Best answer: The best place to purchase a replacement charger for the Dell Inspiron 15 is Dell for the genuine official adapter direct from the manufacturer.

Dell: Dell Power Adapter Plus ($35)

Go direct with Dell's Power Adapter

Dell sells a power adapter on its website that can charge a smartphone, tablet, or other USB device simultaneously. It's also ideal for providing power to the Inspiron 15 7000 since it uses the dedicated charging port to keep all other ports free for hooking up accessories.

It's light, compact, and can be packed away in luggage without much space required. Better yet, it means you don't need to ship around dedicated chargers for other devices you may take along for the ride. Dell also includes a 3-year limited warranty with these chargers.

Should you already have a charger at hand for plugging into a power outlet, Dell also sells the Companion portable battery bank, which can supply some charge to the notebook through USB. If you frequently find yourself away from an available outlet and need just a few hours worth of computing time, this is a worthy option.

Our pick

Dell Power Adapter Plus

The official companion power adapter from Dell.

Need to supply juice to your Inspiron 15 7000? Dell has you covered with the Power Adapter Plus, which can also charge compatible tablets and smartphones.

Portable charger

Dell Power Companion

When you need to supply some charge to the Inspiron 15 7000 while away from a power outlet.

12,000mAh can store enough charge to keep the Inspiron 15 7000 topped up while away from available power outlets, allowing you to get even more done between charging from the mains.

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