What in the World? - An addictive, challenging trivia game for Windows Phone

What In The World? is the latest Windows Phone game from Game Troopers. It is a trivia game where you have to guess the identity of hundreds of logos, celebrities, characters and locations from minimalistic drawings.

Available for low-memory Windows Phones, the Xbox gaming title has a simple interface, colorful graphics and Cortana support. In the short time we've spent with What in the World? it comes across as a challenging title for your Windows Phone gaming library and has a nice addictive draw. However, there is a glitch in the system that significantly holds this gaming title back.

Your primary menu with What In The World? has options to view your achievements, view your solved puzzles and access the game's settings. There is also links to visit the Twitter and Facebook pages for Game Troopers and the obligatory jump into game play option.

What In The World?

Settings with What In The World? include options for your language selection, music/sound options, to view the gaming credits and a help page for Cortana. The Cortana integration includes a host of features that includes:

  • Checking your gaming progress
  • Check your achievements
  • Open the in-game store
  • Solve puzzles

There is a microphone button to launch Cortana on the gaming screen. Just say "Anna" to initiate the command. For example, to answer a card say, "Anna, solve Superman".

What In The World?

The game itself has seven chapters of puzzles, each with 55 puzzles each. That would be a total of 385 puzzles to solve if my math is correct. You can review the puzzles you have solved by tapping the card icon at the top of the main menu or gaming screen.

What In The World? begins game play with a tutorial that will walk you through solving a puzzle and the elements of the gaming screen.

What In The World?

Speaking of which, the gaming screen has a back button, puzzle card history and access to the gaming store scattered about the top of the screen. Your puzzle picture is at the top center with a share button and Cortana button sitting to the left of the image. Two hint buttons are at the right of the picture. One will reveal a letter in the solution and the other deletes a letter from the gaming screen.

To solve the puzzle, just tap the correct letters to fill-in the blanks. If you guess wrong, the puzzle will shake and you'll need to tap the letters to erase them and try again. There is a skip button at the bottom of the screen if you need to move on to the next puzzle. However, to advance to the next chapter you will need to solve at least half the puzzles of the current chapter.

The puzzles can be rather challenging, especially with some of the famous people images. Some are drawings of an actors in character (e.g. Cameron Diaz with her hair sticking up from " There's Something About Mary"), while others are more difficult to identify.

Overall Impression

What In The World? can be an addictive game but there are a few issues that really water this game down. For starters, it is a free ad-supported game that relies on full-screen ads that appear after about every fifth puzzle. Thankfully, you can opt out of the ads for a $.99 in-app purchase.

Next is a pop-up banner that invites you to share the game on Facebook or rate the game in the Store. I can understand a few of these pop-up messages appearing every so often but the frequency experienced with What In The World? can be a pain in the backside. You shouldn't be beaten over the head to join/link with Facebook or rate the title in the Store. What In The World? needs a choice to opt out of these invitations to allow gamers to concentrate on the game and not the repetitive pop-up messages.

Lastly, and most importantly, a glitch is present that will crash the game once you solve the 25th puzzle. The game will crash and upon re-start the tutorial loads and when you complete the tutorial, as the 26th puzzle loads the game crash again. We have been in touch with Game Troopers and they are diligently working on a fix for this bug with hopes of pushing it out later this week.

Even with the fatal glitch, What In The World? is worth the download to see how you like things. The Xbox title is a fun game to pass the time with some rather challenging picture puzzles to solve. Should the developers jump on this critical bug and stabilize things, it is a solid gaming title to have in your Windows Phone gaming library.

Download What In The World? for Windows Phone (Free)

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  • Funny, this game misspelt New Zealand. According to the game, its "New Zeland". And the game crashes a lot. But still, I love quiz games :-P
  • I thought I was spelling "New Zealand" wrong :p
  • Some of the clues are wrong too. The answer for the picture of Stonehenge is Singapore for some odd reason. The one with the Eiffel Tower is oddly Tokyo.
  • It's not the Eiffel tower, it's the Tokyo Tower. It's not Stonehenge, it's the three skyscrapers conjoined into one. Played the game, enjoyed it but the bugs made it impossible to finish (e.g. you can't spell Dr. Manhattan, because of the lack of field for the dot), so I uninstalled. Might retry after bugs are fixed ;)
  • You can solve Dr. Manhattan if you go to the settings menu and switch your language to French (other languages might work, too). The "." isn't part of the answer in that language.  Then you can go back and switch languages again. Annoying, but at least you can get around it....
  • I emailed them about the bug and they told me that the update was coming the Monday of this week, which it didn't. :|
  • I can't start lvl2 , I was waiting for the update :(
  • Me too. While playing those 25 puzzles, I fell in love with this game. And especially that awesome Cortana integration they did. Once the bug is fixed, I'm sure I'll be hooked to the game.
  • If you quit the tutorial (Button that says STOP or something), you can usually progress. It always crashes if I complete the tutorial, never if I skip it. I got through most of the game but many of the levels crash when you complete the final puzzle, and it crashes each time you unlock an additional level. Very frustrating
  • I have done that. It still crashes. EVERYTIME.
  • Finished all achievements....used French language....never use tutorial and don't solve AUDI...leave it to the last of the game....
  • It wouldn't even launch on my 1520, just crashes. Edit: Reinstalled and it will at least launch.
  • Crashes too much and it repeats puzzles, a lot, not great. At least not yet.
  • Needs an update for fixing a lot of bugs.
  • There are a few bugs here and there but this is a great time waster game.
  • Yes, it is a great time waster. I would like enjoy this game, but I will wait until they fix some problems. :)
  • How did this game pass Xbox certification? It is seriously broken. It crashes often, and achievements don't register (I suspect because of the crashes) I solved 274 of 275 pictures, the only one left is unsolvable because there isn't enough space for the letters. However none of the "Guru" achievements, only 2 of the "Level Beater" achievements and one of the "Level unlocked" achievements worked.
  • You can get around this by changing the language to French, then type in the answer WITHOUT the full stop. It works and gets you the achievment but the downside is you lose all your progress and have to start the game from fresh.
  • I have all solved. Still none of the guru achievements and one of the level beater achievements haven't popped
  • I really only played this game for the achievements and the majority of those are broken. 
  • I'm loving this game. However I should make a forum especially for this game for some Help :D
  • Sure, why not? :D
  • The "Dr. Manhattan" puzzle doesn't have room for the . in Dr. The game only provides 2 spaces here, not three. And leaving out the dot, the game does not accept the answer. :(
  • Crashy, glitchy mess. Do not pay real money, you will lose it.
  • You can't even do that,it says there is a problem every time I try and connect to the store in game.
  • Fun game, but it's a broken pile of poo.   And the full screen ads pop up after every 3rd solved puzzle.
  • Nice effort, but I don't like the drawing style of the images that much...
  • Holy shit, you show us the game last week. I downloaded the game and played it till it started crashing. So can you please tell me why you are showing us a broken game again before it been fixed? Asshats.
  • You can get rid of the Facebook/Twitter popups by simple tapping on them once and pretend you are going to follow them. There is no check to see if you did I also had these crashes but it seemed that after closing all other apps plus waiting some time to try again, it just worked and whenever you get a new achievement regarding progression (not the other ones) it crashes. Now my main issues with this game isnt the crashes or popups anymore, but the repetitiveness. Its annoying that all levels have the same images and words to guess. Its just the order and amount of additional letters that makes it harder or something (haven't really noticed much). Furthermore, some images seem to repeat, so it aint 165 images anyways. In conclusion: its fun for a while but gets boring pretty quick. The bugs and annoyances make it so that i stopped playing it (though i did however support the dev buy purchasing the adfree item.
  • Anyone share all answers ❔
    Not able to unlock last lvl ,still 55required :P
  • There is a microphone button to launch Cortana on the gaming screen. Just say "Anna" to initiate the command. For example, to answer a card say, "Anna, solve Superman".
    I never had to do this. I just hit the microphone and spoke the answer, and it (mostly) worked fine.
  • Crashes all the time on the 1520
  • This is so fun and no need pay for win :)
  • Played for like 30 minutes non stop and no crashes!  Great game thus far! However, everytime an advertisement was displayed it reminded me why I despise hamburger buttons... because I have to stretch my thumb all the way on the upper corner just to get rid of it... but maybe I'll invent stilts for the thumb... Lol!  :)
  • Cool