Where to buy the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

One of gaming's recent debates is which platform has the best controller. Microsoft's Xbox One controller improves on it's beloved Xbox 360 controller in a number of ways and they haven't stopped there. Microsoft themselves, have decided to one-up itself with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. As the controller hits retail stores tomorrow, it'sonly convenient for us to help you find where you can grab this new gem asap.

The Xbox Elite Controller is aimed towards competitive/hardcore gamers, especially with its $150 price tag. What set's this controller aside from other first-party controllers, is that it has the features that you'd look for in say a third-party SCUF controller.

The controller's main features include the ability to add and remove pieces of the controller, manipulate the hairline triggers, and the ability to save different presets to the controller itself. The controller also has some nice grip where the hands go as well as new heft to it that makes it feel extremely durable and ergonomic.

If you're not sold on the controller, watch our video review above or read it here. As for getting your hands on this controller yourself, you can check the links below or head to your nearest electronics store. However, be reminded that the controller is in high demand and is virtually sold out at most outlets.

Are you as excited for the new controller as we are?

Jonathan Dollison