Where to find the best deals on Synology DS119j NAS

Synology DS119j
Synology DS119j

Where to find the best deals on Synology DS119j NAS

Best answer: Unsurprisingly, I recommend Amazon as the place to go to get the best deals on a new Synology DS119j.Amazon: Synology DS119j ($100)

Go Amazon or go home

Amazon is a fantastic retailer to use for buying all kinds of products online with the option of super-fast next-day delivery. As well as getting your new Synology DS119j quickly after order, the company has a collection of NAS models available on Amazon at reasonable prices.

The online retail giant regularly publishes deals and discounts for Prime members, not including the famous Prime Day which occurs once a year. Not only will you be guaranteed retailer pricing from Synology, you're also more than likely to encounter discounts that result in paying out less compared to other sources.

Who should buy this NAS

The DS119j is Synology's budget NAS, which makes it less powerful than other models, as well as sporting fewer features. One of the largest drawbacks is the Marvell Armada 3700 88F3720 processor and single drive bay. Still, should you only need a NAS that lets you store files and can even do some media streaming (so long as you don't need to transcode), it's a fantastic package.

Should you desire additional redundancy, which comes with having more than a single drive and bay, you'll need to look at models like the DS218+ if you need an Intel processor for more intense NAS tasks, such as multiple accounts accessing the NAS simultaneously, surveillance, and more.

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