Where is Xbox Game Streaming (Project xCloud) available?

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Where is Xbox Game Streaming (Project xCloud) available?

Best answer: Xbox Game Streaming trials soon debut via the Project xCloud Preview, first accessible in the United States, United Kingdom, and Korea.

What is Xbox Project xCloud?

Microsoft has long-dominated the living room with its Xbox device family, but now has sights set beyond with Project xCloud. Mobilizing Xbox One over streaming, its upcoming service promises low-latency cloud-powered gaming, starting with mobile devices. Initial Project xCloud trials offer a glimpse of what's to come while aiding optimization during initial rollouts.

Microsoft's game streaming ambitions ride on its cloud infrastructure, serving full-fledged Xbox One games to your mobile phone. With reports on tests dating back to 2012, Xbox has committed considerable resources to tackle challenges of latency, with promising results from our E3 2019 hands-on. With Xbox One hardware now deploying across its data centers, access expands to the public this October.

Which countries are Xbox Project xCloud available in?

Xbox Project xCloud Servers

Xbox Project xCloud Servers (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has outlined initial Project xCloud Preview plans, scheduling trials in the U.S., UK, and South Korea. While set for expansion moving forward, the three territories kickstart its Project xCloud roadmap. The rollout aligns with previous comments from Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Gaming Cloud Kareem Choudhry, first committing to deployment "Europe, Asia, and North America" in May.

Project xCloud's preview doesn't require dedicated hardware, just an Android device, Bluetooth controller, and stable internet connection download. The service spans WiFi and cellular connections, as Microsoft cooks up deals among top global carriers. Technical partnerships with SK Telecom in Korea, Vodafone in the UK, and T-Mobile in the U.S. set out to further optimize the platform for on-the-go gameplay.

While Microsoft hasn't indicated advantages for those on partnered carriers, it hasn't been ruled out either. However, provided you have capable hardware and internet, you should be set for Project xCloud when selected to play.

Get started with Project xCloud

Without a formal release date for Xbox game streaming, the service remains under its Project xCloud codename. The first public hands-on trial kicks off October 2019, via an invite-only Project xCloud Preview across four included titles. Unlike the Xbox Insider Program for updates, Microsoft requires budding users to register via a dedicated sign-up page for a chance to be selected.

If chosen to test Project xCloud, you'll need an Android 6.0 or higher device hooked up to a Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One controller, and a 10Mbps+ internet connection. While Microsoft has unveiled plans for touch input, it's not available for current tests. We've rounded up our favorite affordable Project xCloud accessories below.

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