difference would be the load times when jumping through a rift, which would vary on SSD/HDD speeds. Obviously longer on a HDD. If they wanted to, they could port it onto PS4 as well, but yeh, long rift jumps lol.
  • All of them. Why not? Day one. Bring it on, Sony. It's free money. Don't you like money? Cause I've seen you do some questionable stuff for money.