What size GPU will fit inside NZXT H1?

NZXT H1 (Image credit: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central)

What size GPU will fit inside NZXT H1?

Go big but small

With more compact Mini-ITX cases, you're more restricted in what components will fit inside the chassis. Motherboards need to be of a certain size or else they won't fit, likewise with the GPU. Saving on available space means you need to be more selective with the parts you purchase.

The NZXT H1 allows for GPUs of up to 305 mm in length and 128 mm width. These dimensions are actually very good for a Mini-ITX case and should fit most GPUs on the market. Even the excessively large ZOTAC AMP! Extreme cards can almost fit inside the case but are let down by the huge coolers.

So long as your GPU (or the one you have in mind to pick up) is less than 305 mm long and 128 mm wide, it'll fit. And how the NZXT H1 is designed with the GPU in mind means you won't be suffocating the GPU, so blowers and open-air coolers are both okay. The panel also has a dust filter to help keep whichever card you end up using clear of dust.

If you need some GPU ideas we have a couple listed below — an AMD one and an NVIDIA one. Or, have a look at our best graphics card collection for more buying options.

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