Where to buy the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

One of gaming's recent debates is which platform has the best controller. Microsoft's Xbox One controller improves on it's beloved Xbox 360 controller in a number of ways and they haven't stopped there. Microsoft themselves, have decided to one-up itself with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. As the controller hits retail stores tomorrow, it'sonly convenient for us to help you find where you can grab this new gem asap.

The Xbox Elite Controller is aimed towards competitive/hardcore gamers, especially with its $150 price tag. What set's this controller aside from other first-party controllers, is that it has the features that you'd look for in say a third-party SCUF controller.

The controller's main features include the ability to add and remove pieces of the controller, manipulate the hairline triggers, and the ability to save different presets to the controller itself. The controller also has some nice grip where the hands go as well as new heft to it that makes it feel extremely durable and ergonomic.

If you're not sold on the controller, watch our video review above or read it here. As for getting your hands on this controller yourself, you can check the links below or head to your nearest electronics store. However, be reminded that the controller is in high demand and is virtually sold out at most outlets.

Are you as excited for the new controller as we are?

  • This controller is amazing, but honestly, it's too much price, for a controller
  • I'll buy it anyway. :) :P
  • If they were asking $150 for a standard controller I'd agree. $150 seems accurately priced for it. Just my opinion. Mine is arriving tomorrow
  • You're mad. It's (almost) half the price of the X1.
  • Mad I shall be then. Besides, it's typical for people to want something for nothing. Out of curiosity what do you think it should be priced at? I'm buying a 2nd one after I get the 950 and band 2.
  • I'd like an even $100 price for this and $50 for the standard.
  • Maybe the controller "is" valued at $100 and the travel case is valued at$50, lol.
  • I agree with $100.
  • My keyboard cost about the same and my mouse was around $100.  High end gaming equipment is generally expensive.  This just happens to be the first true premium controller for the consoles, first party anyway.  And typically the 3rd party console controllers aren't very good. I have no intention of getting this for an Xbox One as I don't own one (PC to Xbox streaming and I'll buy immediately, unless the Steam Link is awesome) but I will be dropping hints to my wife it would be an excellent addition to my PC.
  • Setup 1: IBM Model M for $20 Corsair M65 Vengence for $30   Setup 2: Microsoft Sidewinder X4: $20 Microsoft Sidewinder X5: $24   Problem?  XD  
  • I paid $150 for my X1. My brother-in-law was heading to Japan with the Air Force and wanted some extra cash. I'd rather purchse a XIM4. Maybe I will get both one day. I really like most of the features on the Elite.
  • If you have to ask about the price, it isn't for you.
  • The Steam controller have more functionality than that and it cheaper than the regular Xbox one controller
  • I will look it up.
    Looked it up. If it's the controller with the 2 large circular pads then I have to say, it's unique looking and its control customization is plentiful, but doesn't have the premium look the Elite has. It looks like an unique $50 controller to me.
  • More features, yes... Better though?  No, the Elite controller looks the part of a premium controller.  I'm interested.
  • I have the controller and it works great and its just like no other with the feed back
  • The price is well within the range of this kind of controllers.
  • I hope MS has some hardworking people at their manufacturing plants with Hololens to help speed up production. Almost all their new toys are sold out. Gotta restock before the holidays. 
  • Would love one.
  • Is it compatible with Windows 10?
  • Yes.  You can re-map the buttons too!
  • Uk release date?
  • Mine's been shipped from Game today
  • *when in India. Fixed it for you.
  • Elite..... That would be a cool name for a Surface line of phones.... "Surface Elite/XL"
  • Too bad it's either sold out or not available to order anywhere. I have a feeling they didn't produce enough of these.
  • They didn't produce enough of anything. I have 4 things on backorder right now. Gettin antsy.
  • Check your local GameStop, ask them to ship it to your house. I just did so with overnight shipping totaling to $177.60
  • Yeah I'm not paying overnight shipping. The fact that BestBuy isn't advertising it in the weekly circular doesn't bode well either. I don't trust GameStop having it when microsofts own store is sold out
  • Yet the bumdle is still available
  • Yeah which does me no good since I already own two Xbox ones. I waited for reviews before I ordered and when I went to preorder Friday BestBuy was out, amazon out and msstore said delivers by Nov 23rd. Eff that
  • Gamestop shipped mine today
  • My elite is en route. Can't wait to call off, I mean take a sick(cough, cough) day from work tomorrow to set it up
  • Mine's on its way from Game
  • This is easy to get, if you preordered it.
  • Amazon has been out forever.
  • Yeah they've been out since like the mid 90's but back then they just sold books.
  • Went for the bundle to replace the iffy day one unit I have before it dies.
    Looks like the chat pad wont come out till then
  • Getting mine in a few hours!! Decided that I'd waste that money so I might as well buy this. Craving it!
  • A scuf with the same set runs for more. The price is perfect for this. It's not for the casual gamer. Mine is en route and should be here within the next few hours. Can't wait for some Halo 5 with bad boy!
  • I picked mine up last night at the Microsoft Store during the Halo 5 launch party. Once I settle on a control scheme and retrain my brain to use the paddles it is going to be awesome.
  • Im looking for a place i can buy it from but every store around me is sold out. i would like to ge it before black ops 3 comes out.
  • I looked around and couldn't find any one with any in stock. Best bet would be to place a pre order at the retailer of your choice. With BO 3 next week it might hard ot get before it's release.
  • You can't even order it anywhere. Stock is completely out. They couldn't have made many. From what I can tell no stores had any except for preorders. Damn you Microsoft!
  • MS made this for the pro-level gamer, not for the casuals. Cue up the causals complaing about the price. Can Microsoft just have a Pro-section of their web-site and there be a pro-level of game reporting so that the casuals would NEVER have heard about this controller and we wouldn't have to hear their pissy complaining?
  • Once keyboard/mouse inputs are accepted on xbox one can they do the same for the "pro" gamers using elite controllers? They need a pro pro level section
  • You can pay $150 but this controller will not help you against the PC master race :P
  • I just went to the Microsoft store and bought one on release day. It's a 150 dollar controller not that big of a demand. I've completely worn out my orginal controller though.